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I’m gonna share with you the 10 keys to unlock what I call your quick brain, right? These are the 10 things scientifically proven to help you be faster smarter better to optimize your brain health and your fitness And now every single thing I’m going to say nobody’s gonna debate right? They’re gonna say yes, of course, but common sense It’s not common practice. So I’m going to ask people who are watching this is to rate yourself 0 to 10 how well am I doing this one area like in terms of how I’m eating or Exercising or something and then you’ll notice everyone wants to know what the magic pill is. There’s no magic memory pill There’s their magic memory processes right If you everyone wants to know the one silver bullet You have to do all of these things because that’s what falls within the focal point meaning that the 8020 rule the 20% that gives you 80% of the Results and the rewards so really fast the 10 keys for unlocking your quick brain People know how to write it down because I’ll teach them how to memorize them cool, right? So and we can do it together. Number one is good brain food Alright good brain food because you are what you eat what you eat matters, especially to your gray matter what you eat matters? Especially a gray matter So we did a whole episode on my favorite top 10 favorite brain foods And I show people how to memorize it in two minutes I mean it’s a while but there’s certain foods that are really good for your brain and you probably eat most these foods as you Are extendo you’re ready blueberry? Yeah All like blueberries is like I called brain berries and avocados and good fats and and I know all of them So there’s 10 of them that I recommend and so they’re really they’re real. They’re really excellent. They’re very neuroprotective and such Including dark chocolate. It’s a dark chocolate is uh, it’s good. What’s good for your mood is generally good for your mind But so a good brain diet is number one. So just to break yourself on a scale of zero to ten How good is your diet? Alright number two is killing ants Automatic negative thoughts your self-talk and so I would recommend people zero to ten. How does that feel? How hot while are you doing? and not only that but you know Maybe going on it on a little faster cleanse like we cleanse though the food we even things we put in our body but what about the thoughts that we’re putting in our 30 days, there’s no negative thoughts. I mean, yeah, they are not complaining or something like that plan You know because it’s just again, you know people and people get so addicted to these things like, you know Complaining and whatever you’re rehearsing. You’re just easily rewind your brain to get more of that. It’s not Law of Attraction There’s a law of action that’s going on You know that makes it because all behaviors believe driven and so you’re wiring your brains to be a lira lira Herzing those things That’s why they say that that the fearful person like a like a Fearful person dies a thousand times like a coward dies a thousand times in their mind you know and and not like a brave person dies just once because every time you’re rehearsing oh I’m scared of public speaking you do it over and over again not only do you get the fear of it every single time because your Imagination your mind doesn’t know the difference between something vividly imagine and something that’s real literally if you were if you were to put on a brain sensing device the same parts are brain that would light up if a dog walked in yours You see what parts your brain lights up And if you imagine that dog walking in the same exact part your brain will light up so the mind doesn’t know the difference It’s the most powerful tool. You have your imagination I mean, it’s crazy like saying that Don Miguel Ruiz wrote The Four Agreements was there I called him on stage He’s like what’s your superpower? And he was like Jim my superpowers like everyone’s superpower here. It’s the super power of imagination right because knowledge is what is but imagination is really what could be and there’s this crazy study called the counterclockwise study by Ellen Langer out of Harvard and This is valuable for people in 1979. She was in nursing home And she was like, this is really depressing why this is the worst environment to spend the rest of the remaining years She took eight of them out and put him into a monastery but was different she made it So it was in 1979 in there. She decorated like it was 1959 So the Time magazine cover was from 1959 black-and-white television show. Whatever’s there she took out all the mirrors some people couldn’t see themselves and these eight men walked in with canes and they did testing with them and they tested their Their focus their senses their memory their physical strength and pictures of them and all that and then they took a control group put him in, you know 8pp eight guys in a room that they didn’t even touch. She didn’t decorate it She said reminisce silicone was 20 years ago, and that was the difference One week later. Just one week later. They come back they the guys come out and These guys didn’t even look like the same guys many of them didn’t even walk out with her canes when they tested them empirically Their sense