3 Minute Easy Facial Massage

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Hi guys my name’s Danielle
Collins and I’m the world leading Face Yoga expert and
I’m going to show you a super quick face massage that you can
do just to brighten up your skin at any point in the day.
Ideally you do this with a nice clean face clean hands and
apply a little bit of plant based oil or sear and this is
really just going to help your fingers glide a bit better.
And remember to do Face Yoga as part of a structured
daily programme. I’d highly recommend you either use my
book which is Daniel Collins Face Yoga which you can get on
Amazon and in all good bookstores or you go to the
App Store and just search Danielle Collins there and use
one of my apps. Both of these are going to give
you a daily structured program which is how you’re going to
see absolutely the best results from face yoga. So So let’s do our quick
massage now. Take all your fingers and just start to work
all the way over the fore head area nice and gently. And if
you’re using a little bit of product here it’s just going to
help the products penetrate a little bit deeper into
the skin. You then just going to come
underneath the eyes light quick taps. And then all the
way over the cheeks you may start to feel a lovely warmth as
you do this. And this is a great indication that you’re
bringing all that fresh blood and all these nutrients and oxygen
up to the skin surface. So just come underneath the mouth.
And just gently come above the mouth tilt your head back
slightly as long as that’s comfortable for your neck and
just work up and down your neck area and then we’re just going to
take two fingers and thumb and gently pinch down into the jaw
muscles so rather than pulling the skin upwards and outwards
just work down into the muscle this has really good lifting
effects as well as being wonderful for giving a really
nice glow to the skin. Then let’s just do our
cheekbones so working along cheekbones but again thinking
about going down into the muscle. You should start to
feel that warmth even more now. And if you look in the mirror
after you’ve done this you’ll notice such a wonderful
sparkling glow to the skin. Okay let’s go along our
eyebrows now, gentle pinching Just working down into that muscle
one more time then just work between the
eyebrows really softening any expression lines there
smoothing across the fore head again relaxing any
expression lines and relaxing the muscles so you’re less
likely to hold those stress related expression lines throughout the
day. And then just finish by gently working down the neck…
a little bit of lymphatic drainage there and just taking a
nice deep breath in through the nose and out through the nose. So for more information you can
go to faceyogaexpert.com have a great day.


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