3 Face Yoga Moves To Firm The Jaw


Hi guys my name’s Danielle
Collins and I’m the world leading face yoga expert and
I’m just going to show you three of my top face yoga
techniques for helping to reduce and prevent jowls.
So this area along the jaw really helps to tone the jaw,
lift the jaw but also very good to do if you hold a lot of tension
in the jaw. So ideally do this with a clean face clean hands.
You could apply a little bit of fusion by Danielle Collins
moisturize and seal just allows you fingers to glide
beautifully and it has all those amazing nourishing anti
aging ingredients in as well. All accredited by the Soil
Association so you then just make a little hook like this
with your index finger and your middle finger and you just
glide all the way up. So with this lifting technique you can
do it for up to one minute. It’s very good for helping to
stimulate lots of lovely acupressure points. So helps
the benefit well being as well. Very good for helping to firm
the skin by helping the skin to produce more collagen
and elastin by helping to boost the circulation. And we’re also letting go of
built up tension and when we let go of built up tension
we’re less likely to hold things deep set expression
lines which tend to cause those wrinkles in the skin. And it’s
also just beautiful. This for a sense of relaxation overall.
So bring your hands down after you’ve done that for about one
minute and then just tap. Under the chin to try and bring
the chin parallel to the floor here. Now this tapping action really
just helps to tighten up the area underneath the chin and
it’s really rare that we actually bring our chin
parallel to the floor. Often we squeeze out chin downwards
particularly if we spend lots of time using phones or laptops
writing or reading. So just bringing the chin parallel to
the floor just helps improve the posture. And this is all
going to help that jowl area And that jaw area. OK. So a little bit there and
then we’re going to do a really nice exercise
which tones this area. So you’re going to make a smile
shape with the lips but just allow the lips to curl around
the teeth a little bit. So we go and then as you
hold there. Bring your two index fingers
and smooth any lines you may see being created remember we
face yoga you don’t ever want to see a line being created
during an exercise so use a mirror to check with this
exercise but also with all of my exercises you don’t want to
just be pulling the face in any old direction. So we go and then we’re going to move
backwards so we go And again keep feelimg the cheeks lifting
here against the resistance of your fingers. And then hold. You want to try and hold
them for about 30 seconds really feel this
whole jaw area engaging After 30 seconds. You can come slowly down and to
release any remaining tension take a deep breath in through
the nose and then go and really let go of tention in the jaw. Let’s try that again. Wonderful. So they are your
three top tips for lifting and toning the jaw area to prevent
and reduce jowls. Have a great day. See you again soon.


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  1. Christiana Yahweh

    February 24, 2020 9:22 pm

    Your vid has very low sound. I couldn't hear it well at all. They may have lowered the sound after you posted it. I didn't get the name of the oil you were talking about. Can you please tell me what you are using? Thank you.


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