क्यों टूट रहे है परिवार ? | Why are families falling apart? | Muni Shri Pramansagar Ji

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Namostu! (pays obeisance) Various social groups are doing a lot of work in the field of social harmony and social services But, still there are a lot of families in the society which are falling apart What is the reason behind such dissolutions? Why is the family unable to accept such things You have raised a very serious question Though there is a lot of work going into maintaining social harmony yet the families are lying in fragments We should understand the reason The reason actually is how much ever work is going into maintaining harmony, more than that work is going into spreading negative cultures All day long, whatever is being fed to us by the media, it is like an attack on our cultural allgiance Due to which our cultural allegiance is creaking through Because of which the internal fabric of our social harmony is wearing out We should try to awaken our cultural awareness By awakwning which, we should make people culturally aware And make them sensible, so that they become a god example in the society The education methods of the present world also play a big role in this So we should seriously think about all these reasons The spread of goodness seems relatively lesser to me While the evil is spreading more So we should try to spread more goodness in front od the evil


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