10 Minute Guided Meditation For Positive Energy Powerful Instant Relaxation – Self Love Series


for this week’s video we are going to be
doing a 10-minute guided meditation we’re gonna be focusing on self-love and
filling you everything around you with a positive high vibration energy so I want
you to get as comfortable as you possibly can make sure you’re somewhere
quiet or you won’t be disturbed set your phone on airplane mode and tell those
around you that you’ll be busy for the next 10 minutes find a space where you
can sit down or lie down settle in allow your body to begin to
relax relax your eyes drop your shoulders take a deep breath in through
the nose and out through the mouth now take another deep cleansing breath in
through the nose out through the mouth allow your breath to return to normal
now and I want you to envision a yellow golden orb floating over you you see it
slowly emerging and it’s hanging there suspended right over your body as it
comes closer to your head you can feel a radiating golden light and it will warms
everything on a deep level relaxing it everything in your face begins to relax
into the warm light as it moves down your body the warm golden light spreads
across your chest and shoulders relaxing them and warming them as a passes over
then it descends down your abdomen to your belly relaxing and warming
everything there and moves farther down to your hips relaxing them and that warm
light continues down your body moving into your thighs your knees and your
calves relaxing and warming them as it goes and now that warm golden light moves
over your feet and every small bone every toe relaxes to the warm golden
light now your entire body relaxes feeling lighter and lighter as it melts
into this golden light as the light chase upon you you feel lighter still
your body feels almost as light as a feather like it could just drift away now I want you to bring your attention
to your heart and with it your heart I want you to recognize the sensations
that are being felt there now I want you to take your attention and I want you to
think about it like a stream of that golden light and every where you focus
on that golden light streams forth into anything you bring your attention to and
that warm golden light is full of love it’s so thick and saturated with love
but everything you direct your attention to becomes immersed in love and now I want you to bring your
attention to your heart again and I want you to focus that stream of gold and
light your attention into your heart filling it with love and as you focus there your heartbeat
begins to absorb this golden light and all of the love that it contains begins
to fill your chest and now there is a pool of golden light full of love
radiating from your chest can you feel it it’s getting deeper and bigger now
and that pool of love is spreading from your chest and filling your belly and
every part of your belly is thankful for the love that washes over it and the
pool also begins to grow up into your throat and you feel incredible love
feeling every part of your throat but it moves higher yet into your head and fill
in your face beautiful golden light and it’s full of love and every cell in your
body is responding to that love and as you continue to focus your attention
everywhere you focus on your body is filled with love and soon enough your
entire body is full of this golden light that is love you now begin to notice that your body
is radiating this golden light it’s not just within your body but it’s coming
from your body and love is radiating out from your body and it’s beginning to
touch everything around you and soon the entire room around you is full of this
golden light then it gets bigger and bigger and this golden light spreads
through your entire home and your home now glows with a sweet soft tender
golden light full of love and you can see that your home now is radiating this
love and it’s spilling out of every window and every door and it’s filling
your yard and your neighborhood and soon it’s covering your entire city and you
sit back to witness this golden light spreading everywhere now it’s spreading
quickly far from you covering your entire country and as you look at the
globe you can see that it’s consuming the earth and your love is everywhere
and now that light is radiating away from the earth and filling every space
that can find in the entire universe your heart is beating and with each beat
it sends a ripple of love out throughout the golden light filling the entire
universe I want you to focus on your heart again and I want you to repeat
after me in your mind I love you I love you I love you I love you and now
I want you to begin to bring your attention back to your body I want you
to feel the bed or chair or ground beneath you I want you to bring your
awareness back to the room and the sounds that it fills the sensations and
the temperature of it I want you to become aware where you’re sitting or
where you’re laying down I want you to slowly step back up the staircase one
step at a time your body’s growing heavier now and you
can feel your hands and your feet and all your muscles and tendons and joints
in it I want you to softly wiggle your toes and wiggle your fingers and now you
may open your eyes bring your awareness to the room now I want you to lie still
for a minute and continue to tell yourself I love you this is the end of
our meditation I hope you have a beautiful day and don’t forget you


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