3 Things You Must Give Up to Manifest While You Sleep (You MUST Do This)


this video I’m gonna be sharing with you
three things you must give up if you want to manifest while you sleep these
are things that when I change in my life and things that when I gave up
absolutely changed everything it makes the manifestation process so
much easier and I’m gonna show you exactly what to do welcome back to
another video my name is Erin and I help people
expand their consciousness now in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you
those three things that you must give up if you want to do what is called
manifesting while you sleep understanding this way of powerfully
impacting our subconscious mind how we can do that as we’re falling asleep at
night but how there’s certain things you might be doing you’re not even aware
that you’re doing that are stopping the process from happening just like that
boom it’s like it could happen in your life you could be creating something
that you want but you’re doing a couple things that mess up everything so part
of manifesting while you sleep just to give you a refresher on the process of
it it has to do with understanding our subconscious mind so in general we have
a couple different brainwave states that we get into as we’re falling asleep at
night and that we’re in in general right now watching this video you’re either in
an alpha state or a beta state now alpha beta just simply means the alert states
beta is the more consciously a wit it’s like very aware type state alpha is a
more relaxed state a lot of times when you watch television you will be in an
alpha state that’s why television can reprogram the mind because it’s a little
bit deeper of a brainwave state than beta state beta states kind of like
where you’re really consciously like looking around sometimes people most
time when people are stressed out they’re in a beta state but what it does
is the most the most I guess a we’re not the most aware but the most this the
beta state is the most surface level conscious brainwave state alpha state is
the state that we get into when we start to relax
little bit and when we meditate listen to music and then we have that of theta
state that it state is a deeper brainwave state that we tap into when
we’re very relaxed and when we’re in meditation and when we’re asleep or
fallen asleep at night and then we have Delta which is the the sleep state the
deep sleep state so these four main vibrational brain states or the you know
it’s actually a scientific thing you got Beta Alpha Theta Delta what happens is
as we grow up we are primarily in a theta state so as we grow up when we’re
young what happens is we are absorbing information from our environment we are
absorbing beliefs from our parents and we think that those are who we are and
what happens is we develop a model for the way the world works and then what
happens is even later on in life because then what happens is around eight to 12
years old we move from that theta state into the alpha beta state so then we’re
out of the direct influence of the subconscious mind and what happens is is
then you may learn about the law of attraction you may watch some videos and
begin doing it but you find that you come up with a lot of blocks well that’s
because the subconscious mind is wired even though you consciously want
something and the key is changing the subconscious mind will manifest in while
you sleep the ideas that I share in this video will help you to reprogram your
subconscious mind so what you do and I have another video that I recently made
on what is called the revision technique the revision technique is
extraordinarily powerful it’s from neville goddard who also wrote
the book the feeling is the secret and it’s a book that when i started to apply
in my life it changed so much i was using it back when I worked at Barneys
in women’s shoes and what happened was as I would go to bed at night and I
would feel the emotions of F selling a certain amount I would feel the emotions
that I wanted to feel the next day and I would just simply set the intention
knowing that that would come to fruition and then the next day I’d have those
days it worked over and over and over again once I learned that what is called
that revision technique now if you want to apply that I have a video below that
shares that plus in that video you’ll see a link to
a meditation that you can listen to every single night to help you manifest
while you sleep and it’ll help you to bring through to change your self image
so that you wake up as a new you every single day I made it about a week ago I
think it’s the most powerful meditation I’ve ever made and if you list over 21
days I think you’ll just see what I mean so that’s in the top of the description
box below you can check that out now in general when it comes to the feeling is
the secret understanding this process the idea is as you’re going to bed at
night what you want to do is want to put your hands over your heart so you don’t
have to but what you do is you focus on the feeling of you being the kind of
person you prefer to be so for me when I wasn’t a full-time youtuber I did that
to become a full-time youtuber I imagine getting up every single day to make
videos every single day to be passionate what I’m doing to be engaging with
people online and in person and now that’s my reality and I would have wired
that feeling over and over and over again and eventually it became my
reality so this really does work and then I’ve also used this I’m using this
now to get to a place to where in January I’m gonna start going on tour
and doing events I’m gonna be traveling around and doing them for the shift
experience and when I do those guess what same thing I will be I’m doing it
right now I’m imagining me walking around doing those things staying in
different cities and I’m very excited for it so you see these are things I’m
doing and I have done to get to where I am now and I’m doing now to get to where
