3 Things ALL Starseeds Must Know in 2019

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this video I’m going to be sharing with you
the three things that all starseeds must know for 2019. If you’re watching this video right
now, then you are one of them and I have some stuff to share with you. Welcome back to another
video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now on this video,
I’m going to be sharing with you a little bit more about star seats, understanding who
we are at a greater consciousness level, understanding the multidimensionality of who we are and
what our mission on earth is right now. Uh, first off, let me just throw this out the
gate right now. If you are here right now, that this is for you, because you cannot perceive
that which you are not the vibration up. So if you’re here right now, synchronistically,
maybe you saw the video as a suggested video, or maybe you just saw the video and you clicked
on it. Then this is related to you. Now, let me explain
to you why also when we stayed, when we say star seats, the implication of a star seed
by the way, is somebody whose sole has a strong connection to a parallel life on a different
existence or planet. Now, this might sound kind of woo woo, but understand that we are
multidimensional beans. Now, the key to this though is understanding that every single
person on this earth is multidimensional. Now the reason I say this is because sometimes
we’re like, well, I am a star. Steven de are not starseeds are just more activated or have
processed a lot of the social conditioning and a lot of past experiences, so there are
more aware of who they are. We all have connections to many different star systems because we
are immortal spiritual beings living in a small human body for a small period of time,
so we wouldn’t incarnate all of our energy, which we are a vast being on just one planet. Now, some people on earth may have had many,
many, many thousands of lives, whereas somebody else may have just had a couple but a lot
of lives in different reality systems. So the reason I say this is because then you
can really understand that we’re all multidimensional. The key to you being a star seed though is
a couple characteristics that I’m going to explain. They’re going to help you understand
a little bit more about your mission on earth, why you’re here right now, and how to best
move forward, especially in 2019. So there was a call that was put out in the early 19
hundreds in this call. Had to do with the the bomb or maybe was the mid 1900 [inaudible]
19 thirties. When the planet was going down a road of destruction. There was a call that
was put out because as a planet we were messing around with that of nuclear power. And the thing is is we have free will on earth,
but if we do something that then affects all the neighboring galaxies, which if you put
off a nuclear bomb, it does affect all the other galaxies because we’re all connected.
If that happens, then many times there is a need for some type of change because it
is not allowed for us to, to influence all the other neighboring star systems with what
we are doing on our planet. Because this is a planet of free will. This is a planet. Also
have a masterclass. If you are here right now, make no mistake you are a master soul.
Doesn’t mean we have to grip this big old ego with it, but understand that to be here
because this is one of the only places in the universe or in in the galaxy where you
forget who you are at the degree that earth has it, we feel separated from source. Many different other planets that you come
that may be still 3d. You remember who you are or you are at least top that. And it’s
something that you know, going into that life. However, here you completely forget, you go
through Amnesia, you go through the birth process, you have social conditioning growing
up, you have the environment of your parents and all your friends and all this stuff and
you forget who you are. So first off, understand that. If you’re here right now, you are already
a master. Yes, it is difficult here, but things are going to get better. Things are going
to get better because we’re going through an ascension right now and essentially of
vibration. Just go within yourself and ask yourself, does this resonate with you? Go
within your heart. Does this resonate with you at a deep level? Because if you were to
also, if you want more information on this, you can study that. Have Dolores Cannon’s work. I’ve been sending
a lot of people to her work lately because she has 17 books or more of transcripts of
people that are in the deepest levels of brainwave activity called q h, h t, quantum healing
hypnosis technique, which is a technique that dolores cannon found who’s passed away recently,
but she’s one of the best hypnotherapists of all time and she was able to get people
to this deep level of subconscious where their higher self would come through. So the higher
self comes through. Then the people that are in this deep hypnosis are talking, there’s
a tape recorder and they’re seeing all of these things when dolores cannon asking them
questions and then she’ll ask them questions like, why did you incarnate at this time?
Who is this person in your life and why are you working through this Karma? Um, what is
it like in between life after death? What is this like, what is this like? And
she’s able to get thousands and thousands of transcripts from people that had been through
this type of hypnosis. Now, here’s the thing, thousands of people from all around the world
that did not know each other and let me tell you as well, this was back in the seventies
and the eighties and the nineties, so this is back when it was way out there. People
all over the world were saying something very, very similar. They came to earth right now
to be a part of this shift in consciousness because this is where it’s at. The earth is
raising her vibration and we are a part of this transition and right now is the best
time to ever be alive on the planet ever and it’s the most exciting because this is the
increase of vibration of us waking up to who we really are. Yeah, some old structures will fall away.
