3 Steps to Quantum Jumping to a Parallel Reality (NO GOING BACK)


The projector had a different great and that’s
why we perceive of it and in linear type fashioned way. Now we do have a linear time-space reality
experience, but with the awareness that all different potentialities exist right here,
right now and then becomes how can you model, how can you tap into the vibration of the
frame that you want to experience in your life? So this is about understanding that
it is easier than you can imagine. Now the same thing with manifestation. Imagine manifestation
and we need to create our own reality. We have to create it out of something that
doesn’t already exist. And we have to try to make an actualized thinking about how hard
that feels, how hard that seems. But here’s the understanding you already manifest, whether
you’re aware of it or not. You’re either manifesting what you do want or are you manifesting what
you don’t want. But even if you manifest lack, that’s still a manifestation. So the question
is not how do I shift through different parallel realities? The questions not how do I manifest
what I want in my life? The question or the question is not, cannot manifest the, the,
the idea. And the question is, how can I create more of what I want in my life? How can I
manifest more of what I want? How can I shift the reality I want? That’s the idea. And remember,
the belief about the process has a very powerful effect on whether you actually are, are, uh,
it’s easy or difficult. What do you believe about it? When I say it
is those all parallel realities exist right now. You’re manifesting whether you’re aware
of it or not. It’s just do you want to manifest more of what you want? Do you want to do?
You want to shift to the reality that you want and this video is going to show you exactly
how to do that. So every reality that you could possibly imagine exists right now. Sometimes
you know, I listen to like Tony Robbins and it’s like model, model the person that you
want to be like if you model their actions and you’ll eventually get their results. But
how about this? The version of you, it’s killing the game. The version of you that’s living
your dream life already exists. That version of you thinks a certain way. It feels a certain
way, acts a certain way. If you model the behavior, the thoughts, the
actions, and the emotions of that version of you, then you will get that versions of
you reality because you are then in vibrational resonate with it, resonate with it. So it’s
about knowing that that version of you exists. Can you model that version? You don’t have
to fake it til you make it. You don’t have to try to become someone else. Become the
real optimized version of you, the one that is been doing your purpose, living in the
lifestyle you want. Now, the three steps to quantum jump. Now what we’re asking is not
how do I shift to a reality that I like in a little bit better. We’re talking about quantum
jumping here. Now imagine this, you have a certain timeline that you’re on that’s consistent
to the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel in the actions you take. Now you are shifting whether you’re aware
of it or not. You’re most people are thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same emotions,
doing the same things every day. Therefore they get the same reality. They’re on the
same timeline track going. That’s the same project, the projection that they have now,
if you want to create a quantum jump, you want to go from this reality to this reality.
Well what she must do, one of the things that allows you to do that is a new choice that
you make as a new version of you. Maybe a choice that the old version of you would have
never made. Because when you act in that spontaneous type way, when you step into the unknown,
you step out of the identity of that version of you that is already just been the way that
you’ve always been making the same actions that and doing the same actions you’ve always
done, feeling the same emotions that you’ve always had. They’d get the same thoughts that you always
had. But you see, this is about understanding that if you want to create a quantum jump
in your life, you must act irrational, illogical to the old version of you. So the first step
to this process of creating a quantum jump is becoming aware of the story, the vibration
of the current you. How are you thinking? How are you feeling? What are you doing? Because
that on autopilot is going to continue to get you the same results over and over and
over again. And for me, that was me realizing that especially years ago when I was working
a job I didn’t like I S I realized myself. Amen. Edgewise. I saw myself as somebody that
that was lazy. I saw myself as somebody that was a, I was working at shop. I didn’t like,
I had a certain story there. Oh, I have to go into this job because I have
bills to pay this job I don’t enjoy. I don’t care about selling woman’s shoes. I don’t,
I haven’t to go to work and have a boss tell me what to do and especially working for a
company that has politics that you have to deal with. All of these dumb corporate things.
