लॉकडाउन के समय मंदिर जाने की होड़ न करें

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Namostu Gururdev (pays obeisance) Namostu on behalf of my family and Jain community During this Corona virus pandemic we have got news that even in Indore religious activities have been strictly prohibited for now During these day I have seen in temple that those regularly going to temple and worshiping and praying to God there they are extremely restless and a lot of rush Yesterday the temple closed at 7am and today at 8am and people run and crowd to do God’s abhishek at the temple I would request you to guide the community for the sake of the nation I have been throwing light on this topic since past two days People need understand about emergency situation dharma I always say that dharma is not plain religious activities dharma is about purity of intentions and thoughts this is an infectious disease which spreads when people come in contact with infected person if you are accumulating such crowd in temple and if this spreads through contact of one person to another then decide for yourself if you are doing good karma or committing a sin Temple is a place where one person will infected thousands and those thousands will infect lakhs later Hence we need to support the Government in the precautionary measures suggested by them we should complete our religious activities in symbolic form this is permitted Just like I told all of you yesterday that when a person undergoes a surgery he has to stay in the hospital who is vrati and pratimadhari and is on hospital bed for 15 days lets go off with visiting temple or not? doesn’t he stay with going to temple and doing poojan and later apologize to god this is because of bad karmic phase doing this limit your religious activities stop this just few moments ago before coming a stage someone told me that just 6 mins ago That the President of USA Mr. Trump has begged people to stay at home right before I came on stage imagine a president saying this that too of such a powerful country because just in a day, 100 people died due to coronona imagine if it spread in a country like India there’s also a huge crowd in all our temples practice dharma if you are religious but being religious does not mean that it becomes disastrous for the entire nation only one person should do God’s abhishek in one temple and only those who are safe not the ones who sit at retails stores and meet people should not do and dont take gandhodak, just give your respects from distance I would tell all of you and also TV channel that morning programs from tomorrow onwards broadcast live telecast of abhishek and shanti dhara to people anyways the tv channels show it on many tv channels even to people associated with me I would request them to watch it too convince your mind and heart this is a crisis situation which still doesn’t have any cure I have discussed this with many people even famous doctors from AIIMS suggest so stay safe at home even people at WHO recommends this to stay at home only when a powerful man like Trump who is all types of technologies and expertise is pleading the citizens of his country you only have told me, I haven’t seen it its not necessary to go to temple in the evening and stay at home only forget that there is a religious Guru or temple in your city confine yourself to your home if people stay in their respective homes then to a great extent the spread of this can be controlled and if you are unable to stop the spread then this would be even more disastrous and there seems to be no end to this dont think that in few days or weeks we will be able to get rid of this yesterday people observed the Junta Curfew well and when it got over at 9pm they celebrated it like India has won the world cup this is not appropriate look at Trump’s statement everyone has internet, please look up to it this needs to be understood by everyone and people need to be serious about this now its a crisis and emergency sort of situation I have said before too that during emergency forget your decorum please don’t be rigid I would like to give to message specially to ardent followers of Jainism, monks and saints who have deep interest in religious rituals and temples create temple like atmosphere at home perform religious rituals at home your feelings will be conveyed to god from home too but please dont be rigid to visit temple only and observe dharma well during such emergency crisis and keep safe distance from saints and monks too


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