Hi guys, we’ll come back you with Amira I’m going to mix things up a little bit and see how we go instead of the dailies I’m going to do more of an in-depth weekly reading per element or per sign the new moon and the full moon Readings will be done by sign and the ones in between will be done via element You might want to watch all the elements because we’ve got all the elements in our birth chart somewhere so fire earth air and water so we’re going to do all four elements and I’m going to be using my love Oracle deck and Mira’s love oracle cards and also the Tarot as well, so I’m going to do this for the first starting from the first of November For the week beginning the first of November We’ve already had the new moon reading which is still activated. So if you want to do your new moon spells wishes Incantations and manifestations. This is a really good time to do it coming off the new moon today Okay. So the new moon was yesterday Sunday today’s Monday But this reading is for the intention of each element for the first week the first week from the first of November the Ice King jumped out so that could be important something to do with a boss a father figure etc So let’s cut the cards into four for each element and we’re going to do fire earth air and water Okay, so that’s water that’s Ear that’s booth that’s fire And we’re going to do a Tarot as well If you want to join my mediumship Academy The next lesson is coming up soon. So You can join at any time. It’s a really cool place to sit and get readings And help yourself and help others. That’s what it’s all about Ok, I did pre shuffle the Tarot. So I’m going to cut them into the four elements So, let’s see what’s coming up for the first week in November 2019 Okay All right, so Fire, let’s have a look at fire. Okay. There you go. Fire straight off the top. We’ve got the Ice King So the Ice King is a boss a father figure somebody who is in charge of something can be an entrepreneur somebody who is You know, he doesn’t necessarily need to be mature He could be a young entrepreneur a young boss somebody who’s a father as well Somebody also under the sign of Leo can be about them if you’re female, you could be attracting in the Ice King if you’re looking for a male or You could also be an entrepreneur as well or looking looking at something about your status open relationships so looking around for something new having choices and decisions to make about a relationship if you are involved with the ice king or you are the ice king involved with maybe a couple of People and you’re not sure what the status is then it’s still in an open status relationship. Okay, so You’re not sure about One particular person I feel or you’re not you might have started something it hasn’t turned into Anything committed or serious, but there could actually be Something that is setting you free. So if you need to change out One of these two people you’re going to change out the one that’s not sticking okay with you So this person who’s not really true to you is not Who’s not honoring their their word their words and actions and not lining up? They could this could also be relative to a work situation So if you have a boss that’s promising you the world and giving you nothing then you know that it’s not genuine Because once you see it’s all free you’ve got a you know, an amazing connection come in soul Mate connection could be a soul mate of somebody that you work with as well Or it could be a soul mate for a love relationship And this person is going to be a true gem, they’re going to add value to your life. They’re going to be You know potentially offering you an engagement ring. So the true gem tie can also be engagement ring somebody who is Potentially working with gemstones crystals or jewelry as well? I’ve got the knight of rods Moving forward Wow. Okay, so Knight of rods to me often is also immigration and flight Kind of moving on somewhere travelling immigrating It’s a fire sign Aries Leo Sagittarius so it can relate to you or someone else It’s about focusing on your wishes and dreams and your wishes and dreams coming true But I feel like with this generally for you Aries Leo Sagittarius or fire signs. I feel like This is a new journey and the new journey is related to setting itself free from something that has been holding you up Okay, then you’ve got the king of rods That can also be Aries Leo Sagittarius male coming in or you could be you if you are Aries You know if you are a male see that more as a male card or just about an indication of you wanting to You know follow your passions, it could be also money related to it could be somebody around your work Helping you create something craft your own way Craft your own Situation of Independence craft your own Money Met help you make money Okay Help you make money. There’s definitely money coming in and underneath. We’ve got the queen of Pentacles. So there’s definitely money coming in This person could be lucrative there could be a business partner There might be somebody who wants to create a business with you They could be into something Esoteric or gemstones crystals and jewelry or they could propose to you also at some point Let’s just pick one more card or two more cards here. There we go with a lump sum of money Okay feeling like there’s a completion There could also be some sort of competition you feel around this situation or some sort of sexual tension or chemistry there, too But you feel like if you have been chewing and throwing about getting out of something this party, or Situation might give you a payout so it could be a severance pay it could be something that you want to be given if you’re leaving a Situation whether it’s a divorce whether it’s a company you want to get your lump sum out of it And then there’s a sense of completion freedom seeing the world immigration flight as well International connections to so I hope you relate to that fire signs. So That’s a nice one okay, so let’s move on to The earth signs Let’s have a look at the earth, what are we got? Okay earth science Looking at the world through childlike eyes focusing on children Feeling like something’s fresh and new having a new Eye open or about a phase in your life Dating queen is having more options and opportunities that come through you might be on and off with somebody or you might have a short-term relationship that is quick and In and out over and out Could also be a long-distance situation that you like Oh am I going to you know See this person or this person’s coming to me or there’s some sort of fling here Surprise out of the blue. This person comes to visit you There could be a long-distance thing. It could be also that you have a child that is You know starting a quick relationship or having a relationship with somebody or starting something new a project and offer an opportunity and then they Kind of click out of it Okay So short term can be clicking