4 HOURS OF- RAIN and THUNDER- Sleep | Tinnitus| ASMR | Relax | Meditation

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As requested, longer versions of previous recordings.
The Sound Of- EPIC THUNDER STORM-1Hour of Relaxing Rain and Thunder Sounds- BLACK SCREEN
ASMR, Sleep, Tinnitus, Study, Calm,Stress Relief

Original 1hr version- https://youtu.be/AqppWEWSaKw

I’m in Thailand from Dec26th till Jan 20th and will be recording lots of new content for you so watch this space! In the meantime, I have scheduled 4 hr versions of previous work as requested, to publish 3 times per week while I’m away..

If I get the chance, I will post some teaser or live footage while I am away to show you. Have a great holiday and thanks for all the support in 2017!

Welcome to ‘The Sound Of’ Youtube Channel.
Being a professional Drummer and Producer, I developed quite a bad case of Tinitus in my left ear. This left me sometimes struggling at nights to switch off and go to sleep. I then discovered using music and other natural sounds as a way to forget about the Tinitus.

However, quite frustrated with the lack of good quality recordings out there, I started to experiment with my own, using my high grade Studio equipment.

I then got quite passionate about doing this and am now always capturing my surroundings. I have hours and hours of Audio recordings that I am going to share with the World.
Great for meditation, relaxing, de-stressing, falling asleep and even tinnitus relief.

High Quality Studio Recording

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Am always open to requests.

Audio Recorded by ‘The Sound OF’


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