I want to get to in the future but of course we know that now is 100 percent
perfect whole and complete having that frame that makes this easier
for it to happen so the power of manifesting while you sleep is
reprogramming your subconscious mind I forget who said it but somebody said
never as it inst I know as an Einstein I forget so I said never go to bed without
giving a command to your subconscious mind I do that every night I intend that
I sleep amazing I intend that when I wake up I feel revitalized I intend to
have deep sleep I intend to remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning I
tend to feel inside my heart Center when I wake up I do that every single night
and it works every single day you can even intend that you wake up at a
specific time and just believe it just know it wake up at 6:44 you will wake up
at 6:44 it’s amazing how this works but it is super-powerful so when
it comes to this process of manifesting with you sleep that’s how you do it you
as you fall asleep at night you are drifting that last half an hour the last
30 minutes you’re drifting from beta 2 alpha 2 theta that window is when you
can reprogram yourself with the feeling the language the
subconscious mind speaks in is in terms of feeling so when you’re feeling that
as we fall asleep and you’re also implanting the self-image the way that
you prefer to see yourself then it has a powerful influence and if you do it
every single night is so powerful you see that’s the thing what do you do
every night you go to bed and therefore it’s easy to wire in I get up every day
I make a video I brought this into my daily routine and that’s why over time
your vibration compounds whatever you do 24 hours in a day your vibration
compounds over time if every single day you’re feeling gratitude for five
minutes that will compound over time if every single day you’re doing what
you’re passionate about you are tapping into the frequency of who you are that
over time will compound that’s why I’ve done daily videos because it’s just part
of who I am now and I’ve compounded that over time so you see anything you do
consistently impacts your vibration at an exponential level so become aware of
what you are doing in your 24 hours in the day so now that I’ve said that I
want to share with you the three things you must give up in order to manifest
while you sleep these are things that most people do exactly what I’m gonna be
sharing with and that’s why you don’t manifest while you sleep now this
actually happened to me recently and I caught myself but who else listening
right now maybe comments in the in the description the comment box below have
you ever tried to go into bed and you’re just rerunning something in your mind
that happened earlier in the day of what you should have said what someone else
should have done and you’re replaying a story in your mind you ever had that
happen I was trying to go to bed the other day and there was something that
really kind of irked me and it was something that happened what happened
was is it was there was this my the trainer the guy that Victor and I go to
for training he said something and we had one more training
session left and we both we all knew that and it said like in the text
messages like a month and a half ago we were going back and forth when we when
we could have our last training session because we got a ten session package
thing and what happened was is we were Victor and I both both busy so we’re
like oh we’ll get back to you in a couple weeks which is totally cool we do
that we do that because we’re both were all kind of busy and Victor and I go to
this one guy and he’s really good he’s a really great guy and everything however
what happened was I reached out to him like a couple days ago and I said yo can
we get that last session blah blah blah and we’re finally back in town and I
leave in a couple weeks to go to you know travel so I won’t be back in a
while and he said no I think we’re caught up don’t think there’s any
section left and then in a nice way I was like well the Eskimo confused
because the text message that you sent like two or three weeks ago was trying
to set up an appointment with us is because we have that one last session
and then he said he said no worries let me know if you guys want to buy a new
package it was like he just very I didn’t like the thing is is Victor and I
both wanted to renew with him so we were both like ready to get back in and we
was I’m here for another three weeks I wanted to do like two sessions a week
and do a whole nother thing but the way he dealt with that made me kind of put a
bad taste in my mouth and I like the guy so in my head I’m like why would he be
like that it was just one of those weird things you know it’s not even about the
hundred bucks for the session or whatever it is it’s more so about just
the principle of that’s how you’re gonna that’s how you gonna talk or that’s it
you know you’re not being impeccable with your word like from the floor
agreements you know what I mean so I had that story and this is what I realized I
was becoming attached to that story because I wanted to be right I was like
no you said you’d do this and you didn’t follow up with it I wanted to be right
it was my egos necessity to be right that wasn’t allowing me to just relax
and let it go so then I’m going to bed at night and I’m rerunning this through
my head over and over again he should have said this I should have said this
instead because what I said was I kind of blew it off but I should have said
something that was like asserting like hey I recognize this or you see what I
mean the mind just goes the mind just goes the mind just goes and what happens
is as you’re falling asleep at night if you’re thinking of these things you are
putting it into your energetic field think about this
say this is your energetic field while you’re going to getting ready to go to
bed you’re thinking these thoughts you’re thinking these thoughts right
here and what happens is as you think these thoughts of resistance they go
