Димаш – Как прошла неделя? / Презентация песни, НТВ, Юдашкин, Москва, Киев / Беседа №1 [SUB]


Friends, hello everyone! We are glad to welcome you on our channel “Alga Petersburg” and we have a great mood today. Firstly, because finally
spring came, snow fell You can go skiing. And secondly, because we have a new channel, Alga Petersburg. Well, we miss you very much, friends! And I hope you too, well
just a little bit. And by the way, today our guest is again the magnificent host Alexander Karelsky. Yes, I welcome absolutely everyone! Let your friends catch up. Today we will discuss a lot of interesting news. Many of them are long gone, but
however, we were not broadcast and we believe that it is simply necessary to restore the chain of events in order to don’t miss anything important on this
channel. There should be no spaces! There should be no spaces and I think that it is worth returning first of all to presentation of a new song that
held in Moscow on March 8, evening of Valentin Yudashkin. It was there that there was a terrific explosion of emotions thanks to a masterpiece from Dimash Kudaibergen,
Igor Krutoy and Lara Fabian. There, Erlan Bekchurin also played a significant role. Are you sure? 99% off! We saw that he also attended the final rehearsal. I even saw how they asked: “Erlan, is it so normal?” And I saw how Igor Krutoy turned his back a little and corrected one note. Yes? I pressed a couple of keys on the piano, right? Therefore, it is now safe to say that this is a masterpiece. Because today the song has collected more than one and a half million views on the official channel of Dimash Kudaibergen. This is more than anyone, faster than everyone, right? This composition is gaining popularity at a very fast pace. This says one thing – this is truly a triumph! And now this song, as they say, breaks in, takes root, takes root with the artist. And I think that any serious ceremony can be opened with this composition and absolutely any major event and she will look appropriate and beautiful there! Like for example Yudashkin’s evening? I think that Yudashkin’s evening is a great start. But I think there are great bonuses such as Grammy, Oscar, Berlin Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival. A lot of nice big events that would be very happy if this song was performed at the opening, or maybe at the close of such festivals. Also, all music festivals can certainly wait for this song. It turns out that now Dimash Kanatovich has a song for all the Olympiads. Yes, this is the song “Olympico”. And it also turns out that there is a song for all the festivals, right? Absolutely right! And how will the other musicians now work on? On the principle of “Speak after Dimash.” According to the principle “There are musicians, and there is Dimash. Yes! And so it’s very important that I really liked the fact that Dimash at the presentation of this song came out in a red suit. And we know that only a confident person can afford a red suit, a man who …. Yes, and you too can take these compliments to your account. This is the man who is not afraid of anything! This is a man who is confident in his own abilities. And today, this is how Dimash looks in any program, in any event, wherever he appears. One feels that he already feels faith in his own strength, wherever he is. This is very important for the artist! By the way, I don’t have and yet
there was never a red suit. I seriously thought. It looks very beautiful! Yes, if you remember, I want to go back a little bit in history, and remember when Dimash Kanatovich first came out in a white suit. I remember how you tried on this outfit. Yes, it was very impudent too, sharply and this suit very, very much went to it. And I also had a white suit, and so I decided to try it on. Listen, it turned out pretty good! So I’m waiting for a red suit to appear in my wardrobe. Maybe it will be on the weekend. Well, if you also continue to study with
our best teacher then there are chances! And I want to move on to another topic. I know what you will cook on
Dimash’s new song, a whole review. Therefore, I do not want to draw much attention to it and I want to go back to the Moscow concert. Yes, right after the premiere of this song the next day March 9 took place
grand concert in Moscow. We watched it with you, right? And it seemed to me that this Moscow concert, this is already aerobatics among all ARNAU concerts, which were among all the concerts that take place on planet earth. I mean, the skills of everyone who performed with Dimash Kanatovich, greatly grown! I can say that you could make such a conclusion because it was at a Moscow concert Internet worked best of all. And so we could watch it from beginning to end and could soak. You see, this atmosphere of the concert! Because everywhere in all the rest of the concerts we watched with you
