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Before we begin, I would advise you to find a quiet location where you can exercise breathing and resting without distraction. without distraction. Meditating in the same place daily Is beneficial for brains association with mindful awareness Welcome to Spiritual Stamina’s guided meditation on bringning awareness to your thoughts. First, let’s begin with closing our eyes you are also more than welcome to keep them open. Now accept your environment, before you take a deep breath. Breath in an out in and out. One more time, now take a larger breath, breathe in and now release that breath. Relax your shoulders and sit up straight, if you are able to. You are a leaf near the edge of a small pond as you feel the tips of your body kindly nestle the flow of the water current, the water flows gently massaging your bodies aches. Above you the sun is shinning. The light from the sun warms your eyelids and you feel deeply connected to the light. Within that light, radiates pure love, joy and your center. Accept the light as it shines on you. The flow of the water cools the tips of your body from the warmth. This is where you are. The cold brisk of air, gently tosses your hair and glides past your cheek. Arise. You are a child of the sun, wind, earth and water. You are HUMAN. You are YOU. Peace.


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