of sight was better theirs a hearing was better. They had stronger muscular strength, right and On top of it all that they took a picture of them before and after just seven days I took a focus group People had known anything on the study and they shown the two photos side by side and they said which one is the younger one? Right and a hundred percent of the focus group chose the latter one after just seven days That’s what I’m saying the power of imagination We don’t know the effect that our thoughts have, you know in terms of things and such and that’s it’s pretty amazing But going back to the power of killing ants, you know, our thoughts are things and it’s improve, you know activating our imagination so You know don’t do it to rehearse your fears and the things that are negative right only have thoughts of things that you want to Come it, really happen. So the third thing exercise people really we know number four brain nutrients and this is a subject that comes up because you know a lot of people travel they have fast-food lifestyles and you know But maybe they’re lacking a certain supplements. And what I would say is, you know, I’m not a nutritionist I’m not anything that ends on an East but go to a doctor good functional medicine doctor You have a blood test and I say I say the same thing for diet when people say what was the best You know to do food sensitivity tests, see what your blood says, you know, red. Yellow green You know red stay away from yellow, you know sparingly green and see how you flourish on it afterwards right and then tested but same thing with nutrient profile you can see what you’re Deficient on if you’re low on B vitamins if you’re low on DHA, then you’re gonna have cognitive issues, right? so supplement number five is I was low in b12 when I was training for the The Iron Men and whatever glad just if you never yeah vegan, yeah That was it it I think I was low before but once I had the supplement everything changed including my motivation exactly That’s a huge huge beaker for cognition fifth aught fifth thing that you want to optimize your brain. It’s positive peer group we know who you spend time with is who you become because and it’s not just a You know a positive thinking, you know affirmation quote literally you have mirror neurons and you’re mirror neurons in your nervous system is when you could watch a sport or watch a movie you Could feel what they feel. It’s what Or you have empathy for other people. We’re always imitating people, right? And so who you spend time with us who you become because you’re imitating their habits their behaviors their thought patterns and everything So that’s why they say you’re the average of the five people You spend the most time with right if you’re around nine broke people You’re gonna be the tenth right like you hear these things all the time But there’s a it’s not just your biological networks or your neurological networks. Analyze your social networks, right? Cuz whether or not you smoke has less to do with your neurological Networks and more to do whether or not your friends friends smoke Okay, it’s gonna have more of an influence six thing for your brain a clean environment We know a clean environment is good for your brain at a anecdotal level You know when you clean your desk or you clean your laptop off, you know, you have clarity of thought right? But I don’t just mean that I mean clean air clean water because there’s a lot of pollutants that’s you know That’s not good for your cognition right number. So from there, we at number seven sleep This is a big one for so many people Brian. I don’t know how your sleep is, but it’s getting better, you know Yeah, I mean, I’ve always tried to hack it and work on it Yeah on the screen thing in the blue light, but look it can be better Yeah Cuz I mean sleep is so important for your brain for three reasons number ones. Where you consolidate short to long-term memory Everyone who pulled an all-nighter back in the university that hurt you because you need that sleep number two it’s where you clean out the plaque that could lead to brain aging challenges and that that’s what the latest research is saying in terms of leading to I often see dementia and such and then the third reason is Because we need dream and here’s the thing. You’re like, what does that have to do with anything Jim? It’s like you don’t know how many amazing Ideas and invention literature works of art came in dream states, like did you know like I mentioned Mary Shelley? You know here in London Frankenstein came to her in a dream, you know, Paul McCartney came up with yesterday in his dream You know like a chemist came up with a periodic table in his dream Elias Howe created the sewing machine in this dream Right, like what are you dreaming about late at night? Because when you are working all day and you’re learning all day, your brain doesn’t show up at night at night It’s more active people don’t realize that you think it’s just not happening. It’s actually more active and it’s coming up with solutions It’s integrating stuff in the form of dreams But you when you wake up Most people forget their dreams you write your dreams down when you wake I do I have six things I do my in my morning routine episode where I talk about The very first