भय क्या है? इससे कैसे बचें? | What is fear? How to overcome it? | Muni Shri Pramansagar Ji

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Namostu gurudev What is fear? What is fear? why do we have fear of fear? why do we have fear of fear? Nice Everybody feels fearful But very few people know about fear. Because of some real and imaginary situations fright is created in our mind s…this is fear Some situation is created or imaginary situation is created which doesn’t suit us and when such a situation arises, the anxiety we feel inside This anxiety or dread or fright it is fear Fear is of many types It is a kind of phobia Many people fear because of small things One lady was very fearful of lizards She told me about it As soon as I pronounced lizard she had a very strange reaction This is a type of mental disorder phobia The person who is a practitioner of elemental knowledge who get the sense of the eternal form of soul fear does not dominate their minds


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