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hi my question today is about children I
have young children who I as I learned more want to have them become more
knowledgeable and all the same path and I’m wondering what Allah jable of what
of you know Source Energy and just becoming more aware of how to live life
so that they can experience more joy and what’s the best way to involve your
children in this to educate them than this as well as to there’s obviously
resistance to that handle when they bring up the subject to other people
they may find resistance whether it’s another family member or possibly a
friend and say living live happily ever after is frowned upon in your culture
all that you were born to be is frowned upon using your intuitive senses and
letting the power of that which you were born to be reflect out into the fullness
of this moment in time uplifting others and assisting them and doing the same
that’s not going over big in your environment is entertaining the good
news is they’re all closer to knowing that then their parents are remembered
they all remember there they’re always trying to get you to be less
specifically bothered about things and to step back into a more general place
of knowing well being what are their ages ten nine seven and four and the
four-year-old lives within the vortex trust me by the 10 year old struggles so
have you noticed that you can’t observe a discordant moment without feeling to
discord within yourself and the then you your power of influence is puny you have
nothing to give them so let’s just start by saying you can’t teach when you’re
out of the vortex and you can’t teach with your words either strange that we
offer so many because words don’t teach it’s only life
experience that teaches so you must demonstrate if you’re wanting them to
really get it something that even though they may be hearing otherwise they’re
witnessing something all around them as far as you’re concerned or as far as
their awareness of you is so you just want to demonstrate your alignment to
them yes yes so is this conversation because sometimes you witness things
that cause you to not be in alignment because we can feel a little circular
thing going on Abraham I’ve got these kids and I really want to be in the
vortex but they often caused me to get out of the vortex so could you teach me
how to keep them in the vortex I’d be easier for me to be in the vortex that’s
a great that’s sort of exactly what you were saying exactly what you’re saying
is I and you’re not unlike a lot of other people because it does feel better
when what you’re observing just naturally feels better and in some ways
we’ve got to give this to you hear it we’re only going to give it to you once
then we’ll give it to you over and over again that is the path of least
resistance it is nice to hang around with nice people because when you’re
hanging around with nice people they’re nice you feel nice it’s easier for you
to be in alignment with who you are when what you’re observing makes it easy but
it also can cause you to develop a dependency on something that you can’t
do which is to control their niceness you see you can’t control anybody’s
niceness but you can inspire niceness from your place of niceness so the trick
is it’s not a trick it’s a skill how can i as a parent stay in the vortex or stay
in alignment with who I am when I’m observing otherwise and you know what
trips you up more than anything if we start here today at with the
conversation about dance about how more more people are caring about what others
are thinking about them then about how they are in alignment blended with
resisting or allowing their connection with the source within them so as a
parent one of the things that trips you up more than all other things put
together is you care about how your children are
seen in the world you want them to behave you want them to represent you
well we know you want them to be happy but you want them to be understood you
want them to understand you want them to be perceived in a positive way because
you have shown yourself through your own experience that when you behave in a
pleasing way pleasing this comes back to you but there’s a trap in it have you
noticed have you noticed that if you’re running around trying to stand on your
head in all kinds of different ways in order to please that one and that one
and that one and that one and that one what’s the first thing that begins to
happen you begin to feel resentment because you’re sacrificing what you put
into your vortex you’ve sacrifice you’re sacrificing all that you’ve become in
order to please that one and that one and that one and that one and that one
and now you’re trying to teach that to your kids you see so we know there are a
lot of people out there that are holding tight to those principles that are that
are not wanting anyone to understand that they create their own reality but
do you know who most wants you to not believe that you create your own reality
think about it who does not want you to know that you create your own reality
those who need you to be different so that they can feel better because they
haven’t figured out how to create their own reality in others they don’t know
how to line up with Source Energy they’re freaked out if you have a
religious difference they’re freaked out if you have a political difference
they’re freaked out if you think anything different than them they do
they you’re constantly asking for each other’s agreement but you asked for the
agreement of others from your place of insecurity because you’re trying to
replace the agreement that you have between who you really are with some
agreement that’s far less to see and that was a lot a lot of basis that we
gave you there but we just wanted so much for you to understand that you
