3 Face Yoga Moves For Eye Bags


Hi guys. My name’s Danielle
Collins and I’m the world leading face yoga expert and
I’m going to show you my top three techniques for helping to
reduce dark circles puffiness and bags under the eyes. So I would
really recommend you do face yoga as part of a daily
structure programme. So these three techniques are great to
do but you’re going to get even better results for the eyes but
for the face overall if you’re working all the muscles in the
face and you’re really helping the overall circulation so you
can either use my book just search Danielle Collins’ Face Yoga
on Amazon or you can just search Danielle Collins on your
app store for my apps. So let’s start off with our
first technique. Now I like using the ring finger for
this technique. It just gives you the right amount of
pressure for your tapping. So taking your ring finger and
just tap gently around the eye area so you don’t need to use
too much pressure. Here we often think if we use a lot of
pressure we’re going to get better results. But remember
this skin around the eye area is about 10 times thinner than the
skin in the rest of the face so it really needs to be
gently touched. We really need to take care as
we’re massaging it. Now this helps to just boost the
circulation and when we boost the circulation we help to
brighten the skin. And it also helps with lymphatic drainage
as well. So it really helps that detoxification which is
going to be fantastic particularly if you do have any
puffiness or dark circles around the eye area. Now I recommend
that you do these eye techniques every day once a day
twice if you want to. And the ideal amount of time is about
one minute per technique that I’m going to show you today. So this is our first technique.
And you can lift off now. Let’s go on to our
second technique. So our second one we’re going to use our
index finger and we’re going to very gently just move under the
eyes all the way out. So a little indentation point here.
So a little lymphatic drainage point. So we’re coming
all the way out. And just gently pressing here.
Breathing nice and deeply as you do this now I really recommend you
go and grab a mirror as you do this. It’s so tempting to drag the
skin here. You want to actually look in the mirror and check
the skin isn’t moving at all. Don’t worry if it doesn’t feel
as though you’re doing very much lymphatic drainage is
actually better with that very soft gentle touch. So again you
can do that for up to one minute. And then our final
technique which is such a wonderful technique for again
lymphatic drainage. So very good for the puffiness
and the bags under the eyes taking your index finger and
circle above the eyebrows and under the eyes. Now this is one
that we teach in our face yoga teacher training programme and we
really recommend that our teachers show this to clients
to do on a daily basis in order to help with that lymphatic
drainage remember that the lymphatic system really does
need a helping hand unless we’re doing this daily massage
gets very sluggish. So So then you come under
the eyebrows. He wants to about a minimum of four above the
eyebrows and about a minimum of four under the eyebrows but you
can again do this technique for up to one minute in total and
just finish with that little drainage point there.
Gentle press. Take a deep breath in and a
deep breath out and just gently bring your hands back down.
I hope you have a great day. See you again soon.


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