The old ways of going about things, but in general this is a very positive thing. Now
the editing that dolores cannon was able to ask them is what it’s like on different planets,
different existences. Most of these plans, by the way, were higher dimensional beings.
We don’t have to necessarily create the way we do here where there’s this time and space
and you got to think about it. There’s places where you instantly think about it. That’s
my Harry Potter. If you know me and you watch me on instagram or you hear me talk about
Harry Potter, I love Harry Potter because that is closer to who we really are. That
is closer to what it’s like in the higher dimensions than what we experienced here and
that’s why I think it was such a phenomenon. People loved it so much because it’s closer
to what we can really remember at a deep level. So with that, you being a star seed is about
you remembering your multidimensionality and knowing that you exist at many different states
at the same time. When you go to bed at night, do you think you’re just going to bet you
forget what you do when you go to bed at night and you think, all right, just had this dream
of this thing happening and this is what happened, and it was pretty cool. However, in actuality,
that’s just your subconscious mind interpretation of higher dimensional stuff. What really happens
is when you go to bed at night, you wake up to these higher states of consciousness. You’re
doing things beyond what you could even imagine and then when you wake up in the morning,
you wake up here and in a way you go to bed up there because you exist here and there
at the same time. It’s hard for our mind to understand this
because we think of light. How can you be here, there at the same time, but that’s the
way it works. You are a multidimensional being. You are more than you know. So when it comes
to star seats, if you are listening to this, watching this video, listening to it, understand
that you have a strong mission here. Do you ever feel like that? Do you ever feel like
for maybe even an early age that you had a great, great big mission here? He didn’t know
maybe what it was, but you knew there was some type of mission that you had. Give her
feel like there’s something that you meant to be doing. She didn’t know. You don’t know
exactly what that is. I believe that what you’re meant to be doing is raising your frequency,
raising your vibration and an understanding that as you change, you are changing the world. You’re changing the people around you, whether
you’re aware of it or not. Now there’s different types of star seats. There are different rates
just as there’s many different races. There’s pleiadian started seats, Syrians, rfcs are
and star seats. There’s all of these, but remember the key is to not get too caught
up with all of it because your multidimensional, you have many existence. It’s not like you’re
just this or just this or just this year beyond what you can imagine. So everything I’m sharing
with you right now just to help you understand that you’re watching this, you are a star
seat because you’re perceiving of this video and to embrace it, there may be times that
you felt lonely in your life. Different. I know growing up I felt different. Not In an
egotistical way, like I’m better different. Just like I felt like I wasn’t necessarily
always understood. I felt like I was always into things that
a lot of other people were like, I’m in the metaphysics. I’m into this kind of stuff.
I love talking about this kind of stuff, and the videos going forward will include content
like this, just so you know, because this is what I’m passionate about it. So you are
a star seed and it started. Seed means that you have a strong mission here on earth to
help this collective shift in consciousness. You’ve done this before. I want you to know
that as well. You have done this and other reality systems before because here we forget
who we are in the three d, four d reality and in a five d reality, which is where all
of us have existences in. That’s about unconditional love. Peace. There’s more flexibility with
time and space. We feel connected to everyone. Imagine you felt like you were in love with
everyone. That is what it’s like in the fifth dimension.
We are transitioning from three d to five d right now. We will continue to go through
this and we in order to change this reality, we had to incarnate from the inside. Once
you to know that as well, so you can’t just people ask all the time, why can’t eat cheese?
Just land? Why can’t this happen? Well, first off of Iti, just land. People would freak
out when at a higher dimensional being or a higher being comes here, even if they’re
in three. Even if they have the three d body and there are such a high vibration, it will
bring up all this stuff that we have not yet processed and it will scare us because we
will have to work through it in order to then vibrate at the frequency they’re at. So first
off, if we were to happen, it wouldn’t be the necessarily the most positive thing right
away for most people. However, right now we are going through this
transition. We’re going to continue to remember more and more and in order for us to influence
this reality, we had to do it from the inside, meaning we had to incarnate into the system
because it’s a planet of free. Will, so the sat, the part part about that is we forget
who we are. It’s like I, but we are so strong and so powerful that we knew that as long
as we did this, it would be something that would be worth it because now we’re all waking
up. It is a time of waking up. So the first thing that all starts sees much know for 2019
is that it is time. The time is now. The time is now for you to raise your frequency. The
time is now for you to claim who you are at your multidimensional level and to really
embrace it. It is time for you to bring that awareness
more in your life and then to let it affect everyone around you. This does not mean that
you have to go out and tell everyone that you’re a star seat. Hey, I’m a Syrian star.
