22 Harmony. (Find Your True Self Guided Meditation) A Journey of Self Discovery!

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22 Harmony – Find Your True Self Guided Meditation – A Journey of Self Discovery welcome to this guided meditation on
becoming a better you by skeed this meditation is called
Harmony we’re going to count from 10 down to 1 to help us relax and withdraw
our senses already for the contemplation and meditation focus on your breathing notice how for
you release any tensions under breath ten focus your attention on your feet
your legs all the way up to your hips let the sensations of your toes
disappear you’ll feel disappear your ankle the lower legs your knees and feel
yourself gently relaxing going deeper nine bring your attention to fingers
hands notice how your fingers disappear your
hands in your wrists disappear your forearms and your elbows disappear
you’re a parole disappear as we relax further in Goudy a bring your attention to your torso your
hips disappear the buttocks disappear your organs up to your diaphragm and
disappear your ribs in your chest and upper back
all the way up to your shoulder and disappear so really deep sip
bring your attention to your neck relax from that your through your jewel now your cheeks no eyeballs muscles around I temples your ears your four-way
your scalp moving deeper relaxing five were completely now within ourselves dark ah say imagine her life growing from that dog
growing and read again from you into the vastness and to the
end going deeper still rather connecting that light that
conscious three times deeper to down we go one say he’s totally relaxed here we find ourselves in the vast glory
mastery crown embodiment empowerment entirety enlightenment freedom through the Gateway you have passed
transcended ascended now you have be aware spirit and body are connected open your third eye to see your crown
chakra open your third eye to see open your crown chakra to source together and
life force commune with spirit as limitless as it is and begin a new cycle
to move even higher now the cosmic dragon flies above you as your Merkabah
spins around you your vortex activates around you your aura glowing ever
brighter this is the end of a cycle you are ready to begin this journey afresh
to move even higher your efforts bear fruit
you are where you need to be you are where you are meant to be full
of unawakened possibilities contemplate this now meditate on this now until you
hear my voice it’s time for now
to end the journey today so we’re going to kill bringing you back
to the here and now do we let everything go come back to
your body that’s right time to come back rested peace we’re ready to go – back in your body now a we’re ready to go one remember
everything we did today backing your body now since your body
you live throughout your hands your legs wiggle your toes looking with your eyes open thank you for taking this journey today
with me I will see you again when you repeat
this June or move on to the next these your member to comment on your
experiences below the video like the video that’s a leader and share this
with as many people as you know so they can start their journey to last


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