❀️ You came here to create πŸ’œ Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction


the process of life really takes care of
everything because through what you’re living you’re coming to your personal
decisions about what you prefer about the more that you would like to
experience and more really is the mantra of the universe the ever-expanding
eternal universe because without more we would cease to be and of course that
will never be and the reason that we will not cease to be is because the
variety that surrounds you out here on the leading edge keeps producing within
you new desires and those new desires call everything forward ooh the powerful
law of attraction is at work at all times so when a new desire is hatched
within you because of the wonderful variety and contrast that you are living
that desire emanates vibrationally you usually aren’t even aware that you’ve
shot off this rocket of desire but you did and when you do in this vibrational
universe in which you live the vibrational being that you are you’ve
launched this vibrational a scheme and immediately Law of Attraction begins to
assemble all of the co-operative components to that desire that you have
launched the way we have been describing it to you so that you could really get a
sense of it is that the larger part of you the part from which you have come
the you that existed before you existed in your physical body sometimes you call
that the soul of you or the source of you we’ve been calling it the inner
being of you that part of you who was very clear in your intentions as you
made the decision to come forth into this physical body still exists in the
non physical realm in other words that vibrational source of you still exists
it is a consciousness that still exists not only does it exist it is expanding
with every desire that you hatch from your physical format you sort of see how
it works so a part of you came into this environment you sift and sort
and launch the rockets and when you do the larger part of you the inner being
part of you receives that asking that request and knows it completely and
instantaneously and becomes it vibrationally and holds itself as a
steady point of attraction that you then if you are to be happy must find your
way back to it’s sort of the completing of the cycle you came into this physical
form you expand you launch a rocket the source within you holds the rocket law
of attraction is calling you back to that so that means that’s why when we
ask you do you know what you want you said yes rocket launched the second
parts about your work we’ve already got that covered we know what you want we’ve
become it we are holding the vibrational countenance of all that you have become
steady for you but when we ask you do you believe that you can have what you
want and you said yes then that means you’ve completed a cycle you’ve launched
the rocket you are now holding yourself in the vibrational frequency of it the
question is do you really believe it and the answer is are you happy in its
apparent manifested absence because that’s the rub for all of you in other
words you are so physically manifestation alee materialistically
none of these things are bad actualization alee see it hear it smell
it taste it touch chilly you are so physically focused and wanting to
translate your creations through your physical senses and we want you to
that’s why you came you didn’t come to sit in the room and meditate it is come
to have out-of-body experience is you came because you are a creator
you are a brilliant genius Creator you are blessed loved creators you are in
the leading edge of creation and you came to create and what constantly
causes you to create you’re launching these vibrational rockets but in order
for you to bring it home in order for you to bring it into full manifestation
you’ve got to become a vibrational match to what you’re asking for which means
you’ve got to feel good in the asking even in the currently seemingly not yet
completed version of it so over time we’ve been explaining this to you in a
lot of different ways the primary thing that we began telling you is it step one
step two step three life causes you to do step one that’s asked the contrast
causes you to ask that’s step one step two source takes care of it what you’ve
asked for is completed vibrationally it’s the precursor to what you know in
full manifestation the step two is done all is gathered for you to have
everything you want step three is you got to become a vibrational match to
what you want you can’t say I want more money step one and step two because
we’ve got you covered step one step two done and then you say I don’t have
enough I’ve never had enough I don’t know where it’s going to come from it’s
not here yet you can’t be in vibrational opposition to what you’re asking for and
we know you say to us all the time lie bruh ham how am I supposed to feel good
about the things I want before I can see them and hear them and smell them and
taste them and touch them so we go on to explain to you well if you will accept
that you launch the rocket and it does exist so we began talking about the
vortex wrote a whole book about it wave jesters arm around pointed at this
invisible thing on the floor this is the vortex you want to get in the vortexes
where all your stuff is you’re very patient with us all the vortex the
vortex how do we get in the vortex how do we get in there and we say you got to
believe about what’s in there and you say well it’s hard to believe it because
it’s not out here where I am Abraham I accept that all my fortune is
in the vortex but how do I get it out of the more text and into the bank how do i
turn these thoughts to things how do they become manifested don’t you see me
I am a physical sensual being I live in houses and I eat food my drive cars I am
a person about the tangible you say to us I need tangible reality not
airy-fairy more textural reality I need reality that I can spend and sleep with
and enjoy in all those ways I want reality and we say first you must accept
that you are vibrational and then you must accept that everything is and you
are a translator you are a translator you don’t know you are you’re so good at
it you don’t know you’re doing it what you see is a vibrational translation
