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there are two significant things that we
want to say to you the first is that through your desire you summon so when
you said it awakened in you did it ever feel a bit out of control
extremely so the reason for that is you’re asking for something more than
you’re ready to receive and that’s not uncommon a whole lot of people do that
and a whole lot of subjects so when your desire is really really strong and you
summon something and you keep asking even though you’re not really ready and
by that we mean balanced and energy and so forth Esther when she first began
receiving us said to Jerry I feel like I got my toe in a light socket because the
energy was so strong Jerry had been the primary summoner of it Esther was the
allow of it but Jerry was summoning stronger than Esther was able really to
allow and so it was unsettling at first there are some videos of that energy
moving through Esther’s body that you will never see because it felt a bit out
of control but as yes – relaxed a little bit and came to understand that it was
something that they were asking for and it was something that was natural and as
through the process that we offered she began focusing doing more appreciation
raising her vibration on a consistent level then she settled into it do you
ever have the experience of sort of swooning where your feelings sort of
detached as the energy is coming what that’s about is the same thing the
energy is there it’s mixing with the awareness that you have but there is
enough resistance within you that it’s not quite settled in but again it’s you
summoning more than you’re able to allow or in that moment not able to but
currently are allowing in the early days as Jerry and Esther we’re moving about
they met a man in Dallas who was experiencing what he described as sort
of an out-of-control Kundalini energy and he couldn’t settle down and he was
wide-eyed and afraid of it and it had come to him by attending a class where
something was going on and he was more open than he realized
and so he began receiving this energy and he
felt like he could not control it and that was the most important thing that
we wanted to convey to him that it was coming by his asking it was not
something that was asserting into his experience you understand that in other
words you know that you’re summoning so this gives us an opportunity to talk to
all of you about your desires and your beliefs because that’s really the same
subject when you desire something that you don’t really believe but you desire
it in a really strong way you begin attracting aspects of it into your
experience but it’s a really bumpy ride because you’re asking in a stronger way
than you’re allowing don’t you sort of recognize that in yourself when you hold
yourself fixated on a subject where it’s something that you think about a lot but
you’re not relaxed and allowing it to flow then it just feels a little awkward
and so this is why we began saying to all of you that step one which is asking
and step three are two very different steps and that step one has created a
vortex so the asking has already taken place so you don’t have to keep putting
emphasis upon the asking because when you keep asking for something it implies
that you don’t believe that you have it and when you don’t believe that you have
it and you’re asking for it you’re summoning it and blocking it in essence
at the same time now these are too strong of words for you we would not use
the word blocking it but you are summoning it and hindering it and
summoning it and hindering it at the same time so if you can accept the step
one has already been taken care of you’ve taken care of that on this
subject a long long time ago and you don’t have to keep asking just accept
that it’s been asked and answered and now let your entire attention be upon
being in the receiving mode which just means relax in an on asking format does
that make sense can you stop asking for something well
by not asking for we just mean don’t focus on it get focused upon other
subjects as you focus upon other subjects there are many things that are
important to you as you focus on other subjects it is our promise to you that
because you’re asked and because it is answered that as you take your attention
from the subject the energy will begin to flow in what you will understand is a
completely satisfying and manageable y-you mean just meditation because our
meditation is distracting from your attention because when you stop thought
you stop thought when you stop thought you stop vibration and so you stop any
resistance so that’s one way but you can’t meditate all day every day so what
you want to do is just find things that are of interest to you just get off that
subject just get off that subject or when you’re on it say ask an answer now
let’s see what happens asked and answered ready to receive at the right
moment in time and don’t try to make it happen okay well I do have one different
angle then I have done I think what you’re saying for a few years I was
focusing on the meditation and the energy and stuff no that’s how you
allowed it but you can’t meditate all the time so you’ve got to accomplish the
same softness or absence of resistance in your wake state as you accomplish in
your meditation state but I did take the last few years and refocus away from all
of the spiritual or the energy work and whatnot and into my outer arena which is
a rock climber and developer and and that turned into a magnificent journey
of just an amazing journey flowing through you in other words more than I
could have asked yes can you accept that it’s happening then I can but I have
kind of come to the point at the exact this exact moment where I’m starting to
let all of that go because I want to know more about the energy and the inner
stuff and the spirituality the color is interesting to us about all of you and
you are really a good example to have this conversation with because this
spiritual connection that you are seeking is for the Magnificent things
like rock climbing the physical world is the arena where all of this energy is
focused now and manifesting there’s a tendency to think well we’re material
we’re physical we’re human we’re material and over here some place else
is the spear Rachele stuff and we say the spiritual
stuff is flowing to you and through you and as you allow it to manifest that’s
exactly what the intention is that’s what this time-space reality is its
source embodiment its source in physical form is a and so some of the physical
form is disconnected from it and so you misunderstand the perfection of this
leading-edge manifestation but the material things that source that source
okay I guess last spin on it what about in my case which I guess maybe would be
worthiness or whatever was what about someone like myself who would much
rather be a spiritual master or something being on a stage like yourself
or meditating in front of other people who are trying to achieve something
instead of being Iraq you get to do whatever you want to do you get to
choose I don’t wait do that with I don’t want
to do that in a false way I would have to have something to give and just
having some energy moving through me doesn’t here this it is not possible for
you to do anything in a false way that’s not who you are


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  1. Victor Zuse

    July 4, 2019 7:45 am

    Hey Danke für deine Informationen ❗️
    Hast du schon den Film Wunder der Lebenskraft oder Heal gesehen?
    Sehr schöner Film ⭐️

  2. Berta Nelson

    July 14, 2019 3:28 am

    Most interesting. Explains a lot about asking for more than we can quite receive & also desiring “spiritual” experiences as though they are “better” than material ones, when material is also source, which is “spiritual.” Very good!

  3. Cuatroviente

    August 2, 2019 4:07 am

    Positive energy, negative energy , positive negative

    Someone how is optimistic vs someone who is pessimistic

    Someone who is optimistic can make someone who is pessimistic to fall in love because the negative person feels down

  4. Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction

    August 3, 2019 12:11 am

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  5. Silverdoe26 M

    October 21, 2019 11:37 pm

    In listening… Many times in these vids, they state you get what you think about. But then, also stating to distract yourself from what you are wanting in order for what you want to manifest.
    I understand it's more about the Vibrational offering


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