out of a contract. You might have signed a contract and decide not I don’t want that anymore I want something else because there’s more options here for you more options Something could set you free as well long distance Goods and services over the seas casting a wide net import-export getting something online Selling something over the seas and passion coming in from over the seas. There’s something here with a new project Ok, so children can be also the start of a new project and you launch I just want to do these extra cards here on the Oracle to see what we’ve got here for year earth signs Taurus Virgo Capricorn Brunette female mature man and control so it’s about taking back your power and control in a situation it could be around a young female could be a daughter of yours a teenager a grandchild Cutting the cords releasing them as well They could be going overseas following their passions and dreams following their creativity They might be wanting your blessings as well. You could be releasing them into the world somehow or they might be going off to University or college if that applies to you brunette female mature, man Could be it you could be either all of these people or if you’re a young female somebody up to the age of 29 young female also rules music and passion and music and Fashion, sorry, not passion music and passion and fashion app a passion for fashion The young female so she is actually very creative So this could be launching a project as I mentioned before a project involving something that you are creatively passionate about Okay, let’s pick a couple of cards here with the Tarot There could be a Capricorn around you controlling you They might have put you down in some way stabbed you in the back being vindictive it could also be a female fire sign Aries Leo Sagittarius, you might feel Why is this person done this to me? Why have they? kind of Been difficult being controlling Trying to control you You know can be a man as well I feel the queen of Rods could be a man too a male energy, but it could be presenting himself differently Somebody also could have back pain if that doesn’t relate it could be a back situation. Somebody has a back pain back problems need surgery even There’s also a sense of moving on moving away leaving Troubled waters and going on a journey into calm waters Casting a wide net looking at your options over the CSIs definitely something here with import/export goods and services over the seas internet something online victory with that as well and the start of a new venture a new progress with finances with money with luck To do with that And looking at this with a sense of You know a sense of serenity I pick up a sense of serenity here with this So it’s like you might have to start over with something, but you feel confident with it and you feel like it is lucrative and it can be victorious and It is the right idea the right idea at the right time. That’s what I feel for you Taurus Virgo Capricorn, so all the best of luck with that and let me know what you how you relate to that How you resonate? So, let’s have a look at the air signs Gemini Libra Aquarius, what do we got for you? Gemini Libra Aquarius air element Ok, so through friends networking events meeting people groups associations You could very well meet somebody for a contract for something a legally bound Document something that you’re going to sign your name to could be a marriage partner True love potential your heart is floating on air is something that you’re quite ecstatic about. I feel like Ecstatic is a very good word for this Ecstasy ecstatic your heart is floating on air you feel elated you feel like you’re really in alignment Here, I feel like you’ve manifested this Especially for the Gemini’s for some reason and the Liberals. I feel like you’ve really manifested this And Aquarius, but I feel Gemini and Libra You’re really manifesting something that’s coming through Young male wizzing affords somebody up to the age of twenty nine. It could be you if you are the young male Associations with sports and cars automobiles could be somebody also Giving you a car if you’re going off to college or doing something like that It could be that you’re signing your name to a car just look out at the moment because mercury is retrograde So it might not be a good time to sign contracts or you know new deals and that sort of thing or purchase electrical products or cars automobiles etc until in December kind of around mid-december but You know Mercury retrograde doesn’t always Affect everybody the same so it doesn’t necessarily mean that You know that it’s not going to work out, but it could be that The offer is on the table and you have to take it There is something being released with karma So it could be that this thing for you has been going on in the past. You’ve had past history with this doors opening karma being released Feeling like you’re moving through those doors whizzing forward could be starting a new sports activity or venture Acording man coming through those doors as well could be you if you are the cording man Somebody who wears a business suit to work or a uniform He feels to me like he could be in sales. He could be a good communicator He could be in banking in finance. He might also be in the military He might be a doctor dentist somebody who definitely wears a suit or a uniform Okay, what does the terror have to say for Gemini Libra Aquarius? Okay, so you have been patient you’ve been? really patient and patience is important because Sometimes what we want to manifest and create in our lives it takes time takes time To see all of these stuff coming in. There’s a definitely a legal contract here, but you’re not going to take it I’m gonna find out why so there’s multiple contracts or something from your past could be that you did sign a contract you’re going to get out of it or you have looked at a Contract and you don’t feel it’s the right time to move forward with it, or you could get a marriage proposal as well Finally and you might feel like mm. I don’t know if I’m going to take this right now. I might just see Sit and wait and see what’s going to happen It’s also saying to trust your intuition. There’s also a new moon here, too So I feel by the next new moon, which will be the new moon in Sagittarius, I believe Coming up in about a month’s time. I feel like It’s it’s best to sit it out. Wait until December before you sign something By doing that you have strength in your favor, I want to see what this card is about Okay, it’s feeling the contract could be that you feel like it could bind you All right, it could be somebody whose emotional who wants to get the job done there is Potentially another offer here though. I feel this could be another offer. You might hold out for another offer Okay Sitting pretty sitting in your finery. You might not see that that offer is really going to be the best one for you