कोरोना वायरस पर समाज को प्रमाणसागर जी महाराज का संदेश

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See corona is a pandemic and everyone together will have to fight this pandemic and win over it all the precautionary measures by the Government are the best ways to fight this virus we must abide by what the Government asks us to do since corona has started reaching 3rd stage and as soon as it starts spreading in the community then it will be very difficult to save ourselves The social distancing that our Prime Minister spoke of everyone needs to practice it since at our temples and religious places where many people come and even if one infected person comes there he will infected many other people present there hence taking utmost care is every individual’s duty and dharma about Government’s lockdown and measures its a precautionary measure we are citizens of an enlightened society we need to adopt the measures and accordingly change our routine Our religion is not based basis some rote learning or some pre mentioned rote learning dharma is about our inner self According to the situation of the country we have the right to modify religious duties You can bring about a change In such situation, its not necessary for you to sit for 4 hours at the temple to perform religious duties You can do the same in two ways which I would say in reference to tomorrow’s Janta Curfew Around 6am in the morning its bright throughout country the moment sun rises, you do God’s abhishek and and religious worshiping in brief in the temple Pooja vidhi (religious worship) means the way you people worship us using Asht Dravya while offering us food is one form of worship its not necessary that only from manglastak to shantipaath completes your pooja(worship) If you have offered argh, that also is pooja Offering asht dravya to display your devotion to god is pooja Archarya Veersen Maharaj was asked , ‘What is worship?’ then he replied that offering jal, dhand, akshat, deep, dhoop, peep, phool, etc to show devotion is what worship is Offering asht dravya to display your devotion to god is pooja you worship in the similar way And tomorrow everybody has to return home by 7am And throughout the day at home practice and do your religious offerings pray for world peace chant the shanti mantra read the bhaktamber path that let there be peace on earth its not necessary that you can pray only by sitting in front of God pray every moment don’t be conservative and orthodox only then can you save yourself second thing, on other days no infected person should come to temple You should have some equipment to test the person before he enters the temple premise But still those fool proof techniques is unavailable the government doesn’t have, how will you There should be no crowd gathered at the temple only few people go maintain adequate distance from one another and looking at current situation I would say people should not wear the clothes available at the temple people should not use anything at the temple wear your own clothes from home to temple and worship God using your own things offer your own home brought dravya and take back home the same dravya because its about infection and its pandemic one person’s contact to another results in it multiplying and spreading See how Kanika Kapoor (bollywood singer) endangered people’s lives just one infected person and safety measures is for everyone we all together will have to fight this and even before Government issues a lockdown people need to lockdown themselves we need to control all our activities travelling should be completely stopped everyone should observer social distancing this is for the benefit of the society and country so please take these measures About someone taken an oath of going to temple daily and unable to execute it due to corona virus the temple has not be asked to shut yet maybe in Pune they have temple authorities should try that people can worship God from outside the temple and for those place where there is complete lockdown in this sort of an emergency people should worship in remote our Jain literature states that that during emergency, one should forget their boundaries this is an emergency if there are chances of infection by moving out of the house so stay at home to stay safe pray to god its important that during emergency situations we have to abide by certain restrictions imposed we need to follow them to save ourselves from this disaster I would request everyone to not move out of their homes they shouldn’t even go to worship monks and saints stay where you are follow the instructions given by the Government What would happen in this emergency crisis, no one knows I would suggest that even community foodhalls need to be closed Stay where you are We have stay put at this Sant Bhavan in Sagar Until the situation is not favorable and we do not get instructions till then we will keep ourselves safe here and have told everyone that no one will come from here and go out from here so all people here wont come from tomorrow for next few days just forget that I am in Sagar keep calm only if we teach you to stay calm, will you be able to stay calm and if I dont put restrictions everyone of you will be here all day long so stay away from crowds I would like to tell everyone in Sagar do not think that you are unable to pay visit to me dont come to visit me and those who want to pay their respects to us monks I would request the committee members to check them thoroughly and make them stay here 24×7 stay with us for 24 hours then nobody from here will go out or be let in later this decision is for you and society’s safety everybody should abide by these arrangements limitations while offering us food offerings are accepted only from restricted set of people and only restricted set of people should offer food to monks in the world and only selective people those who are not in contact with others and who have no possibilities of getting in touch with infected only those should enter the kitchen make food and offer food Professionals should stay away from offering food nobody knows who has come from where its for your own safety too bear these in mind and keep safe distance from people I would like to call upon Venugopalji Who heads the Ayurveda dept at Bhagodaya Dr. Venugopal please come on stage He has prescibed a very good kaadha (medicinal syrup) The syrup was tested on people affected from corono in Kerala it proved beneficial He suggests that this kaadha if had by people their immunity power will increase and people will be able to save themselves from this pandemic so all the people who have not been infected and some are in isolation so they will do what Government asks them to do to make sure that others don’t get infected from that point of view please tell the ingredients to make prescribed kaadha, and please upload this today itself on pramanik app and on other social platforms too this needs to be shared, Mr. Mukesh so that day after tomorrow, people fetch the ingredients from market and make it and everyone should drink this this is totally an ayurvedic medicine and this is extremely beneficial it needs to be issued in the public interest so that people can benefit from it please stand up and say My name is Suraj Venugopal Are you from Kerala? Yes, Kerala what do you do at Bhagyodaya I am an ayurvedic doctor very good The combination of this kaadha its to build ad increase our immunity system it has seven ingredients its easily available and can be purchased from market It has Soonth (dry ginger powder), soonth kaali mirch (black pepper) kaali mirch pipli (long pepper) pipal Please write down, sooth, kaali mirch, lady pipal tulsi leaf (holy basil) tulsi leaf khada dhaniya (coriander seeds) khada dhaniya there are two types available, khada dhaniya khada dhaniya, not its powder and roots of adulsa (vasaka/ malabar nut) roots of adulsa, also known as vasa and chirata (swertia) chirata these are the seven ingredients soonth, kaali mirch, dhaniya, pipal, chirata, roots of adulsa and tulsi leaves how to make kaadha from these 7 ingredients these need to be powdered in equal quantities and two spoons of these teaspoons? take two teaspoons of this powder and make kadha and drink boil it in 2 litre water for 10-15 mins drink it 2-3 times a day boil in 2 litres of water For how many people would this be? one person One person, meaning boil till its half a glass not half glass, just boil for 10-15 mins and drink all of it? and strain it and drink very good please prepare this and drink its very easily made and will boost your immunity it will strengthen your immunity everybody should make this please repeat the ingredients again soonth, kaali mirch, pipali, khada dhaniya, tulsi leaves, roots of adulsa and chirata these are the seven ingredients should I repeat again? soonth, kaali mirch, lady pipal, khada dhaniya, roots of adulsa, tulsi leaves and chirata these are the seven things and available in pramanik app and all of you listening to this share it with your whatsapp groups Doctor Venugopal says its been extensively used in Kerala he is from Kerala and associated with Panch Karma and giving his services in Bhagyodaya please clap to welcome and thank him


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