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well you’re going to really enjoy this
conversation and it going to be so helpful to everyone who’s listening in
so I want to start first by asking you if you remember what we’re talking about
about being in the receiving mode can you feel what being in alignment with
who you are feels like and can you feel how being mad at someone is not being in
alignment with who you are when you’re mad at someone you’re in that sort of a
receptive mode we have said from time to time don’t think too much about this but
we just want to lay this down as a soft beginning place that sometimes people
say to us Abraham do you forgive me or are you forgiving and we say we never
forgive anyone because we haven’t condemned them to begin with we didn’t
leave this to go down here so now we don’t have to go back up here that’s all
forgiveness is forgiveness is just letting go of this and allowing yourself
to return to who you naturally are that makes perfect sense doesn’t it yes so we
want you to hear this in a way that you have never heard anything as clearly so
we’re gonna speak slowly and maybe even loudly because we really want you to get
this and it ties in to what we were talking about earlier about reacting to
things so you and your mother were having this thing where you were
reacting to each other all the time and when she reached into pure positive
energy she stops doing that stuff that you were reacting to did that help
yes did you understand what we just said in other words she was part of all of
that but when she reached in a non-physical she left behind all the
things that she was doing over troubled over or worried about or fussing about
she left all that behind and she became a different vibration and in the absence
of that other vibration it was easier for you to do the natural thing of
reemerging not only that not only did she let go of all of the negative she
became pure positive energy and she was focused with you
pure appreciation of that which you are and that’s why especially in those early
days immediately following all that you felt that release
of letting go so being in alignment the analogy that we’ve offered is effective
you always understand it is imagine a cork bobbing up here on the surface of
the water and let’s for the sake of this analogy call that alignment or pure
positive energy you can hold that cork under the water but when you let go of
it it’s gonna Bob right back up there because that’s what is natural and so
same thing when your mother made her transition she Bob right back up there
and it also made it easier for you because like so many like almost
everybody like everybody to some extent you were living a sort of conditional
life that was harder when the two of you were sort of squabbling over this and
that it was immediate I just forgave her and I thought why have you been so silly
all this time but let’s just different words instead of saying I forgave her
let’s say what really happened I stopped reacting to the mist that she
was spewing because she stopped spewing the mist it can you hear that but still
in that it’s a little conditional in other words we wish for all of you not
to be reacting because there are always people around who have the potential of
getting your goat so to speak and we want your goats to be ungettable we want
your buttons to be untouchable we want your feelings to be unheard of all
because you’re mastering thought and therefore alignment so another way of
saying it is I just let go of what was holding my cork under the water and then
I felt better it really is that simple and is that how you do it for yourself
then because I feel sometimes like I have this struggle inside of me I’m
fighting against myself good I don’t feel good you know it’s just about what
just about maybe I mean if I look at my mother for example did I do everything
right when she was dying did I help her all that I could was a patient enough
you know and I feel like I blame myself and I’m well here’s the thing this is
another very important way to understand the emotion of forgiveness or
unforgiveness when you feel emotion that feels awful to you
sort of like what you were just describing there it always means that
what you’re focused upon that your opinion about it differs dramatically
from what your inner beam knows and is focused upon so every time
you feel negative emotion that’s what it means it’s not talking about the
rightness or the wrongness of your behavior when you feel negative emotion
it means your inner beam doesn’t agree but it’s not about your inner being
agreeing about whether you did this or that or this or that right or wrong it’s
that your inner being is not agreeing with you beating up on yourself about
this here and now you’re gonna go back and undo all of that and take back all
those words and get her to say different words to you are you gonna meet her
before she even gave birth to you and make sure that she’s in the receptive
mode are you gonna go back at generation and meet her mother and meet those that
she lived with and make sure that they treated her well so that they were in
the receptive mode so that she could be in the receptive mode so that you could
be in the receptive mode gonna go back and do all of that or are you just gonna
accept that they are now in the receptive mode and you’ve got a choice