thing I do is the six steps on how to remember my dreams because there’s gems in there every All day their insights and inventions and things that my unconscious is just and that’s how you get like all that extra top him back You know through dad and we didn’t up so no lucid dreaming how to be aware and awake to still get rest But so all this important sleep number eight is brain protection meaning that you know Like I I I work with a lot of athletes high performer athletes concussions are a big deal Yeah, right and you know and I’ve had a number of TB is you know traumatic brain injuries, but not just that you know I did a whole episode on electromagnetic fields, like people don’t realize that the Like our smart devices like you like our brains didn’t really have ought to have like these the oldest electricity like right by our brains You know, and I read recently that ninety percent of kids sleep with their phones underneath their pillows I mean who knows the effect that’s better avoid protect your brain wear a helmet and then finally nine and 10 ninth key to keeping your brain alive is a new learnings right the neurogenesis in neuro plasticity means neurogenesis You could create new brain cells to the day. You die science never thought that neuroplasticity is saying you could create new connections Meaning that Einstein’s brain wasn’t bigger than any of ours In fact, it was it was smaller but parts of his brain were very highly connected because he would do these theta state brain thought experiments and Every single time you have a new thought you may create new connections, right? And so the way to improve neurogenesis neuroplasticity two things novelty and nutrition Okay, just like when you’re an athlete just like training your body you give a novelty or stimulus and then you feed it with nutrition Right. And so that’s how you build your mental muscles to finally number 10 stress management stress management Meaning people don’t realize it because it’s invisible, but it’s like you don’t realize how much stress you’re under until you’re on vacation Are you getting a massage? You know realize cuz it’s all there all the times like the fish that they don’t see the water because it’s there all the time So what are we doing to cope film, you know meditation relaxation massage yoga, whatever it is get so stressed So there’s the ten keys So I’m gonna teach people right now how to memorize all ten in a few minutes literally a few minutes so This is a great technique to use when you need to give a talk Like if you need to give a presentation and you don’t want to rely on notes This is a great way of having keypoints This is different than me teaching like the actors how to memorize things for Batum because they need to remember bored for work Okay, like poetry but this is like 10 keys right because you do public speaking We met at public speaking events and such. So if you’re on stage The problem is is you want to remember what you need to know But if you have to answer a question you come back you’re like, oh man, where was I? Yeah, this will tell you exactly where it is And this is a twenty five hundred year old twenty five hundred year old Greek technique ancient Greece a Greek order named saman it is basically he was giving a poetry reading and when he left something really bad happened the building collapsed and killed everyone there and He was the lone survivor So is his responsibility? to help the family members identify their loved ones and he was able to because he remember where they were all sitting and we do The same thing can’t you remember like recently if you had a dinner party who was sitting to your left? Who is your right because as hunter-gatherers we didn’t need to memorize numbers and words we needed to remember where things were Where’s the clean water? Where’s the fertile soil? Where’s the food all mores enemy tribe. That was our survival So we store things in places. Okay, so this technically is variable very much So because so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna walk everybody through my office I’m gonna designate one place to place three place ten places and then I’m gonna put each of the brain tips on each of the places and That’s gonna utilize Visualization and place and tell people to remember it because those are two huge principles in memory now by the way In the first place this in the second place that if you ever found yourself saying that that’s where it came from This that languaging if you’ve ever found yourself saying in the first place in the same place It came from this twenty five hundred old memory technique. We don’t use that anymore now We’re bringing it back as one of our the techniques, but it’s in our language It’s been there before we had could write things down and everything else like that. We were to remember these ways doing this so everyone could take a deep breath and if it’s safe take Close your eyes. Just help you focus. I want you to imagine you’re on a plane You’re going we have an office in Westchester, New York Which is a suburb of New York City and I want you to imagine it lands in Westchester Airport car picks you up and even if you can’t imagine it just Imagine you can imagine it and just a car picked you up here in the backseat You’re going to my