don’t want your kids to behave you want to be all right whether they do or not
you don’t want to control your kids you want to feel good whether you can
control them or not and the sooner that you discovered you can’t control them
but you can control your response to them then the more solid
you’ll be in your grid the greater your power of influence and the more they’ll
begin to understand that they can live a Wonderful Life too just like you do want
to talk about something so you get that you want to talk about something more
specific or is that enough for you I think Septimus how do you apply that to
a day-to-day experience so you here is the piece for parenting that trumps
everything that we’ve ever said to any of you about parenting and we’ve said
plenty to you about parenting pre paving is the key don’t wait until somebody’s
having a meltdown and you’re having your knee-jerk reaction version of your
meltdown and now you’re all out of it don’t wait until then pre pave it
prepayment go to bed remembering how good it feels to be in alignment not
just with your kids but with all kinds of other things you know what goes wrong
with most parents regarding most children your children we want to put it
in the in the right terminology because they’re not doing it to you you’re doing
it to them and blaming it on them your children often are the excuse you use to
not feel free because they represent responsibility and they represent the
needs they represent things that you need to turn your attention to but when
you discover the leverage of parenting from the alignment of the grid in other
words think about the difference between getting up not meditating not coming
into alignment not doing positive aspects and not establishing yourself in
your grid so imagine not doing any of that you just sort of blunder into your
day so the first thing that happens is you observe something that you really
would rather not have observed so now you’re off on the wrong foot already
you’re having a reaction to what’s going on and now that reaction is just
happening back and forth back and forth and you’re telling yourself I’m not a
good parent I should be doing something different I don’t want it to be like
that you’re using words to try to turn it around it’s not turning the ground
it’s just practicing that grid more it’s just making them feel more defensive
it’s just perpetuating the very thing that you don’t want and then a wonderful
thing happens the end of the day comes and you get to
go to bed so now you go to bed and as you lie there in your bed you do your
best to appreciate the comfort of your bed go as general as you can think about
the things that feel the least contentious to you and go to sleep and
when you awaken in the morning spend some time find the time really set your
alarm 15 minutes earlier requires it but live here with the determination that
before you go out into your physical world that you’re going to establish
your grid with your non-physical world because what will happen then is your
grid will begin filling in with things that match that your grid will fill in
with cooperative children your grid will fill in with cooperative traffic your
grid will fill in with your best ideas your grid will fill in with you being
tuned in tapped in turned on your grid will fillion with you anticipating
things before they happen your grid will fill in with you being so energetic
meaning so on top of whatever’s going on so so aware of the energy that you can
say the right thing before it gets off on the wrong foot you see what we’re
getting at the co-operative components of this universe are enormous we cannot
even begin to describe the leverage of alignment and we can’t think of any
subject that if we were standing in your physical shoes we would want to apply it
to more deliberately than the subject of parenting because you don’t care about
anything as we talked about before as much as you care about that apply this
conversation to everything to your employee relationship to your
relationship with people in your neighborhood in other words their
relationships it’s such an interesting thing most people do not tend to the
only relationship that sets them in their power instead they need your
response to relationships all around them and then from outside the vortex
and from outside their power try to figure out how to gain the most leverage
really clear really clear enough something more I think that on the
biggest challenges there’s four of them and one of me that only I tried very
lonely that’s only a legitimate conversation if the five of you are
outside the vortex because you’re right they’ll gang up on you and they’ll win
but if you have connected with the energy of who you are if you’ve
connected with the love of who you are if you’ve connected with the clarity of
who they are if you’ve connected with the well-being of them if you’ve
collected connected with the brilliance of them and the wonder of them and the
expansion of them and the beauty of them if you are in alignment with that you
know what you’re going to draw out of them that they can’t buck that current
no one can buck that current when you’re trindon captain turned on you are
powerfully influential but the reason most of you don’t know that is because
you haven’t been consistently to indent tapped in turned on you have a practice
the power of the grid practice it for a week and will have an entirely different
conversation seriously see really it’s esther and kate’s new instruments say
seriously and then she thought I don’t ever want to be serious see really i think that the four-year-old does pull
us all back in so we’re fortunate that way but it is easy for me all right well
every morning why come say you’re in charge good how are you


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