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thank you I just want clarity on some
experience I’ve had that sold two or three of you maybe more have said I want
clarity so and and we will stop talking in a minute and listen to you fully but
from what you all have been hearing here today where do you find clarity in the
vortex so so is a way to get clarity to stand outside the vortex railing against
confusion or as a way to get clarity to use any excuse in the world to get in
the vortex where clarity is and then from a place of clear mindedness now
think about the subject so what happens is let’s say there’s something that
you’re really confused about so you do your best to forget it because every
time you think about it you think about it in confusion because that’s that’s
where you’ve practiced it to be so you do your best not to think about it don’t
try don’t struggle don’t don’t try to figure it out don’t strain over it just
get happy and get in the vortex so now you’re in the vortex and now you think
oh I’m in here where it’s clear I think I’ll think about that thing that I was
confused about so you introduce it and the vortex goes spit you right out so
then you find yourself in the vortex again and you decide that you’re gonna
think about it again and again the vortex spits you out because you can’t
that resistant vibration just doesn’t jive with the clarity of the vortex and
then somewhere along in that process you might decide hey getting clear about
this is not worth giving up the vortex that’s really what we would like you to
to come to we would really like you to say I don’t need to figure this out it’s
not worth sacrificing the vortex over getting clear on this what do you think
about that is there anything worth giving up the
vortex for that’s really the question that we’re putting to you because most
of the stuff you’re trying to get clear on Esther will say to Jerry let’s talk
about this and Jerry will say please let’s not
let’s not because he knows no clarity is gonna come no clarity is gonna come it’s
just gonna get bigger and badder please don’t make me go there please no no more
quest for clarity outside the vortex let’s just get in the vortex and see
what happens but let’s not drag unclear things into
the vortex it just throws you out of the vortex so did we do a sales job do you
really care about getting clear about this does it matter
no it doesn’t really matter but it was actually about something it was a good
experience but I still feel a little confused about it I guess I had started
a meditation practice and a few months into it I woke up in the middle of the
night and felt this incredible energy flowing from you know just up my back
and out my head I had never felt anything like that before and at the
same time there was a swirling mass of energy going around the perimeter of my
room and part of this mess trying to spin you into being a cooperative
component seriously I’ve been talking about energy here we’ve been talking
about how it’s in the eye of the beholder and so that’s spending energy
is your translation of the vortex how’d it feel incredible very incredible part
of it became a big patch of blue so here’s the question that we’re putting
to you because we we were really giving you a hard time about your quest for
clarity so Dee do you really need us to define or pronounce something that you
had such an experience about and knew that’s really the quick in other words
wasn’t the vortex and the personal experience clear enough it felt
wonderful it felt wonderful it felt like energy yeah what what more could we
possibly say that would make it more meaningful than what you lived it was
incredibly meaningful in other words if we said to you all that was a bad thing
you would say no it wasn’t it was a good thing it felt wonderful
no one could convince you that there was something off about that you could feel
the ominous of it couldn’t you I did yes it felt after that it seemed
to lead to many more experiences the part of it was where I would wake up at
night and actually feel the energy moving through me moving my body as if I
needed to do yoga and I kind of I’m wondering about the origin of yoga is it
that sort of thing in other words it’s it’s it’s being in the vortex subjecting
yourself to this source energy allowing the cells of your body communication and
then the impulse to move in order to allow the optimum movement of energy
through your body and the best yoga in the world is a yoga that’s inspired from
inside the vortex not counseled by someone standing at the front of the
room exactly that’s what I was thinking that it wasn’t somebody who just started
up it was someone who experienced it the way I did and felt it and then good they
went out and tried to teach people that well this this speaks to a lot of what
we’ve talked about together today already doesn’t it that someone will
have an in the vortex experience and then they’ll have a subsequent
manifestation and then they try to teach from the manifestation point of view
rather than from the energy alignment point of view and that’s why as we visit
with you and we convince you finally that you are Source Energy in physical
bodies and that there is a vibrational relationship between you and you that
you can feel and when you have that exaggerated experience of alignment in
other words far better than an emotion that just feels good
you actually had the visceral feeling of energy moving through you as you allowed
a new openness a sort of dramatic openness you felt the energy move
through you there aren’t enough words in the world to to give you what that
real-life experience inside the vortex gave you that’s why that’s why Jerry is
so eager about about people hearing the recording that he believes will is a at
very least a strong catalyst to relieving resistance and putting people
in the place where they will feel the power of their own vortex not something
that is outside of them and not something that’s being taught to them
but something that is available to them accessible by them immediately
yes exactly thank you yes indeed you are a lot of trouble right here


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