office get to the office. The first place is the parking lot so we could just repeat out loud everyone What’s the first place? Parking the parking lot and when you get out of the parking lot, I want you to imagine the first brain tip Here’s a good brain diet waiting for you in a big brain buffet. I mean just like Blueberries and avocados and green leafy vegetables walnuts are really good for the brain They actually look like brains dark chocolate, right? tumeric very lowers inflammation in your body And so you’re there and you’re having a big food fight brain super brain soup in the parking lot. Okay, and we’d never happened You’re like Jim. This is so childish. But who are the fastest learners children right music on cements, you know languages be playful here number two you walk over there’s a There’s a like a waterfall creates a moat around the building to cross a bridge. The second place is the bridge What’s number two second place is what say it out loud the bridge the bridge and when you’re crossing the bridge you’re killing ants Automatic you’re stepping on ants automatic negative thoughts big ones the size of rat Exactly use your imagination as that’s like Dom McGrew really says that’s your power right your superpower Stepping on the ants great from there. You go into the building the third place you get into the third place The elevator was the third place Hello elevator and everyone who’s with us right now. Say say it out loud also so that you get your auditory memory There’s the elevator you walk into the elevator and you start exercising. That’s the third brain tip exercising So whatever exercise is for you, give your personal trainer in there. Maybe you’re doing your yoga Whatever it is your burpees, whatever you got do it in there, but seeing him feel it You can’t just hear it you get out of the elevator you get to the fourth place Which is the hallway you walk into the hallway. What’s the fourth place? Hallway, and you’re walking the hallway and all these brain vitamins are there on the floor being bottles of brain vitamins? Maybe you’re tripping on the brain vitamins You see the Omega threes DHA s the gingko biloba is your vitamin B or b12 s all your brain vitamins and you’re like Indiana Jones Laura Crawford jumping over the brain vitamins. I’m in the hallway over the movie the shiny and like the kid with perfect I’m in that heart That’s number four you open up the door to the office and Amelie to the left is the fifth place It’s the closet closet and so what’s the fifth place at ello closet? He opened up the closet and inside is your fifth brain tip. Is your positive peer group I want to see all your happy friends in the closet in the closet All your happy friends are having their a cheery and amazing time High-fiving each other happy friends in the closet. They’re encouraging you. They’re challenging you you’re cheering you on great You’re halfway there from there you go to the sixth place, which is the receptionist. What’s the sixth place? Recep receptionist And the receptionist is cleaning the environments cleaning the air changing the air filters Vacuuming mopping and they’re there everything is obsessively cleaned or a clean environment From that behind the receptionist is the seven places the fishtank So what’s the seventh place fish tank beautiful tropical fish tank and in there you’ll remember sleep So just see Nemo and Dory sleeping, but don’t just make it regular sleep think they’re in their pajamas They’re snoring They are in their bunk beds see and feel what that would feel and Majan that if it makes you laugh Remember information alone is not memorable information combined with emotion becomes a long-term memory so they’re sleeping now from there you walk to the classroom because you’re gonna take you know, Our speed reading class the door to the classroom is the eighth place the door with eighth place the door door And it’s locked. So how do you open it? You just put on your helmet which reminds you of protect your brain and you headbutt the door open another That’s very good for your brain, but it shatters everywhere. But the helmet is what you want to remember protect your brain Okay from there immediately up front is a whiteboard. That’s a ninth place. What’s the ninth place white boy bored and I’m there I’m there, and I’m drawing on there teaching you and what am I teaching you I’m writing these two words new Learnings new learnings and I want you to think about the marker think about what your favorite color is. What’s your what’s your favorite color? Red red and it’s red and I’m drawing that in red new learnings because new learnings makes neurogenesis neuroplasticity There’s a study on the cover of Time magazine These nuns living to 80 90 and above They found out half of their longevity had to do with their faith and their emotional gratitude But the other half there were lifelong learners because of it at a year’s her life in life to their years I just talked about this in Sardinia here while I was here which is one of the Blue Zones from there on the side of the classroom are all these bonsai trees these Japanese plants and what you need to picture is? stress management so imagine Meditating or getting a massage, but you have to do it on the bonsai tree. So it’s a little prickly. All