within your energetic field and as you’re going to bed at night it’s
staying within the energetic field in your body your body has a toroidal field
that goes around it that recycles the thoughts feelings and emotions and what
happens is is that stays in your energetic field and tomorrow it will
also attract something to you that may reflect that same state of being so it
may change it may not be the trainer but it could be something that someone else
that says something that got me into a similar state you see so the idea is to
clear that as you’re going to bed at night and to not rerun the key is
observation when you learn how to observe your thoughts you don’t
emotionally get as involved or attached to it so what I did is I observed my
thoughts I observed that oh I was feeling this way and then I saw my egos
necessity to be right and I was able to disengage from it but what most people
do is they go to bed and they are thinking reliving the experiences from
the day that they regret that they wish they would have done something different
and the the other side of this that works so powerfully is what I was
talking about earlier called the revision technique which is by neville
goddard the revision technique is where i look i could look at that situation
and then what i could do is i could imagine that he texted me back and he
said something like you know what i’m very busy right now i wish i had time
but right now I got my family to deal with in something else and then that
would have completely changed the dynamic we’ll go into bed at night I can
rewrite that in my mind and then I relate to it differently that’s the
revision technique and then what I do is I could begin to feel into that and know
that everything’s okay and then that whole resistance would
begin to go away but you can do this for anything I remember back when I had that
nine-to-five job I would imagine that I was going to work and that day maybe
that I was going to bed at night maybe earlier in the day I had some customers
I didn’t buy anything they would walk me it’s called Wat when someone doesn’t buy
anything they would walk you that’s was cause like oh that person walked me and
that means that they they just came in tried some on and left right I think Oh
telling myself a story this happened so many times I worked
for free because a commission based job you know but then what she realized and
what I realize is that I could then rewrite that story I imagine that people
would come in and buy I’d imagine that people I had a great relationship with
and whereas increasing the vibe you see that intention would go into my energy
field almost download it you must be able to think beyond your vibration as
you’re going to bed at night what are you thinking what are you feeling what
are you’re doing obviously you’re sleeping but what do
you think and what are you feeling has to go to bed because the next day you
will relive that energy vibration within your energetic field do you want to
prime yourself for success do you want to prime yourself for things happening
easily or do you want to prime yourself for things happen in the same way this
is why most people get the same results day in and day out so the first thing
that I would recommend to you is to let go of telling yourself a certain story
let go of the mind running itself over and over and over again and instead
focus on the in focus on your heart and like I said that meditation will be
below as well there’s a meditation the eaglets do every single night as you’re
falling asleep that will do this exact process for you you don’t even have to
think about it and your wire in that emotion and then you just drift off to
sleep so this is that that is the first thing you must give up is plain stories
in your mind that don’t serve you woulda shoulda coulda all of those things
observe it and simply know that you’re gonna go beyond those thoughts you can
revise it so that is so powerful now the second thing you must give up to
manifest while you sleep something a lot of people do and what that is is in your
phone if you’re in your phone right as you’re falling asleep at night
especially an Instagram or Facebook you are programming yourself right before
you go to bed as you’re falling asleep you are literally programming either
comparing yourself to other people one of the most toxic places you can be is
probably Twitter because Twitter is just people’s thoughts regurgitate it and
throw it onto a wall and a lot of times most people’s thoughts they got stuff
going on so then your your programming as you’re falling asleep you are
programming yourself to when you’re going from the beta state to the Alpha
State to the theta state which is time of the night when it’s most impactful
your self just mine you are falling asleep to
other people’s thoughts and that is influencing your next day that is
influencing your subconscious mind that is influencing your self-image
especially if you’re comparing yourself so do not use your phone half an hour
before you fall asleep don’t look in it maybe read a book and if you do that’s
what I recommend blue blockers these my recovery at night is so much better
since doing these I wear these things when I’m on my computer in my office I
wear these things when I am in my phone or doing anything but I cut off my phone
in the last half an hour before I go to bed because then you get out of reaction
mode I’d also say when you wake up in the morning you take you don’t give him
your phone as well met it I meditate 20 minutes when I wake up right when I wake
up 20 minutes before I go to bed right before I go to bed that I found to be
extraordinarily powerful but the reason this blocks manifesting while you sleep
is it is like doing it’s like one step forward and two steps back you like
while I’m attending I’m feeling the emotion but because right as you’re
falling asleep you’re still in your phone you’re still doing something else
guess what you are then scattering your energy you are thinking of all these