I don’t enjoy this. There was a certain story I was aware of, but then what happened is
I was walking around living at bike Jack’s house, walking around the house going, I was
going from, is this, there’s like this one moment that I remember I was going from my
room to the bathroom. I just had this realization. It was almost like I connected to a future
version of me and I got a message from the future version of me and said, Eric, you make
daily videos every single day for a year. Your life will transform. I said, Hey, thanks
to you Traer. It’s fricking amazing. I’m going to go ahead and take you up on that. So I
was going to that job. I didn’t like working 40 hours a week. I said, I’m gonna make it
no matter what I did that I made in did an action using my imagination to connect to
that future version of me. And this is before I was really into the whole parallel reality
understanding of the quantum physics of this, but I still felt it. It’s decided to take
action every single day. In that way. To think thoughts equal to that version of me to feel
emotions equals that version of me to have habits equal to that version of me and I became
aware of first off of the current story I was telling myself, and when you’re able to
see that current story, that’s when you start to gain your power because awareness of this
is most of the most of the game. Most people are just not aware of the story.
They tell themselves. They’re not aware of the current thoughts, emotions, and habits
they have, and therefore it’s on autopilot. For a long, long, long, long, long time, but
you can become aware of that story. Maybe you’re telling yourself a story that you always
attract a certain type of relationship. Maybe you’re telling a story that you have to work
a nine to five job that you hate. Maybe you’re telling yourself the story that you’re shy
in public. It’s your awkward. Maybe you’re telling yourself that story. The biggest part
of this process is becoming aware of the story. Now, here’s the best part. A story isn’t necessarily
the way that it is. It’s a story. Does I get by watching a movie and know, Hey, that might
not be actuality even though you might wish it was. I watch Harry Potter. It’s a story. I love that story. However,
I also recognized that that story unfortunately isn’t actually real. I wish it was maybe my
next life. I’ll reincarnate into that society. I don’t know, but for right now, it’s not
the reality that I am actually perceiving enough now. In the same way, there are different
perspectives on us where you can realize that it’s a story. The old version of you, the
shy, the awkward, the um, the unworthy, the one that always attracts the bad. Did people
that treat you back, that’s all a story that you agreed to at a certain point in your past.
Maybe somebody told you that, and maybe it’s from your parents who knows where it is, but
at a certain point in your past, you agreed to it. You agreed this is the way reality
was. You are chucking along. Someone came up to you and said, Hey, you’re kinda awkward. And then you said, you know what? Maybe I
am awkward. And you kind of looked around and you’re like, man, my awkward and my awkward.
And then you experienced the reality. Those equals being awkward. But here’s the thing.
You can just become aware of that story, become aware of that agreement and then see it as
the illusion. It is just a story that’s been on autopilot. So the current timeline you’re
on, there’s this story who you are, the way reality works, what’s you’re deserving of,
what kind of relationships you attract, what kind of energy you have. All of these things
are stories that you have when you become aware of it and you see it for what it is,
the story that’s on autopilot, that’s the first step to this process. Now, the second
step is identifying a vision for the quantum jump reality you want to experience. What does that vision? For me, that was me
working at a job I did not like, shocking it off, get my paycheck every week, but then
identified the version of me I prefer to be, which was me living and being in my passion,
doing what I love. For me, that was creating videos. It was being on YouTube. I was dreaming
of the time. I wouldn’t have to go to a job I didn’t like getting up everyday doing what
I love, so I had a vision for that. I imagined that version of me, I identified the the way
that I thought felt the habits that I had right now. That’s when I asked you to do right
now. Imagine the version of you that is living your dream life though version of you. The
us also has to be connected to your heart as well. That’s the sustainable part of this,
to connect to your heart, something you’re passionate about. How does that version of you think, feel,
act? What are the behaviors of that version of you? What is the body language of that
version of you? What are the habits that version of you has? What kind of books does that version
of you read? How does that version of you communicate with other people? Now realize
this, that version of you already exists. It already exists. Now that you know it exists
because all potentiality exists because that’s what quantum physics shows us. When you can