right bonsai trees I sit up there and meditate. Yes. I’ll stress management on the bonsai trees Maybe you’re meditating. Whatever gets you out of stress. Maybe you’re having a glass of red wine, but sitting on the bonsai trees, right? Okay, perfect. Now open up your eyes. That was fun. Yeah Yeah Is it self and that’s the thing that man it’s a great exercise and focus creativity and imagination And it’s a great strategy in practice and strategy. And the reason I’m bringing this up and a meta-level I never talked about this but all the jobs in the 21st century are going other places Right and everyone to know like what makes us human We have AI coming and everything’s gonna be automated and everything’s gonna be outsourced, right? So where is the potential for growth in our careers and as an entrepreneur or something someone who’s progressive? Three areas that computers aren’t going to be able to duplicate anytime soon. That makes us more human that I would double down on Number one whereas everything’s being automated or sent to Asia or you know in there to be able to outsource or artificial intelligence Three things that’d be really hard to outsource creativity right creativity imagination. Yeah, and Strategy, so these exercises that we did aren’t just for helping boost your your mental intelligence to help you Learn what I just wanted to teach you it’s a great exercise in mental Fitness help you be more creative help you be acting create your size your creativity muscles your Imagination muscles and using real step-by-step strategies, you know in terms of three steps, you know You imagine it you link it and you put it in place. So from here now, you’re giving your TED talk, right? you got to get what you’ve done before but let’s say you have your 18 minutes and you want to Talk about the 10 keys for unlocking your quick brain, right and your psych-k The research says one-third of it is predetermined by genetics biology two-thirds in your control These are the two-thirds number one and just walk around my office and you get triggered So everyone can say this out loud because we want to make it interactive Number one is not the places the parking lot. But what are you doing there? It’s brain food. Yeah fabulous. Eat your brain food Perfect. You go over to the second place. The second place is the what the braid the bridge and what with the brain tip I’m squashing the hand. Yeah squash those ants automatic negative thoughts. And then from there you go into the building you get into the what? Hell of an elevator and what are you doing? The elevator? I’m Exercise exercising control sizing burpees great for the brain It gets a heart rate going really good for the brain Especially the first thing in the morning and then from the elevator you get out and you’re immediately right in the fourth place Which is the what hallway hallway and what’s all over the floor all of this? Supplements, right? Oh my My nutrition brain you ya brain nutrition That’s then that’s number four and then you go into the room On my office meal eat to the left is the fifth place You open up the what Klaus Lawson who’s in the closet my peer group, they’re all you know, they’re stuck to each other Yeah, they’re all getting along with each other Yeah, having fun, they’re positive and they’re positive good friends are good good for your brain from there You get out of the closet you talk to the who reception receptionist and what what are they doing? They’re keeping everything clean. We in air clean them on the water’s only in the environment environment It’s good for the clean internal environment for your brain And then from there behind the receptionist is the fish to fish tank and what are they doing? They’re sleeping. They’re just looking fine Just any sleep the goods. They’re getting the deep sleep. It’s good for your brain And then from there you’re going to the class you open up the I thought I lost this but I got it the door a door with my head and I make sure I mean Careful with my brain. Nobody injuries. Yeah, no brain injuries because you’re wearing that helmet and then immediately up front of the classroom I’m drawing on the what? The big whiteboard or and it says in big red letters New learning new learnings new learning is good for the brain and finally number 10. What’s on the side? All those Japanese plants bonsai trees and what does that remind you of minds? We stress men. It’s been I’m meditating on the bottom Yeah, it’s your stress because fight-or-flight You know stress is good for fight-or-flight physical But not if you need to take a test not if you need to give a presentation at work, you know Those are the ten keys for locking your quick brain And the thing is when I go through that notice you could do all that but not sleep You’re not in good shape writer wants to know the one thing you do all that be deficient in b12 You can be in challenging you be with all that and be with energy vampires and you know It’s gonna it’s gonna suck the mental energy out of you here I wonder why you’re just mental fog brain fog and your every single thing is important and so my goal is Genius leaves clues that it’s not a mystery. We just have to do it Just like going back to this that you know first you create your habits and then your habits create you