in fits and starts and it was difficult to lay down some a clear and complete impression, but the Moscow concert gave us the opportunity to contemplate from beginning to end. We saw a huge number of new images and the performance of Igor Krutoy and wonderful words addressed to the artist and
wonderful song “Moscow Nights” which the whole hall sang and did not leave anyone indifferent that evening. It turns out that there is a new such a chip for everyone in every place where Dimash Kanatovich stands, he sings and makes a special musical surprise. Absolutely right! Why is everyone looking forward to new concerts, despite the fact that there is only one program? Because everyone knows that not a single Dimash concert can do without surprises! Moreover, since the break is extended, it means the opportunity to prepare such surprises also increased, but despite the fact that you really liked the Moscow concert, I probably can’t agree with you one hundred percent that it was the best concert because when I watched the Ukrainian concert, I really liked the atmosphere! And especially the meeting of Dimash, who was absolutely warm, friendly, literally from the very first seconds of Dimash’s appearance on stage. It was evident that people had been waiting for this meeting for a very long time. In particular, I saw that there was a poster at the airport stating that people had been waiting for 8 years when will they, together with the artist, perform the song “Daydidau”. The premiere of this song took place just at a music contest in that country. The competition was called “Eastern Bazaar”. Ah, well, we know him! He is famous now. I want to say about the surprise after all. One song was performed there, and everyone was waiting for another song, right? The Blackbrivians? And you remember, one of us, I won’t say who, said it was like “Black Eyebrows.” Well it was not me! In fact, I recently talked with Elena Chernenko, she is our friend from Kiev. And she is to me
decoded that it turns out to be flowers! Well and of course I saw a few
comments, where it was also written about that it’s still not connected with the eyebrows. Let’s show the insert right now – a photograph of these flowers, so that people know what wonderful, beautiful flowers called “Chernobrivtsi” look like. Well, after such a serious
assignments for our installation team … We won’t take videos! ..you always say so, that then you have to take material somewhere later. So, I would like to move on to the program, which was broadcast on the NTV channel. There, although in an empty room, it turned out to be fulfilled. I can say that this is the program “Central Television”, the NTV channel, Vadim Takmenev presenter of this
programs. It took place on March 14th. And it was there, as I understood, the second premiere. Although it’s wrong to say the second premiere, or better so – the second time a song called “Your Love” was played on television. And we know that this studio – she
pretty good for prime. And Dimash repeatedly visited this studio. He has already become a very frequent guest on NTV. It’s fine! If I understand correctly, then there is such a feature that shooting It was held in an empty pavilion, that is, they invited people to a minimum. Yes, there was no one. But there were dancers. Yes, the dancers were amazing. The premiere of the song again went off with a bang!
Therefore, I think it’s very cool, that on the channel “Russia 1” viewers saw this song on the channel “NTV”. Because all the same, the total audience reach of these two channels is very large. It was great! In fact, the song itself, as you said, is also super! Most likely she will like and the English-speaking audience. I already liked her! How many reviews have people done. And vocal trainers and just
lovers. As soon as the song appeared on the official channel of Dimash Kudaibergen in the evening, on the same day have already begun to do reviews. Yes, and in fact, I have already seen most of them, because I’ve already started working on a new series of Vzglyad. But she will appear a little later. Friends, I suggest you write comments on your opinion about this song. And we will see you in the next issues. Alga Petersburg! Alga Dimash!


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    Your love es una bella melodia , una letra profunda , un arreglo magistral y una interpretacion sublime , Dimash eres el mejor de todos los tiempos

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    This new song makes people curious about what really happened. but this message also applies to all stories in the lives of people in the world. that they will miss the past and remember how hard separation is. and he gives full character as someone who can convince love. it is very strong. even I can sing with burning and feelings from the heart.

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