now do is identify it and simply decide you are going to Mir that version of used vibration.
You are what you think the same way and feel the same way, have the same beliefs, has that
version of you. Imagine what that version of you would believe to be true and simply
decide that’s who you are now because when it comes to quantum
physics, you are a new person every moment, every moment, every moment. You are new, you are new. You are new. You
just might be creating the same story over and over and over again to appear as if this
is some old story or some new story, but the idea is that you’re creating it regardless,
but what you can begin to do is because you’re new every moment. Is this a new moment? This
is a new moment. You could tell yourself as a new story. You can be that version of you,
the one that you think a certain way, feel a certain way, have certain habits, the one
that the best version of you just decide that’s who you are. Now, decide that’s who you are
now. That’s exactly what I’ve done in many different areas of my life to get to where
I am at now, where I’m traveling, I’m living into loon for a month after this. I go to Costa Rica for a month and I just
live AIA. I have wifi connection. I could do what I want. I live this lifestyle because
I’ve mirrored this versions of means, thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, and now into
my reality, but you have to identify what that is. So as far as quantum jumping goes,
realize you’re not trying to create a niche of intense change. Just send into victim change
like most people do. They’re creating the same thing over and over again. You want to
create a quantum jump, which means you have to identify the current story to the perfect
reality, the best reality you can imagine that you want to be that’s connected your
heart and just decide that’s who you are. Now that’s all reality is a reflection. It’s
a reflection, so if you want to create that reality, take action as that version of you
feel emotions as that version of you have, the beliefs is that version of you and then
be it. Be it boldly because the old you want to get
into the uncertainty in the uncertainty. Things that don’t feel comfortable. I’m getting ready
to start planning to do live events. It’s a little bit uncertain for me. What does that
like to speak live instead of just on YouTube where you just push a button and look into
a camera? What is that like to speak live? There’s a level of uncertainty there, but
I know it’s part of my passion. It’s part of the next step of the journey for me and
stepping into the unknown. When you step into the unknown, that’s where miracles can happen.
Miracles never happen in the known because you have an expectation. You have some, you
have a certain way that you see things and then you expect ways to beat, but when instead
you focus on the, on the unknown, doing something uncertain. That’s where the magic is. Now, the third
step to this process is creating and doing one big bold action that takes you from this
timeline to this timeline. So you have certain thoughts, feelings, emotions, and thoughts
and habits and books you read as the current version of you. You become aware of that current
version of you become aware of the story you tell yourself and then what you do is you
identify the new version of you as the best version of either one catches your heart and
you simply decide that’s where you are now. But what I would recommend is take one big,
bold action every single day, and I recommend this to be one thing that you do every single
day that wires in that version of you that that takes you from this timeline to this
timeline. So for me, as you know the story, as I share a lot, for me that’s making a daily
video that why or is it the frequency in the ideal version of being, I’ve made a video
every single day since February, 2017 that’s the way I wire in this version of me, and
I’ve talked about this before. I can very easily make seven videos on a Monday.
They’d be done the rest of the week. I intentionally don’t do that because every day I like to
dip into this vibration, this flow state. I believe that this affects many different
layers of my life. So what I recommend you do is identify this version of you and literally
use your imagination and imagine what that version of you would tell you to do every
day. Not like every day you wake up like what do you, what should I do today? I’m a, I’m
just a drone. I do whatever you say more. So you get the meditation. Anything, what
is the one thing I can do every day that would, why you’re in this reality that would create
a quantum jump in reality? What would that be? And then identify what that is. So that
could be creating a piece of art every day. Could be pushing yourself to uh, read certain
types of books of what you’re interested in, to set more intentions about what this purpose
could be, what this could be to get clarity on it. Intentions are very powerful intentions.
Also, it’s just you two different parallel reality timelines. By the way, what do you
