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Thanks first of all I wanted to say
thank you to you and your group and everyone here in this room today I
believe we’re all on the same team I’ve been a student of this for almost 20
years the results have been awesome and there’s something that I’m very curious
about I’m a personal growth nut and even though there is things that i wanted i
wanted so badly a lot of times i wasn’t doing the things that i was thought that
I knew those words are really telling aren’t they I want it badly which means
when I think about it gets painful which means I must be out of the vortex when
I’m thinking about it when I was younger that was very true and as I got older it
improved and even though I was so so committed to the things that I wanted
and opening up my relationship with you know the cells in my body and the higher
power and everything I was still trying to manage myself and there was a lot of
things that I wasn’t doing for example I believe in the positive aspects i
believe in in journaling and an attitude of gratitude and feeling the
appreciation and even when i would encourage my friends to do it i would
look at myself in the mirror every day and say well I really wasn’t doing it
myself either I read about it and I agreed but I wasn’t living in that
really has been the whole point of this conversation today because you have to
do the work but the work is not a big deal but when you do the wrong work you
don’t make any progress when you do the right work just a little bit you make
really good progress I remember you saying in some of your tapes that the
most important thing is that I feel good and I would have days where I would come
home from work and although I spent a lot of time working I didn’t spend any
time going into my workshop I spent so many thoughts in so much of my attention
dealing with the problems and issues of my day I didn’t have any energy left
over to put towards the things that I want or to use this new words I’m
hearing for me today vortex yes estival set from time to time
I know if I would get in the vortex it would all sort itself out but I’m too
busy dealing with what’s not sorted out I went to some some Tony Robbins
seminars and I learned about the power of state or I can use my mental focus
and use my physical body to help me go into that vortex place more often and
without have some a perfect example would be food maybe I didn’t have a good
blood sugar level when I came home and by eating certain foods maybe carbs I
could get into a better state and I would be more likely to go into that
workshop so also you know the philosophy is force myself into the action even
though it comes hard and with enough of the action then I will get the
vibrational results and we say while it does work it’s really the hard way of
going about it here’s the heart of my question I found out that by using
certain substances things stronger than food that it was very easy for me to get
into a great state very easy for me to go into my vortex and but the problem
with that is like sleeping when you allow yourself into the vortex by
diminishing your ability to focus your lack of awareness on the vibrational
shift keeps it from being permanent I go while it feels good in the moment you’re
not able to sustain it because you weren’t doing it consciously I listened
to the Abraham teachings and I understand that to make for a good
workshop you need to have mental focus and used to be in a good state use your
imagination you get the detail as vivid as you can so that you still feel good
about it and you said that the emotion speeds the creation and I found myself
using these substances and finding the heightened imagination the heightened
emotion and lo and behold a lot of my goals and things that I was working on
so hard before they’re here in my life today and I’m very happy
awesome well then we need to write a new book maybe maybe I’d like to write one
with you screw the vortex take drugs but it’s not really about the joint it’s
really about the vortex well it is about the vortex and it’s about the way into
the vortex and any way you can get in other words if you have found a way of
softening your resistance which is the same thing as saying heightening your
alignment and you are doing it in a way that you are sustaining it and then
getting manifestation or results then you’ve got something that’s working for
you that’s true in other words if they if the manifestations are coming then
that and and you are crediting the absence of resistance with the use of
the substance then you have found a pattern of releasing resistance through
that behavior well why are we having what is it or you just want in
confirmation that I’m oh I’m a living science experiment I decided to try this
when I was a teenager and now here I am and I’ve had tremendous results but the
results they’re my results and it’s only results for my world and now I’m talking
to you as a teacher saying I’ve used this method do you know of other
students that are using this method is it a good thing to put out there for
people that it’s right for well there it it may it appears to be based upon the
science experience experiment that you have offered the reason that we have not
been advocating the utilization of substances that diffuse focus and
therefore release resistance is because in the diffusing of focus even though
resistance has been released we have not seen it to be sustainable it’s it’s like
the difference between what we were talking about earlier about going to
sleep the being out of the vortex and going to sleep and while you’re
slumbering releasing thought and therefore not keeping the negative
vibration going but when you reawaken picking up the vibration right where you
left it we’re on the other hand if you meditate before you go to sleep
and in your conscious awareness as you are deliberately quieting your mind
you’re releasing resistance now as you come back into full consciousness your
vibration has shifted during meditation and now you get to for a while pick it
up where you shifted it to and so the utilization of the drugs is more like
the slumber it gives you the relief for them for the time that you’re having the
relief but we have not seen it to be a sustaining vibrational shift and so
we’re wondering if you were doing other things at the same time that might be
accomplishing part of the vibrational shift probably and one last question but
it is more satisfying so is it more satisfying to you to give the credit to
in other words we would not disagree with you that the utilization of
anything that causes you to feel better does for the moment of feeling better
mean that your vibration has shifted the question that we have is can you sustain
it and what we’ve noticed with most people is next time they need more and
next time they need more until before long they are not just vibrationally out
of balance but physically out of balance because their body keeps adjusting to
the chemical and doesn’t give them a consistent response is that accurate not
for me but I think it’s a danger I’m reluctant to go promote that to the
world for that reason well it we are not promoting it not because it is a danger
we are not promoting it because the of the vibrational shifting that in other
words when we visit with someone we can feel where their vibration is in their
vortex and we can feel where their vibration is in their current state of
awareness and as we visit we are constantly monitoring and aware of the
shift in vibration and so that’s what one of the
things that is satisfying to us in having a conversation where not only can
we choose someone into alignment but then we can give them the knowledge so
that they can soothe themselves into alignment and and true self empowerment
doesn’t include some substance that you have to dig up from some place and true
alignment with who you are certainly doesn’t include a substance that is
illegal to find because there’s a whole other bunch of stuff involved in that
that is likely to take you out of the vortex so we’re not for it or against it
we’re just saying that as we read the vibration of people we do not find any
sustaining motion forward or alignment through substance use thank you I have
one last quick question are you aware of my license plate we are aware that you
want us to be I am the reason why is because Abraham inspired that license
plate what is it you’ve used to saying several times today in the audience this
is a test I would like very much to know that Abraham just knows this stuff I
think it’s cool i’ve been i’ve been idolizing abraham for 15 years and well
we will burst your bubbles Jerry and Esther held a seminar years ago in
Edmonton and for the first time allowed children it was for children and the
children just really wanted Abraham to fly that’s that’s really what they wanted to
see when what we are our teachers we are a little bit more grounded than that so
so here’s here’s what we will give you rather than giving you verbal evidence
in this moment that we understand this manifestation that Esther is reaching to
translate for us it is our promise to you that in the next two or three days
you will have an encounter that will vividly help you to know that you and
abraham are in exactly the same page at exactly the same time there will be
infinitely more satisfying to you than that very cool thank you


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