what you smell what you hear what you feel what you taste all vibrational
translation and that’s a lot to get your thoughts around because you are
perceiving your reality and everyone else is too and you perceive your
reality through the lens of your vibrational frequency and that’s what we
want to help you to understand here today your emotions are the key to your
understanding the vibrational lens or the lens through which you read the
vibration of your being so when we talk about what you want to talk about which
is how to get these things you desire into your actualized reality we have to
talk about your point of attraction which is what you’re doing vibrationally
right here and now you see you launched a rocket and the inner being part of you
is holding the frequency of vent the inner being part of you has no
resistance in its vibration because the inner being part of you has no doubt
about you being able to create what you want but when you have doubt you’re
introducing resistance and you know that feeling of doubt you know that feeling
of disappointment negative emotion always means you’re not up to speed with
the larger part of you and the larger part of you includes everything that
you’ve become right down to the last rocket
that you just launched you see so if there’s a gap between the vibration of
who you really are and the vibration of who you are allowing yourself to be
given the habit of thought that you’ve got going all day every day that’s what
your beliefs are your beliefs are just thought to keep thinking it’s a
vibration you continue to practice so as you continue to practice the vibration
of I don’t have enough you can’t have enough even though there’s way enough in
your vortex but you’re not letting it in because you’re not allowing yourself to
perceive it so even all your might you’re giving it everything you’ve got
your try and try and try and you’re offering efforts effort effort but it
just won’t pop for you because you’re on the wrong frequency and the way you know
that you’re on the wrong frequency is by the way you feel so in a nutshell that
is what creation is about today we want to show you how you can tend to the only
thing that is important for you to tend to which is your point of attraction
your point of attraction your point of attraction right here what am I you and
your physical body what am i letting in there is a path from where you are to
where you want to be on every subject because the source within you knows what
you want and knows where you are and knows how to lead you to what you want
and so we call that the path of least resistance because if you’ve got
resistance going on you can’t see the path in other words if you really want
something and you’re trying so hard to make it happen the very effort that you
are offering is the indicator that you’ve got the wrong frequency going on
and you just can’t see the path you can see the path of most resistance work
long hours get too tired try to get other people to understand what I mean
explain explain until I think my head’s going to explode need others to see it
my way justify my position defend my position rationalize my decision try try
try try try that won’t get you to where you want to be and the path that you’re
on is miserable in the process that’s the path of most resistance so when you
begin to understand that you are a vibrational being and that you live in a
vibrational universe and you understand the physics of vibration and you do you
really do you just sometimes don’t know that you do then you can have a path of
ease and flow and fun and clarity and precision or clarity clarity nothing
more delicious than to want something and feel yourself in the process of
becoming it so we want to put a lot of emphasis most of the emphasis on what
you’re doing with your point of attraction how you doing vibrationally
do you have a big wad of resistance all balled up in you you can tell if you’re
on me all the time or if you’re fearful or if you’re angry that’s what that
means but if you are joyful if you feel if you’re feeling good if you feel
light-hearted you remember that light-hearted feeling remember being a
kid and having a day when nobody was on your case they didn’t even know for sure
where you were and you felt for he you felt free that
light-hearted feeling st used to say to Jerry let’s go get a coke and pretend
like we’re on vacation it’s like that feeling of being on vacation that
feeling that nothing needed to be done other than what I am feeling my way to
that’s the way you are meant to live every single day that’s the way it’s
supposed to be all the time and until it is that way you’re not going to be in a
place where you’re following your path and you’re going to be working way way
way harder for the crummy little things that you’re allowing for yourself
instead of don’t mean to be disrespectful but really really the
mediocracy that you put up with it’s stunning it’s coming how much of what
you really want you are denying yourselves are having oh and then you
justify will I want to be spiritual don’t want to be materialistic and we
say then you should have stayed where we are there nothing benefit just think
about them but you’re here you’re here for manifestation manifestation is the
most spiritual perfect parent of the creative process that’s why everything
that you know as God and source and spirit is focused here with you up here
on the leading edge and in fact that is the only reason that you are ever able
to ever feel negative emotion because all this source is focused with you on
this path of culmination and creation and cooperation and delicious expansion
and when you deprive yourself of that signal you feel rotten and then you
assume you’re doing something wrong or that you’re being denied it you are not
ever being denied anything but you deny yourself plenty and the way you deny
yourself plenty is by getting all screwy in your vibration things like I’m not a
good person are you kidding I’m not a good person
I wasn’t born at the right time or my mother is my mother’s fault whether you
are blaming yourself or someone else you’re holding yourself in a vibrational


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