(1 Min. Meditation) “God prunes us to be ready for God’s kingdom.” by Joyce Meyer

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my husband had a tree in our front yard prune back one time. I mean, I knew it needed to be done, but. when I came home from work, I was so mad, when I saw that tree. because it just was down to almost nothing. come on, do you feel like you’ve been cut
down to almost nothing. and he said, “just be patient.” my husband has a lot of that, I don’t have as much of it as he does. “Just be patient, and you’ll see next year.” I didn’t want a pretty tree next year, I wanted a pretty tree right now. now, how many of you know, that’s our problem? we don’t want anything next year or in five years. we want it right now. well, God doesn’t work that way. sometimes he prunes us back. like for example, they say, like say, a peach tree, a good farmer or a peach orchard grower, if they’re really good, the first year, the tree, there’s a little tiny fruit, they go and pluck it off. the next year, it’s a little bit bigger, they pluck that off, too. and if they’ll be patient and not let it actually bear fruit the first few years, then, it will come around and bear fruit like no other tree. come on, now some of you, you’re where I’m at. you are with me. you know, when God called me to teach, I thought for sure I’d roll out of bed the next morning and go to the world. I felt like God said you’re gonna go all
over the world and teach my word. well, I didn’t know, I didn’t know that meant, “like years from now”. see, a lot of us God has called us to do something but we don’t want to settle down and let him prepare us. come on, I am talking to somebody? we don’t want to settle down and let him prepare us for the thing he’s called us
to do. you know it’s interesting David was anointed to be king 20 years before he wore the crown. hello? 20 years before he wore the crown?!! when God puts something in your heart, you see the end of it. you see it like wow. But it’s gonna start out like a little tiny fuzzy peach popping out on a tree. and God’s gonna come along and pull that baby off and say, “not yet”. well, sure enough, next year, we had a gorgeous tree in the front yard.


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