14 Transition. (Find Your True Self Guided Meditation) A Journey of Self Discovery!

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Transition – Find Your True Self Guided Meditation – A Journey of Self Discovery welcome to this guided meditation on
becoming a better you by skeed this meditation is called transition we’re going to count from ten down to
one to help us relax
and with a draw our census already for the contemplation and meditation focus
on your breathing notice how you feel
release any tensions with your breath ten focus your attention on your feet
your legs all the way up to your hips let the sensations your toes disappear your feet disappear your ankle the lower legs your knees and normally feel yourself gently relaxing inner diva 9 bring your attention to your fingers
hands and all notice how your fingers disappear your
hands in your wrists disappear your forearms and your elbows disappear in
your upper arm disappear there’s we relax further then go deeper eight bring your attention to your tour
sir your hips disappear
the buttocks disappear your organs up to your diaphragm and
disappear your ribs in your chest and your upper
back all the way up to your shoulders disappear
so we’re lad deep-six bring your attention to your
neck go ahead relax your neck you’re through your jaw your tongue the roof of your
mouth your cheeks your eyeballs muscles around your eye your temples you know
ears beautiful way
in your scalp billing D relaxing five were completely now within
ourselves dark saved up imagine a life growing from
that dog growing in the radiating in from you into the vastness and to the
ends of the universe going deeper still further connecting that light
that conscious three times deeper two down one down D say the piece D earlier that yeah we find no selves
in the vastness change the soul disintegrate
metamorphosis old self to new self you have an emerald heart with a flow of
spirit flowing above it and below to form a giant figure eight with your
emerald huh as the cross in the middle from here you can travel down to the
physical or up to the spiritual use your knowledge gained from your contemplation
of the four elements in your new levels of intuition to navigate here you have
giant butterfly wings to take you in whichever direction you wish to go
you carry axes for protection and the end of eternal life
you wear a crown with the eye of horus upon it the earth lies at your feet you
are transition you are transitioning the transformation of personality and
identity shedding the dogma fed to us that we were previously attached to and
controlled by now you see now you comprehend now you understand the
potential of a new free sense of self killing the ego freeing the higher self
freeing the inner knowledge from now on how you see and interact with the world
has changed the caterpillar is now the butterfly understand the fundamental
implications of this shift perhaps this is a death of the old
emotional mental physical and spiritual self so now we must move on to rebirth contemplate this now meditate on this
now until you hear my voice it’s time for now to end the journey for
today so we’re going to count bringing you
back to the here and now three let everything
go I’m back to your body that’s right time to come back
rested peace we’re ready to go – back in your body now aware of the pot ready to go 1 remember everything we did today
back in your body now since your body you live throughout your hands your legs wiggle your toes with nothing and if
your eyes would learn open your heart thank you for taking this journey today
with me I will see you again when you repeat
this journey or move on to the next these remember to comment on your
experiences below the video like the video with the thumbs up and share this
with as many people as you know so they can start their journey to university


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