different things instead of going within you want to cultivate within your own
energy field for you to actually create what you want your life so blue blockers
are very powerful and I recommend blue blockers like anytime you’re on the
computer and anytime you know the thing is there’s so many people on their phone
for so many hours a day that there was a screen what the screen does think about
this the screen of Technology Prime’s our brain to believe that it is noon
wherever we go so even though it might be 8:00 at night
and you’re looking inside your screen its programming through your eyes and
through your your body your body thinks that it’s literally noon so therefore
you try to go to bed 2-3 hours later it’s hard for you to sleep it’s because
literally your body thinks it’s noon so the key is these things they help blue
blockers do help and what I do is I wear blue blockers anytime I’m on the
computer anytime I’m on my phone most of the time when I’m on my phone I’d do my
best and if I’m am i pad any type of
technology and I find I have this thing right here that monitors my heart my
rest my sleep and I get much better recovery when I do that other thing you
could do is you can walk barefoot grass before you go to bed I do that
every single night some people think it’s weird I remember I was telling my
buddy Victor I was like yeah every single night I ground myself in grass
and I hug my tree outside and I know it sounds very hippy but guess what I’m
still grounded to the earth I feel so good then I go to bed okay it D plugs me
from most of my day which is spent on either doing work on videos or you know
technology stuff so that is what I found to be shortly powerful that lets go of
blocking manifestation while sleeping now the third thing you must give up in
order to manifest while you sleep is control control let go let go your mind
wants to control everything your mind wants to control everything it’s trying
to insist that things need to happen a certain way and if you could finally get
everything according to the blueprint in your mind then you could finally be 100%
whole and complete but the key is to let that go because when you are trying to
change things in the moment you feel resistance therefore you put resistance
into your energetic field and then it continues with the toroidal field of
your body continues and the energy field around your body continues to recycle
that kind of energy over and over and over again and if you simply let go you
allow things to happen in a very magical way the thing that may be blocking you
from experience in what you want is trying to control the outcome of it no
I’m supposed to be might meet my soul mates while I go to this type of yoga
class or I’m going to go to the coffee shop the person’s gonna turn around I’m
gonna be right there that’s exactly how it’s gonna happen but then what happens
is you’re walking around and there’s all these soul mates just trying to jump at
you like piranha soul mates trying to jump at you going hey hey and you just
don’t even see them you want to know why because you’re waiting for that one
person at the coffee shop that’s gonna turn around to you and at the perfect
angle give you this eye contact and tell you you are my soul mates coming here
that’s how you think it’s gonna happen and because you have that insistence you
will block it out everything else that could be that as well so don’t let the
ego dial in on something very very small wave
to happen and then find where is it where’s my soulmate where’s my soulmate
so the key to this is letting go of the insistence allowing things to happen
trust your higher-self we’re all infinite spiritual beings
dreaming this is who we are and what happens is we’ve primed our egos and our
bodies and our minds to be a certain way so now you manifest why we sleep we’ve
found this little hack so when you go to bed at night you can reprogram your ego
body that’s what you’re doing that’s what you’re finding out the three things
I shared with you in this video are blocking that process from happening at
the underlaying basis of it though understand you are an infinite spiritual
being you have guidance at higher levels of
consciousness your Higher Self has thrown you a bone it’s throwing you a
soulmate but you may not perceive of it if you’re trying to control every aspect
of it yes take action do what your patch them out go to the yoga class go to the
coffee shop do whatever but don’t be attached to how things happen allow
things to happen magically allow things to happen because you trust the process
so this is the key this is the key to manifesting while you sleep it’s as you
go to bed at night you can use the revision process you can tap into the
emotions of feeling like you’ve already manifested that what you want then what
you can do as well is you can focus on feeling the emotion of having that of
being that kind of person of linking yourself image that’s who you are simply
know that’s who you are when you wake up in the morning that is exactly what the
meditation that I made does it’s in the top of the scripture box below
listen to it for 21 days it will transform your life on the other side of
this let go of control let go of reliving the problems of your
day and instead reframe them and see that you can go beyond what you are
thinking and feeling as you’re falling asleep and then don’t be in your phone
at night and wear some cool glasses so with that being said let me know if you
like this video let me know if you like the energy of this video let me know if
you want me to make more videos on topics like this it’ll smash that like
button if you like the like but if you like the like button if you like this
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bell I got some good stuff coming for you I got some meditations coming I’m so
excited to be sharing is with you so weird that being said I’m gonna go to my
computer now wearing these blue blockers and I’ll talk to you later peace
much love namaste


