【AMI YOGA】4分でリフレッシュ!簡単ヨガ


Hello, I’m AMI. Today, I’m starting small yoga lesson at this beautiful park. Very nice park, isn’t it? I can hear the tweet of birds.
There is a gentle breeze. The best thing is here are a lot of greens. These nature make me very happy. Maybe, you’re watching this video in your house, or in your office. But please use your imagination. Image that you are here sitting next to me in this park. You can do this yoga with sitting on your yoga mat or sitting on a chair. Let’s get started! Place your sitting bones down into the mat. Find your comfortable sitting position. If you’re sitting on a chair, you may sit by the edge of the chair, and sit up straight. Make sure your feet on the ground. Put your hands close to your hip. Inhale from your nose, and reach your hands to the sky Open your chest wide Exhale, put your hands down to the mat One more time Inhale, rise all the way up to the sky Exhale, relax One more big breathe in Breathe out Inhale, reach your arms up and lace fingers of both hands and put them behind your head Relax your neck lean to your hands like you have a pillow behind your neck Now open your chest Inhale, straight your back Exhale Stretch right side of your body Push your right elbow to the sky and you feel more stretching now Take two or three big breath keep your chest open Don’t look down Inhale, come back Changing to the opposite direction
Inhale Exhale, stretch your left side of your body Push your left elbow to the sky Open your chest Take two big breath Inhale, come back to the centre Release your body
and put your hand on your knees Now, cross your legs the opposite way Let’s move on Keep your right hand on your left knee and the other hand, behind the center of the back Inhale spine straight Exhale, pull your shoulder and twist your body to the left Inhale, spine long and straight Exhale, twist a bit more Let’s take some breath Inhale, come back to center slowly
and exhale relax opposite side keep your left hand on your right knee place the other hand behind the center of the back As you breathe in, the spine long As you breathe out, twist right from your lower belly till you feel comfortable stretch If you have pain on your neck, don’t twist too much,
look forward Continue big breath at your own pase and slowly come back to the center Roll your shoulders back take a big and deep breath How do you feel now? The yoga movement is good for mornig or you can do it when you have break time at office It’s going to help you to refresh your body If you have any question, please send me a message I would like you to Share how you feel after the exercise Thank you for watching!


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  1. rachman hansi

    November 10, 2019 1:19 pm

    Watashi wa kiki san no subcriber desu, ganbatte ne ami san
    Ima wa watashi wa ami san no subscriber desu✌✌

  2. Dwi Astuti

    November 11, 2019 6:45 am

    Dikit2 diselingi bahasa indonesia Ami…minta ajarin bang kiki…arti gerakan tangan naik,turun, dilipat, bersila dst..

  3. Ayumi Nishina

    November 12, 2019 12:36 pm

    Thank you for your comment and subscribe! Now you have English subtitle in the video. Hope you enjoy my yoga!

    Terima kasih buat temen temen komen dan subscribe nya ,sekarang ada subtitle nya ,untuk meng aktifkan subtitle pencet "CC" yang ada di bawah layar dan yg pake Hp pencet titik yg ada dipojok kanan atas klik "CC"


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