intend for? What is the outcome? What are you just declaring as you intention also is
action. When you take action, you are setting intention. But what I recommend you do is
you identify, you identify the perfect version of you, how you think, how you feel, how you
act. What you realize is that your current reality is reflection of the story. You tell
yourself it’s a reflection of your current vibration, your new every moment. So do you
want to continue to create from the past? Do you want it to continue to create from
the old story or do you want to recognize that you can be, do or have anything that
you want and you might as well be the best version of you. That’s uncompelling your full potential, which
is unlimited by the way, but more of your full potential and you just decide that’s
who you are. Then you take action. You wire it in with one action every single day. That
then shows you that vibration allows you to perceive of it. That’s the key. This is the
key to shifting and creating quantum jumping in your life. That simple three step process.
Become aware of the old story. Become aware of what you’ve been living, your current vibration
identified the second step, identify the new one. Identify that version of you. Literally
imagine that version of you, how you think, feel, act, how you carry yourself, kind of
body language you have. And then thirdly, making one big bold action that wires that
in every single day. It’s super simple. Yet it is. It is. It is the most powerful process
that I’ve ever found for this. Just model Mir, that version of you until
that’s consistent and is developed momentum. Now some people say it’s hard for me to let
go of the stories I tell myself. It’s hard for me to let go of the past. It’s hard for
me to feel like I’m worthy. That’s because there’s an old story momentum that’s going
on. What she wants to do is detach from the old story. When you detach from the old story
and you become no thing, you then can become anything. No thing mean you let go of labels.
You like love definitions. Now, something that I have for this, it’s called this shift
Academy, which is my group coaching where I show people how to disengage from your old
story. How do identify the best version of you, the one that’s connected your heart,
your passion, and then how to actually be it, how to be in that reality. The same way that I’ve done it. I felt hundreds
of people go through this process as well. This simple three step process has to go with
going beyond beliefs into being and that’s exactly what I teach in the shift Academy
and in the shift Academy. I show people how to detach from their old story to be the best
versions of you and decide that’s who you are now and what you get. The shift Academy
is every single month there’s a two hour long zoom call where I interactively bring people
on and you if you join to have that potential as well and I help people work through their
old story to detach from it and then to be the best version of them. By the end of 10
or 15 minutes, you will see people literally shift out of their old identities and into
a new way of being. It’s one of the most empowering things that
I’ve ever seen is how people are just completely different people by the end of these types
of coaching sessions. Now these group coaching sessions are every month for two hours long.
They’re also pre recorded. You get videos every single month showing you how to go through
this belief shifting process, premium videos, not on YouTube. You get premium beditations
that are not on YouTube for wiring the sin. You get a high vibe mastermind group of likeminded
people that see you as this version of you and you get their different bonuses as well.
One of the bonuses you get. If you [email protected] slash the shift Academy, I’m going to have
this. So if that works then this is a bonus you get as well. The raise your vibrational
set point live event that’s been recorded that I did with Leroy, Alexandra and Victor
Odo. It’s over three hours long and it’s with guided
meditation. It’s with a Q and. A. It’s with the interactive work of racing or vibrational
set point. You get that for free if you join right now. And what you’ll notice is that
it is a, the top of the description box and when you join, you will um, get everything
that I just included. And in a way, this is a way that you can wire in that new identity.
That is who you are now. And that’s also a way of becoming in my inner circle. Now, here’s
the best thing as well. There’s no contracts you can cancel at any time, but you can get
into right now at the discounted deal that you see at that link because the price is
going up on it. So if you want to join that and you go to Aaron dowdy.com/the shift Academy,
I show you exactly how to go through this process. So with that being said, I hope you
enjoyed this video. If you could do me a favor and smash that like button, let me know if
you want more videos that show you quantum jumping techniques. This is something I’ve
been much more into recently and really making more videos on. Let me know if that’s something
you want more of. And other than that, as always peace, much love and [inaudible].