of being there or not and you can find all kinds of reasons not to be there and
beat up on yourself and experience what that feels like because your inner
beings sure isn’t going there with you or you can find some other thoughts you
can change the subject altogether if that’s what’s necessary I do try to do
that I tried to think about I was grateful to her all the things that she
she did for me she was the wonderful mother in a lot of ways you see it’s
like the conversation that we just had making someone else and how they are be
the reason that you feel good or bad is true entrapment and so sometimes someone
comes into your life experience and just isn’t willing to be what you need them
to be in order for you to feel good and so it gives you an opportunity to find a
way into alignment unconditionally unconditional is the way to go if you
can figure out how to do it on this subject in this subject in this subject
life’s gonna start feeling really good to you and you’re going to really begin
to be free but if you need one other person even one other person to be even
a slightest bit different in order for you to feel good
then you are in deep trouble in regards to the way you feel as long as you were
focused upon that person because they weren’t born to please you they were
born to please themselves they were born to create their own reality and we know
it feels complicated as you’re intertwining but that’s why we’re saying
to you it is so much more simple than most of you are allowing it to be you
can feel good anyway and that’s what unconditional feeling good is and I feel
like I’m I’m right there you are right right there like right there get it but
I just yeah you are right there just watch for it notice it’s interesting to
watch the things that you react to sometimes a perfectly even temperate
person can have a strong reaction when someone cuts them off in traffic you
reacted to a condition doesn’t mean you’re bad it doesn’t mean your life
isn’t going to continue to be good it means you reacted to something that you
can’t control and you haven’t yet come to the understanding that it’s not your
job to control so when you stop reacting and trying to control things that you
can’t control and you begin getting into the receptive mode deliberately because
that is something that you can control and then you start making the
association between being there and how it plays out or being here and how it
plays out now you’re living life deliberately and now it’s more good
every day more good every day more good every day all good probably not because
there’s going to be plenty of things that are going to come into your
experience because you still want more expansion you do it would be like being
a really good artist and accepting the vortex as where all of the components of
your artwork reside and the way that the components get in there is by living
life and putting them in but now you’ve decided that you’re never going to have
negative emotion again you’re never gonna feel bad about anything again
you’re just going to get in this vortex and play it out so you use all of the
stuff up and you paint all of the pictures or you make all of the
sculptures and now you say there’s no more in here well it’s not going to
happen to you cos got enough for twenty or thirty lifetimes but let’s just play
this silly game there’s no more in here and we say it’s big
you stop living life you stopped having experiences you stop knowing what you
don’t want so that you know what you do want we want you to embrace step one as
a good step it is a good step they say we want you to stop beating up on
yourself for anything because your inner being never will
your inner being is so pleased with the life that you are living and have lived
and what you’ve put into the vortex and what it means in terms of expansion and
joyous potential for you that your inner beam never looks back and tries to get
you to have done something differently you know how counterproductive that
would be everything source oriented is forward-looking
yes and when you start looking forward more than backward you’ll start feeling
a whole lot better when you stop trying to explain how you got to where you are
and just decide from where you are where you now want to be things will get
really easy you see what we’re getting at so you don’t want to relive your
childhood or relive your relationship you just want to take it for what it is
now and what it is now oh you have the potential of having some really
wonderful conversations and experiences with your mom looking in and having her
opinion from where she now is and when you line up with what she thinks now
you’re really gonna like it I would like to hear her and communicate with her I
talked to her when I’m with my son because she didn’t see she wasn’t there
when one of my son’s was born and so I I’m trying to figure out how to get into
that place so do you think that that means that she does not know him no I’m
sure she does yeah so don’t tell that silly story
anymore okay that’s the going back that we’re talking
about you just went back okay and felt bad about something and what we’re
saying is stay where you are and look forward okay so when I talked to her and
say things she always hears every time you’re the only one that doesn’t hear
sometimes that was a problem you have you had from the very beginning wasn’t


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