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    June 7, 2019 2:11 am

    I honestly think this is ground breaking. Except I can't remember places, regardless of what method I use ๐Ÿ™ I haven't found the right method as yet

  30. AVIAN

    June 7, 2019 6:46 pm

    โ€ข Common sense is not common practice.
    Do all of these:
    โ—‹ Brain food. What you eat matters especially to your gray matter.

    โ—‹ Monitor your self-talk. How do you speak about the world and yourself?

    โ—‹ Exercise. See what your blood test says about your needs.

    โ—‹ Analyze social group. Who you're with is who you become.

    โ—‹ Have a clean environment.

    โ—‹ Sleep.

    โ—‹ Brain protection. Don't sleep with radioactivity near your head.

    โ—‹ New learnings. Neurogenesis, you can make new brain cells. Neuroplasticity, you can create new neural connections. Do this with novelty and nutrition. Like training a muscle, you stimulate with novelty and you feed it with nutrition.

    โ—‹ Stress management.

    โ€ข How to remember things:
    Memory palace technique.

  31. Zxyw 0987

    June 9, 2019 1:15 pm

    I'm a physician and a surgeon and I treat mostly patients between the ages of 70-100 years of age. I wish the general public could see what I see and learn from this valuable population. This is only my opinion; you should speak to your personal physician before taking any medical advise.
    1. Exercise. Actually night exercise has been proven to have benefits over morning. Cardio to be more specific; mix in resistance and weights. Cardio not only increases heart health but also brain health due to blood vessel health. Think about your brain cells need and use of nutrients. These nutrients are delivered by the heart and through blood vessels. Exercise assists in the elastic maintenance and permeability of vessels to allow oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to cells for crucial functions.
    2. Eat red meat and eggs in moderation. I have treated vegans and vegetarians with peripheral and central nerve damage from extended nutrient deficiencies. Eat lean red meat at least 2-3 times per week along with eggs. These foods should be eaten in combination with vegetables and fruits. Red meat has critical B vitamins crucial for nerve function. I also recommend eating foods high in vitamin C along with the meat. A great combo is eggs and oranges. Vitamin C is needed for the hydroxylation of the amino acid proline; this is for collagen production which is the most abundant amino acid in the body. Unprocessed vegetables and fruits should be the majority of ones diet.
    3. Read challenging books daily. I recommend the Bible, classic literature, philosophy, science,….
    4. Putting it all together. What I try to do daily is work on my body, soul and spirit daily.

  32. Gary Chandler

    June 11, 2019 11:36 am

    I recall the 80's cassette tapes of Kevin Trudeau, and he said make your mental pics exxagerated, such as crazy color, size (rat sized ants?), texture, etc. There were lists using your body, house, rooms, car, etc. My favorite for shopping was the body, bottom to top and you COULDN'T forget your list, even days/ weeks later!
    Example: My toes have orange eggs on them with butter squishing between my toes. My shins are green celery stalks, knees are huge cantaloupes, my belt made of spaghetti, stomach is a huge red balloon, nipples are tiny flaming candles, and nose is a 2 foot long banana.
    Eggs,butter, celery, cantaloupes, balloons and birthday candles, bananas ; I wrote out the list without looking at what I wrote, and you can even run it backwards! No paper needed!

  33. Firetip

    June 12, 2019 6:48 pm

    At age 52 I realized I had lived my whole life with my mind as a dull pencil. Then I thought maybe I could sharpen my mind by learning calculus. All was going great until I realized I had to first learn algebra and trigonometry. Leading to a very large task at hand. Well then I discovered we have two minds to sharpen. Our concisous mind and our subconscious mind.

