❤️ You are guided towards your desires 💜 Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction

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almost one who asked you to help me
understand what’s been happening in my life since I started writing a book two
years ago all I knew when I started writing the book was that it was about
it’s my story it’s a story based on my recovery from drug addiction which
happened seven years ago and an awakening of my spirit if he like that
happened at that time and all i knew when i started writing was that that’s
what the story was going to start with I didn’t know where it was going to go but
I kept writing and it started teaching me about shamanism and specifically the
shamanic journey is something that i started doing and learning about toll
flight i think is called by some Shaymin at where i enter a trance-like state to
the sound of drumming and a journey my soul takes flight even though i’m aware
of where i am at the time if you like i travel to the spirit world and
specifically on two of those journeys the first one I was shown a map of all
of the extinct and dormant volcanoes of the British Isles was very clear that I
was being shown this map and then very soon after I was during journey taken to
a specific place on the west coast of Scotland which is where one of these
volcanoes is and if L very familiar to me and so all of this started to feed
into the writing of what is the first book it feels like there’s a trilogy
coming through me and next month I’m going up to this place in Scotland where
I was taken to to journey on the land and to connect with the spirit and the
energy of each of the dormant volcanoes I’ve found on this map and I’m trying to
understand a bit more about what’s happening because I have a job
a normal job and yet I’ve always felt like this is what I’m supposed to be
doing the writing is just come through me I’m just buzzing when I right and yet
it’s now coming in it’s now almost feels like altering the path of my life into
an adventure that I’m living and most of the time I’m trusting what’s happening
but now it’s taking me on solo adventures or part of the wilderness
where I’ll be on my own away from my family and I want to know how to make
the most of this opportunity and this expansion that’s happening whether
logical explanation the natural response that you are evoking from us is follow
the journey and see where it leads but that takes an element of trust doesn’t
it and so while we want to say that we also want to say recognize that no one
is asserting any plans any intentions any rules any responsibilities or
obligations to you so you’re not being taken on a journey in the sense that
someone else has plans for you and you just need to come along because that’s
not how any of this works the way it works is you have this vortex that you
have been the creator of that is brimming with vibrational knowledge and
becoming and when you tune to the frequency that allows it then you are
inspired to the impulse to the past that’s what you’re describing here so
the question that we would like to put to you in order to bring some
clarification from you to you is does it feel to you that you’ve been
asking for understanding things like this don’t just happen without there
being something that you’re reaching for when you feel an impulse to do something
so you felt the impulse to pick up that book and to read it and then to
participate in the processes that it offered and in that process with the
drumming and the focusing you managed to quiet your mind in other words so many
teachers teach meditation different ways of going about it but similar in this
way in that you are distracted from the normal things of your world that already
have what you would call normal vibrational activations going on within
you and through various processes you are guided to a quiet end of your mind
and in the quieting of your mind so there’s no resistance within you then
that’s when it’s easier for you to feel the impulse the impulse from broader
perspective that’s exactly what happened to asked her she was guided Jerry and
Esther were guided to meditation neither one of them even knew what it really was
and neither one of them really wanted anything to do with it everyone that
they thought they knew who meditated was really strange and weird and they were
business people they did not want to be strange and weird and so as to ask the
question well what do you mean by meditation sit in a quiet room wear
comfortable clothing focus on your breathing quiet your mind your mind
wanders and it will release the thought so Esther was so knocked over by the
feeling of energy from the woman who was presenting these ideas to her that she
decided to do that her impulse was that far that impulse was strong enough the
clarity of that person was strong enough that Esther did not question it
whatsoever so she SAT and tried for herself the very thing that she had been
encouraged to do and in the very first moments of it she felt something new as
you said awaken within her she knew it was different it was different than the
way her mind was reacting with the world that she knew she could feel something
that she didn’t understand didn’t need to understand it she knew
she couldn’t understand it but she was drawn to it just the same so Jerry and
Esther meditated every day for 15 or 20 minutes for about nine months during
which time after managed to find vibrational alignment with that which is
us so that it became easier and easier and easier for her to follow the path
the path of the intention that she’d set forth before she was born the intentions
that she and Jerry had put into their vortex the intentions to uplift the most
significant thing that we want to say to you is you’re being guided to the
fulfillment of your own desires but when you stand in the place sort of
questioning like where am I going and what am I being led to in other words
when you ask questions to which you are not ready to receive direct answers it
puts a sort of kerfuffle in your energy but when you are instead just following
the process as long as it feels good as long as as comfortable as long as you’re
feeling the power and the direction of it then just know that you don’t really
need or want to know all of the details of how it’s unfolding in many ways it
would take the fun out of it but even more important than that if you’re not
ready to know it you’re not yet ready to know it and somebody telling you
something that you’re not ready to know causes you to offer more resistance
about it so it really is an attitude of trust so we have some questions for you
do you believe that you are extension of source antigen and you believe that
Source Energy adores you and has your best interest and everyone else in mind
yes do you believe that source energy is helping you to fulfill intentions that
you have established do you believe that your intentions will continue to clarify
as you’re moving along do you accept that this is an adventure really worth
taking do you really want to know all the twists and turns or are you happy to
just know it’s happy every step of the way and you’re willing to just allow it
to unfold sounds good yeah can you tell me a bit more about what happens during
a shamanic journey when the soul takes flight well there’s a little bit of
distortion in the words that you are using there because your soul is always
flying you are the taking flight and meaning what’s
happening is you are distracted enough from resistant thought so that your
vibration is raising and allowing your awareness of the flight that is always
taking place ooh doesn’t that feel good that’s awesome we never walk around we’re always energy in motion using
always energy and conscious always freely flowing and when you allow
yourself and this is the place to say something that you’ll hear it more
easily because it’s from a knowing what I don’t want point of view when you stop
doing that thing you do then you fly when you stop doing that thing you do
that keeps you from blind then you fly so what’s happening there is you are no
longer doing that thing you do but what we want to say to you and to all of you
why not do that all the time why only in the shamanic journey why only in that
mysterious place where you’re weird it’s starting to happen when I wrote at the
gym now yeah done very well when I broke my baby to sleep hey are you going well
your baby a shaman there re flying yeah tell me more no that’s very cool thank
you you


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