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    Thanks Aaron!! You have helped me through my spiritual awakening with your videos. You are a great spiritual leader.

  40. Achie Flint

    December 3, 2019 5:23 am

    I think i am coming from a slumber i chose to sleep at the beginning of my awakening. Around 20 yo. Now 25.

    Now things have progressed dramatically in my autopilot, and not in the story line of a quantum jump for the better. I have 1kid and another on the way. And am pretty behind in life since i never pushed myself outside of the exercise world and journaling.

    Since i am awakening again and consciously observing my life. I find myself asking how to make that leap and ask myself, do i join the army next year after my second born is more self reliant, take this other job (if offered), with similar details, or work somewhere else small time. All while hoping to work on my passions in order to bring a catalyst to the higher consciousness of humanity.

    Either way i feel like i would stay in a lower vibrational state unless i change my perceptions of what i could gain.

  41. TryLove R Awakened

    December 3, 2019 6:24 am

    I love everything you do and share, and I have watched you every day for the past 3 months (since I found you here). So YES! I would also very much appreciate more of the quantum reality/shift/jumping techniques, please!

  42. Cristal Loe

    December 3, 2019 7:35 am

    Yessss You are my favorite!! I watch you daily & it’s changed my entire life! Thank you!!! 👏🏼🙏🏼💯

  43. I am Greatness

    December 3, 2019 8:58 am

    if everything you think exist than wouldnt there be a harry potter timeline that’s real? wouldn’t all movies be real timelines because we thought of them

  44. The Neville's Way

    December 3, 2019 10:49 am

    Aaron Doughty is one of that men who inspired me, he shares wonderful content here with lots of different meditations which i absolutely love it, he inspired me to create my own youtube channel and i now post amazing content about teachings of neville goddard which will help the people to apply the teachings easily, recently i have also announced a giveaway of ebook, so it is a fun community, make sure to checkout my youtube channel and don't forget to subscribe.

  45. AfroBilly HD

    December 3, 2019 10:52 am

    This topic is in one of your meditation. Visualize your dream life sense the emotion and really feel it, then be it. That's who u are

  46. Nico Moreno - Make Money Online

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  47. lily XO

    December 3, 2019 12:32 pm

    Does this work for manifesting a specific person to be my boyfriend? So if I start listening to the music I would if I was with him, wearing the clothes I would wear with him and acting as though I already date him?? 🙂 also how do you know that that’s definitely what the version of you thinks/ feels ?

  48. deslocc124

    December 3, 2019 12:37 pm

    Yes… I've started to change, to 'see' those elements of this version I'm not entirely happy with.. and in my mind I 'see' the new vision.. a new version I would be happier with.. And bring it into existence. Peace my Friend..

  49. Divjyot Singh

    December 3, 2019 6:08 pm

    Hllo sir plZzz let me know a way to contact u or get replies of my emails atleast sir……I'm not getting my log in id and password for the workshop i bought sir and I'm in a really tight position sir my parent are after me since I have paid for the workshop

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    December 3, 2019 8:01 pm

    Transurfing if reality 101. I'm Russian and that reality sinks ineven deeper when you read it in russian

  52. Julians Taylor

    December 3, 2019 8:40 pm

    And still no new mic?? Bro you should use transurfing and see that your audio quality is crap. I have told you like a month ago. Get yourself a good microphone and your quality and viewbase will increase drastically..

  53. Erlich Maurancy

    December 4, 2019 12:16 am

    I believe some gifted people are born with the ability to jump parallel universes as much as they want. This is called Quantum Ergokinesis , which is the manipulation of energy at the most fundamental level.The Cosmic energy strings that make up our universe vibrate at a certain frequency. People with the power of Quantum Ergokinesis can change the frequency at which theses quantum energy string vibrate in there body causing them to push themselves through parallel realities.


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