Say just so you know, moms maybe, maybe remind me to be cooler that you know, Fuck told my
dad that are like broke. Was it going up? But what are you doing? Did you know you have
discernment with this? But when you are aware that you are multidimensional and everyone
is, but when you’re aware of it, you start to really claim your power back and right
now on the planet, it is time and what is happening right now as well is our light bodies
are being more activated there. I said it. I know that’s a little bit, a little bit more
than maybe you’ve heard me talk about before. If you want me to talk more about the light
body, let me know in the comments below. I will talk more about it, but we all have a
light body. We all have certain levels of it that are activated, but in this lifetime
we are activating it more and more and more and we’re all going through this and part
of this process has to do with letting go of the past, letting go of the story we tell
ourselves because as we do, we did increase our frequency. So it is time on the planet.
For you right now to remember this, there is no coincidence is the synchronicity is
here. If you are watching this video than it is time. You knew that you are a star seed,
that you are more than you can imagine, that you are a multidimensional, that when you
go to bed at night, you’re connecting to higher aspects of yourself, which are you start to
become more in alignment with that awareness, and as you do so, your life will begin to
transform in a powerful way. Make your primary focus right now, raising
your frequency. I have other videos on raising your frequency. It’s about letting go. Stop
watching the news. Those are old three d concepts. You did not come here to reestablish the old
grid and the old way for going about things. You came here to create change. You came here
to remember, so what I recommend you do is you stop watching the news. You start eating
higher vibrational foods that will activate your light body more. This would be green
foods, foods with color, foods with nutrients in it. Eat more of those. Understand you can
learn how to observe your thoughts and not respond to them. A lot of those thoughts you’re
having are thoughts of the past thoughts of past emotions observed them. Let them be there
and allowed them to let go and start to understand that your beliefs create your reality. You can let go of limiting beliefs. You could
start to exist more in your heart. This is the time now for you 2019. It’s going to continue
to speed up and then in 2020 it’ll continue to speed up more. It is only gonna get higher
and higher vibrational from this point going forward. And I want you to know that and when
I say this right now, go within yourself and ask, does this resonate because logically
this maybe I can start to see what does this mean? What does is a might be a little bit
outside what you know, but you know this at a deep level. I’m not telling you anything
you don’t already know, so it is time to wake up tomorrow for you are. The truth is to the
younger people have less conditioning. Any if you’re between the ages of 16 and above
or even less than that, honestly, but I don’t know how many people under six. You’re under 16 and you’re watching my videos.
Can you let me know that this is awesome, however, understand that even more so you
are just more activated for it. You’re more ready for it and some of the triggers for
activity that might have actually been paying, I wouldn’t have gone to my spiritual awakening
unless I went through the abuse that I went through when I was a kid. So pain led me to
a spiritual awakening which is now allowed me to connect to more of this and over the
next years on this planet, things are going to speed up. Things are going to get better.
Some things are gonna, fall away. You’re a peer to get worse, but then they will get
better. But know this because when people, this stuff’s happening, people are gonna be
looking to you and you can then begin to help them. So the second thing that all star seeds must
know for 2019 is that you let go of the old. Let go of the old story. Let go of the old
ways of doing things. Let go of the old energies start to realize they served you for a period
of time. But let them go, let go of victimization. Sometimes when we go through this starseed
awareness, we are activating and we are feeling like we’re lonely, we’re feeling like we want
to go home. If you ever had that sensation, you want to go home, but you couldn’t really
understand it because you might be like, I am a home. Well home for your soul. You may
have strong connections to other parts of existence. However, we are here right now.