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  31. The Blyss Catalyst

    October 12, 2019 3:53 am

    But the thing on your wrist, doesn’t it give off a consistent stream of EMF’s while you sleep? I started taking my Fitbit off at night and I sleep so much better! It also is crazy inaccurate for tracking sleep anyway.

  32. Priyanka Ghosh

    October 12, 2019 4:18 am

    Unknowingly I have been doing these things for sometime now before bed:
    1.I have blue light filter on my phone so it does the job.
    2. Reading 30 minutes before bed listening to positive subliminal
    3. Almost falling asleep to the subliminal

    It has been a journey and i really love your videos for getting me through panic attack, which started few months ago, and now i am completely recovered.

  33. shradha smriti

    October 12, 2019 9:26 am

    I wish you get millions subscribers so millions of people could watch your video and feel good about themselves ( it came out cheeeze but I didn't intend that)

  34. Infinite Love

    October 12, 2019 5:02 pm

    A big thank you for have given so many mediations which are just so very useful and helpful in our growth. But I get confused as to which one to follow as they are so many.

  35. Anna Zamarron

    October 12, 2019 8:11 pm

    Great video as always!! And that is so true about waking up at a specific time. The way I do it is that I ask the Universe and my angels to please wake me up at a specific time and it always works. I did it yesterday to wake up from a 45 min nap and worked amazingly.✨💫🙏🏼

  36. Sarah M. Jordan

    October 12, 2019 11:23 pm

    Is that a Whoop band? Hell yeah!! If all the people watching this followed your advice, imagine how much more enjoyable it would be to interact with people. I have a "no phones in the bedroom" rule because it majorly disrupts sleep, plus you definitely don't want EMFs near you 24/7 when you are sensitive person. Keep raising the vibes on the planet 👍👍

  37. Lotus Flower

    October 13, 2019 11:00 pm

    Hi, Aaron. Question…does watching videos like these exhibit lack and attachment…thus creating resistance and delay of manifestation? Thank you in advance.

  38. Nichole Fraser Nichols

    October 15, 2019 5:19 am

    I love every word of the content you've provided here. 💯 believe in this and know I block myself from manifesting due to my anxiety but when I'm in a beautiful flow state magic happens. 🌈💚🤗💋 Glad I came across your channel.

  39. Ruth Skinner

    October 15, 2019 7:23 pm

    You can download flux for pc & mac, or twilight for mobile phones, to automatically cancel out the blue light, after dark. Many smart TVs will also adjust automatically, to the light in the room. So, if you turn down your lights, most will adjust.


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