3 Morning Habits to Try This Month | Three Minute Lesson

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There are two reasons why so many books, videos
and articles talk about morning routines. First, a good morning routine can set you
up for the day when used properly. Many successful people believe their morning
routines played a big part to their success. Second, good morning routines are hard to
create. If they were easy, we wouldn’t need help from
all these books and videos. With these two points in mind, let’s look
at a simple morning routine you can use to start building positive habits. I’ll give you three suggestions for habits
you could add to your morning routine as well as explain why you should consider them. While you don’t have to do all of them, I
recommend you try all three for one month so you can see how they can impact your life. The first habit is to do either ten pushups
or ten squats. I know that sounds absurd, so bear with me. The typical problem with setting a goal of
exercising in the morning is people try to do too much too soon. If you’ve ever gone to bed with the intention
of going for a run in the morning, only to throw that idea out as soon as you wake up,
you know what I’m talking about. The reason I recommend doing either ten pushups
or ten squats is because it’s such a small commitment it’s easy to follow through and
actually do it. Of course ten pushups or squats isn’t a real
workout and it’s not meant to be. It’s simply meant to get your blood pumping
and get you out of the morning fog. If you can stick to this habit you can eventually
raise it to become more of a real exercise, but start out simple to let the habit sink
in. The second habit is to do ten minutes of meditation
or any other mindfulness practice. This is a suggestion based on recommendations
from Tim Ferriss’ book Tools of Titans. Tim states that over 80% of the successful
people he interviews have some sort of meditation in their morning routine. There are plenty of studies that show meditation
can have a big impact on your attitude during the day and your stress levels. Check out this video’s description for suggestions
of meditation apps you can use to kick start this habit. The third habit is to write a to-do list. The reason I recommend this habit is because
it gets you thinking about what you want to achieve during the day. Without actively thinking about this and writing
it down, you’re likely to go into autopilot and passively go through the day. With a to-do list it gives you a roadmap you
can follow. Even if you don’t manage to tick everything
off the list by the end of the day, you’re still better off with a to-do list. Simply jot down the three main things you
want to achieve for the day and you’re good to go. If all of that sounds easy – it’s meant to
be. It’s easy so you have no excuses for not doing
it. Tomorrow morning when you wake up, do your
ten pushups or squats, go meditate for 10 minutes using an app to guide you, then write
down three things you want to achieve in the day. Give it a go for a full month and see how
it changes your day. If you do manage to stick to it for a full
month, come back here and leave a comment to share what you’ve learned from the experience.


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