ध्यान से होने वाले बेहतरीन लाभ/ precious benefits of meditation


Hello friends! Many people say that sir please tell us more benefits of meditation. We want to listen what are the benefits of meditation. This is human nature. Every person wants to know more about the benefits. Whether they do it or not. This is the nature of our mind. We want to know what are the benefits of meditation. This is a very good thing because we get a motivation, an inspiration to do it. So I join my hands and request all of you The people who see my videos the benefits they get from it, write them in the comment box. This will be a great help. People will get inspired by this. There are numerous benefits of meditation. By meditation you get free from your tension. 100% Stress level decreases a lot. Gets almost finished. You get free of anxiety. There are many such diseases that do not get cured by even medicines. But they do get cured by meditation. This is my experience. Because mind starts to calm down. The body starts getting rest. Then body itself starts preparing antibodies. The abilities to fight with all of the diseases is hidden inside our body. But we do no give it rest. We stay in restless mode. We stay in anxiety mode. Stay in tension mode. Remain in stress mode. That is why you see when a person gets sick and is getting hospitalized, doctors surely give them tranquilizers. They definitely give them sleeping pills and put them on a bed. So that you rest now. That have the pills and keep sleeping. And keep the visiting hours also very less. For half an hour you can meet the patient. Because when people come what happens is disturbance is created. there is a disturbance created in rest. The patient is not able to rest. So from where is the maximum healing taking place? From rest. Suppose you are admitted in a hospital and the doctor gives you a lots of medicines but you don’t sleep. keep gossiping the whole day. Like we regularly do in our lives. So what will happen? The medicines would not have affect on you. You’ll become restless. So that is why chemically doctors make us sleep. So that we get the healing. The rest that we are taking chemically might also have side effects. You can get addicted. To those medicines. But getting addicted to meditation is very good. This is natural. When you calm your mind naturally you start getting free from uncountable diseases and problems. But you can have these benefits only when you understand meditation in a proper way. What do you need to do first? Understand it properly. For that my 1000+ videos are available on this channel. Around 1400 of my videos are available in this channel. Out of which there are many videos on meditation. What is meditation? How to do meditation? There are many videos like these. You watch them. Understand them very nicely. Then get started with meditation. Then it will become a part of our life. Then you will become habitual to it. Then you will practice it and you will become perfect in it. Then you will be able to take these benefits practically. We have heard a lot That this and that is the benefit of doing meditation. So and so person used to do meditation. Our poets of Vedas have been doing it since years. These are our ancient knowledge. We get a lot of benefits by this. We heard all these a lot. But never did it. Or even if we did, we didn’t continue it. Our biggest bad habit is that we never continue doing a particular thing. We do it for 2-4 days, watched some videos and sat closing our eyes. Now today we’ll do it. Tomorrow we’ll do it. We may do it day after tomorrow also and then forget it. This is wrong. Continue it. If you want the benefits of it, you will have to continue. If you do it, only you are going to get the benefit. Not that someone else will get the benefit. So continue the good things. So that you can take the proper benefits out of them. If you continue anything, you will get it’s benefits. Then people will get inspired by you. They’ll ask you that what did you do? ?You stay so happy. What have you done that your problems are getting solved. How do you manage life? Then tell them that for this much time you do meditation You also do it. Then you will be able to see these benefits in your life. And understand properly, then concentrate. What many people do is that, they understand meditation in a wrong way. And then they say that when they do it they start fainting. Stress level increases Oxygen availability lowers down. Many people have shared their such experiences. What they do is, they make meditation a work. That this is doing. This is not doing. This is a happening. It is an understanding. This is a big understanding. When you understand it, it starts happening automatically. What is meditation? Nothing. It is nothing. Just remember that that I am not the mind. I am not the body. This is meditation. I am the consciousness. I am just my consciousness. This is the ending truth of meditation. We just need to understand this thing. now remember this every moment. What happens is we forget One moment we remember that we are our consciousness. Then mind finished, body finished. The next moment we forgot. I am the mind. The mind flowed you through. The flow of the mind is very high. Very dangerous it is. If you are not alert and aware, it will take you away. Like sometimes this happens that there is a lot of attacks of kidnappers. Then we say that keep your kids safely. If kids go out to play kidnappers will take them away. So what do we do? We stay aware. towards our kids. We alert the kids also. So that kidnappers don’t kidnap them. So mind is also like that dangerous kidnapper. The little bit you don’t stay alert of it it will pick you up and take you. 10 years back, 15 years back. 15 years forward. here and there it will make you dance and move you around. And the whole life this has been happening with us and we are really tired of this mind. So be aware about your mind. Stay alert towards your mind. Bring it into practice. Then this will become your practice. This will become your habit. Then this will become your happening. When it transforms itself from doing to happening you won’t even realize it. Then yo will be able to take it’s benefits. I have hope that after watching my video you will definitely feel like doing meditation. For that you can search for my many of the videos by scrolling. see them. And understand meditation. If you like my videos give a thumbs up. comment in the comment box. If you haven’t subscribed the channel yet then please do. Thank you very much.


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  1. Shyam Rai

    July 31, 2018 5:35 pm

    This type of video was always expecting by me….because it is hundred and ten percent true and it has really miracle great benefits which we even can't imagine in our dreams., but really really benefits comes slowly….
    Very phenomenal speech and always outstanding videos…
    Thankyou sir.

  2. Govind Shukla

    August 1, 2018 1:12 am

    I also apply this… And I can't describe what I feel…. My life fully changed everything goes on higher level.. 😊😊

  3. shushant singh

    August 1, 2018 3:55 pm

    Sir aaj kal log apne sareer se bahot gahare me attached rahate sir kuchh aeisa video banayi ye ki ham apne sareer se detached hone lage please sir

  4. Gurpreet Mander

    September 10, 2018 9:46 am

    Shukriya sir. Dhyan ghatne lga hai lekin abhi boht kamm hai jaise k 2 din me sirf 10 minute k liye. But that time is the best time. Kya yeh apne aap badhta jayega ?

  5. Yyrwt Rwt

    September 23, 2018 8:42 pm

    I do every day some times more than an hour.its been more than one year continuously…my third eye area vibration is strong and every times i feel it. I feel like liquid is flowing through my nose downwards and upwords to the crown chakra… could you explain me about this. Through meditation i saw the other world as well. thnx.. your videos are very informative and useful. Last few days i often try to watch the videos to get to know more deeper. Thank you


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