And the key is to become completely at peace with where we are and to let go of the victimization. Let go of victimization. Let go of the government
did this to us. Don’t feed the old paradigms, the back government, whatever you want to
call it. Let it all go. It doesn’t serve us to feed it. The fear feeds that Paradigm,
Oh, did you know that money is dish and this is controlled and blah, blah, blah. And they
orchestrated this nine slash 11. Let it go. Just allow it to be. Because the more we focus
on it, the more we create a pattern of it. Instead, focus on you. Focus on letting go
of those energy addictions that we might have to victimization to those little, those, those
other perspectives and understand that this is about really taking our power back. You
are powerful. If you’re watching this video right now and you go this far into the video,
why don’t you to know that you are more powerful than you can imagine, and I’m not just saying
that I really mean it, but you must claim your power and you must be grounded within
yourself and not be at the whims of circumstance at the whims of what people say at the whims
of the media. All of these things have discernment and allow
yourself to let go of the old by letting go of the old you raise your vibration. You want
to know the best way to raise your vibration. It’s not the pylon and new idea is to let
go of what doesn’t serve. You will naturally raise up because you are a high vibrational
beam, so 2019. There’s got to be more of that. Things are going to trigger you are light.
Bodies are being more activated right now, which means it’s bringing to the surface old
Karma, all things that no longer serve, and if you simply observe it and then let it go,
then you’ll find that you process it. You don’t have to deal with it again. You don’t
keep it as an energetic pattern within your energy field. If you want me as well, I’m
thinking of doing a light body activation meditation. If you want that, let me know as well below
and I will create something like that. The third thing all starts seeds, much know for
2019 is that you must focus on your heart. The fifth dimensional level of consciousness
is living from the heart, not living from the head. The past. We’ve been really focused
on the head, the material desires, all of that. It’s okay, but start to focus more on
your heart. What are you really passionate about? How do you want to help the collective?
How can you add value to other people? Focus on your heart, focus on you doing what you
love, your passion. I love making videos. This is my passion. This is my heart, this
is my heart expressing itself. So for you, what does that mean for you? Don’t know what
that is yet. Set the intention to find out what your heart wants. Connect your heart in a powerful way. I have
a meditation that is very powerful that will help you to connect to your higher self and
help you connect your heart in a very powerful way. So the top of the description box below,
I recommend you listen to that to really do this. Let’s do for 21 days and watch how your
life becomes a change. Understand that the fifth dimension is about transcending duality.
Third Dimension, good, bad light, dark up, down, left, right, and the fifth dementia,
level of consciousness, singular point of focus. We’re all connected. It’s realizing
who we really are. It’s feeling not just thinking intellectually. It’s feeling who we are. Feeling
compassion for other people. You can exist more in that state when you put the intention
and even just right now, put your hands over your heart like this for a minute, but the
awareness inside of your heart set the intention that you become more and more aware of your
multidimensional self. More and more aware how you can feel more loving around other
people and imagined that that energy in your heart is now expanding more and more. Even just doing that for a couple minutes
a day, you will begin to increase the energy in your heart center. The heart math institute
has proven this by the way. This is actual. This says facts broke, okay, facts, so if
you want to increase the energy, your heart, you can do that exercise. Remember that you
watching this video right now are multidimensional. You are here to create change. You are here
because of your larger mission. The first mission you have is to raise your own frequency.
If you raise your own frequency, things will begin to happen in your life. Yes, some things
will get brought to the surface. Your light body is activating. There’s gonna be things
from your past that come up, observe it, allow it to be there, begin to let it go. You’re
going to be doing the work. If you want to know more in the light body, let me know in
the comments below. I will do more videos on it. If you want the
meditation and the light body, let me know as well. I do more videos on it and for this
process, the things you must know is that things are going to continue to change. The
best thing you could do is to raise your own vibration, exist in your heart, and let go
of the past as 2019 is going to be a very high vibrational year. There will be some
clearing, but in general you will make more transformation in 2019 if you make the attention
right now than ever before. Set that intention. So Debbie and said that meditation, I was
talking about some topic description box. Let’s do for 21 days. It’ll help you connect
to your higher self and a completely new way consciously. Also, I’ll be doing more live
teenagers on instagram. You have more questions about this kind of stuff. Let me know when
I go on my instagram right there. I also do a lot of light few days and I post twice a
day there, so the follow me there for other native content. Other than that, I hope you
enjoyed this video. Feel free to like this. They don’t know if you’d like to subscribe
if you haven’t already. Hit the little notification here next to the subscribe button so you could
see the daily bits that I do and other than that, as always, peace, much love. Now mistake.


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