you might feel locked and trapped by it locked down and Then out of the blue, we’ve got the king of cups floating in on a wave and he’s got good energy Cancer Scorpio Pisces energy male or female because we’ve also got the lady in her finery here with all the beautiful things around her She’s got everything that she wants and needs so whether you’re male or female it doesn’t matter, but there’s a heartfelt connection here So it’s saying to meditate on it saying to sit pretty and wait It’s giving you a sense. Don’t take the action. No, don’t take the action right now. You don’t need to There’s also a feeling here of going towards the water So there’s an offer coming up of being near the water lake River or an ocean? Okay, I also feel there could be a connection with The southern part of the United States America also going into South America as well or the Caribbean Or the East Coast somewhere along the east coast of the United States all the way from Boston right down I’m feeling Yeah, and also into Canada, but I feel it’s more in America So there’s some other offer here coming in and if you can’t relate to the location, it could be that this person is from there So it’s sort of like just sit this one out. Okay and see what happens because there’s Better better luck better offers are around the corner, even though you’ve got offers in front of you. There’s better ones coming up So let’s have a look at Kansas Scorpio Pisces. Let’s have a look at water signs Spiritual growth Feeling like you have a lot of alignment downloads of information feeling very spiritually connected Feeling like you’ve got also the Twin Flame connection you might be just connecting to your own spirit guides as Twin Flames or Your twin flame could be in spirit and you might be having a communication with them Doesn’t necessarily mean they’re on the physical plane. They could be helping you from spirit Okay, dancing queen or dancing queen. That’s a slip dancing. Queen beauty. Queen. Okay being on stage being in the public eye Dancing queen biabber is one of my favorite songs by others So if anyone knows dancing queen, you might want to listen to the lyrics and just see what that means to you Beauty queen being on stage being in the public eye being on stage Being seen adored and worshipped for your talents being noticed being adored being put on a pedestal in a relationship Meeting somebody also through dance So it could be a spiritual the dancer could be like a yoga dance. It could be a chakra dance It could be something to do with drumming drum circles that type of thing wallflower Coming out of the shadows coming out of the closet Somebody in the family potentially might come forward. They might also have been a bit Unwell, or they’re recovering from something or they’re coming back together with you There’s heavy family homes the blonde female She could be blonde or red hair or dye her hair a different color Be naturally blonde or dyes her hair or blonde color or wears a wig? This could be somebody in the family that is connecting with you for whatever reason. Let’s have a look and see Okay somebody from the past past love could be a relative that has Disappeared and comes back in you might have had a fallout with somebody. It could be a mother mother-in-law mother figure past love or so could be Just somebody from your past in this life or a past life coming back in you might want to do my audio Download package where you can also receive inside that package past life regression and that actually releases a lot of the blockages Around past lives and sort of sets you free. What else have we got here the fair mail and work? being conscientious meeting somebody through work could be a fair mail somebody lightish for their cultural background somebody we teach if they’re East Indian lighter than darker if they’re African descent if South American or Latin they could be lighter than darker more sort of Spanish or European looking then then sort of South American mix so they’ve got lighter colored skin or fair skin light-colored eyes a Fairer hair if they’re if they’re Caucasian, they’ve got lightish hair lightish colored eyes light brown to blonde Or light colored eyes or fair-skinned There’s a work thing coming up to I feel fear water science work is on your mind Working on something you’re writing something. I feel like some of you are writing something. There’s writing Writing something important Writing a document writing a documentary writing a story writing a contract as well So there’s something here about the past life there’s spiritual things floating in around you there’s downloads from spirit There’s connections with past lives past lives and Twin Flames There’s being put on a pedestal. There’s something weird happening around the family that could be kind of icky or Strange or odd something that you least expect Let’s see what else happens there could also be somebody who’s not well who you might feel is going to pass over I know it’s not It’s just coming up could shake you up Shake up the Momentum in your life give you a shake up there is responsibilities here responsibilities coming through Something that you need to take charge of there could be also Support from a partner coming in around you – what is this partner about? Let’s have a look Somebody that might have gone off in another direction but they could be coming back or it could be a legal partnership a business partnership or a partnership through a sibling or a I’m picking up a legal equation a legal deal a legal equation It could be an inheritance It could be I’m sorry for some of you it’s not going to relate the the death and the inheritance but it is there So I’m just putting it out there And it is going to be you know Balanced and done in a fair in just way and you might be actually the one in charge of it So there could be you know a shake-up to your life in some way water signs Let’s just pick another card for you. Let’s have a look underneath you keeping on top of a situation. You’re going to be fine the sun’s going to shine at the end of it and there’s going to be other options and choices for you to Think about in your life Feeling well as well a feeling of wellness around you too So lots of love and blessings everybody if you’d like to connect with me book a reading, please check the links below In the show more section and until next time lots of blessings and thank you for liking subscribing and sharing It really helps the channel until next time. Take care. Ciao for now


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    Oh I’m a Water sign Pisces dancing queen reminds me of my ex’s mum who I cared for during an illness she’s now passed it was played at her funeral that’s definitely a message from her.🦋❤️ My mum is in spirit she use to dye her hair blonde. I do feel and know she’s guiding me 😊 Thank you Amira 😘


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