    Then I discovered we are body, heart, soul, mind, spirit and will. So sharpining the mind is only one part of the task. When we say… I know this by heart, then the knowledge is downloaded into our heart from our brain. The data or understanding is transfered from our conscious mind into our subconscious mind for permanent storage and autopilot recall.

  34. Lynn Morales

    June 12, 2019 9:25 pm

    Imagination has ALWAYS been my SUPERPOWER….But u JIM QUIK r da SUPERHERO now teaching me to CONTROL it….Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I WAS!!!!! the girl with the broken brain and I didn't know how to fix it. I was on the right track….thinking I was in the FAST lane……when in actuality I was in the nonexistent mentally disabled lane if my own creation.
    WOWIEZOWIE what a ride!!!! It's been wild and crazy and thrilling…..at times….when it wasn't so sad I thot of suicide….O no!!! Thank ME I don't accept suicide the right answer!! Whew! Truthfully speaking…..I didn't try all that hard… (BIG GRIN)

  35. Kiwi Nest

    June 23, 2019 1:19 am

    This is amazing! I've had a baby and miscarriage in just over a year, my thyroid is out of whack and I have so much stress right now, migraines, brain fog, lack of sleep and I've been struggling to remember anything or focus. I did this and remembered all 10! Now to put it into practice!
    Thank you!

  36. Austin Lipary

    June 24, 2019 7:09 am

    Stress is good for flight or fight but not taking a test, so true.. that's why I wanna quit my job or get angry every time it gets stressful.. I never made the connection.

  37. Mina Malcolm

    June 25, 2019 3:00 pm

    Eric is the best he can help he change my life contact him +1256 667 0055 he his honest and legit..

  38. Dan Moreno

    June 26, 2019 6:27 pm

    Thank you for this great content, my family and I need it. Will continue to review more content on this subject that iz much needed.

  39. Mary Tan

    June 27, 2019 3:41 am

    I can't hear well, so the appended notes have been helpful. Many grateful thanks to Mr Kwik and "London Real" for sharing this video.

  40. Van Nguyen

    June 30, 2019 1:03 pm

    Hes such a good and clear speaker. He makes everything super understandable and practical… sometimes u get people who talk mostly about overwhelming steps you need to take and dont give you practical easy steps. Kwik made it so easy to take this tool and use it. It even does it in the video to follow along which is amazing.

  41. Anthony -minrcraft

    June 30, 2019 9:04 pm

    OH. MY. GOD! I was available to memorise this without the fear that I was going to forget it.

  42. ami kobayashi

    July 3, 2019 3:35 am

    Thank you Mr, Jim Kwik for the amazing tips. I am so full of good and positive energies because of what I just learned. Already feeling aย lot better about myself, just by listening to your talk lol

  43. TheKBDestiny

    July 5, 2019 8:59 pm

    Kwilkโ€™s exercise literally made me have a music video inside my head! Thank you for sharing!

  44. Ashley Ward

    July 12, 2019 7:03 pm

    I imagined what he said and I could recall 9 of the steps afterwards, that's pretty amazing

  45. Oliv Oliv

    July 17, 2019 11:50 am

    Guys, in my opinion, you can't cut your negative thoughts, you should just go through them and try to understand what is actually wrong. Then you can overcome them and be happy. About supplements, I think a great way is to eat food that contains what we need. As I heard there is no proof that supplements work (can be false). Eat chicken soup (fat one), fish, steak, red meat in general. Also, I think all of us need to be outside in nature A LOT, every day, for at least 1h. Love the video <3

  46. HeofonumArt

    July 20, 2019 8:41 pm

    Jim Kwik is incredible. I mean I don't know any better word to describe him. Thank you for the free knowledge โค

  47. anglekan

    July 24, 2019 12:29 am

    I would like to hear from someone in the comments section that actually disagrees with him. We swallow so much from anyone with a smartphone and many views. Anyone full of swallowing what these people have to vomit or are you guys going to perpetuate the stereotypes of sheep?


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