4 points that reveal the essence of meditation

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Hello everyone In this video let’s talk about four points that can reveal the essence of mindfulness practice or meditation These four points are borrowed from the book The Mind Illuminated I hope we can reflect upon these points The first point is relax It means that when we meditate we need to feel relaxed and relax ourselves Because we need meditation to let us calm down That’s very important The second point is to observe we need to observe our mind to notice what is going on on the mind The thing is that it’s not easy to observefor most people it’s not easy to observe for most people at the beginning stage of mindfulness practice Why Because when we observe it observe anything we always mix our judgments and thinking with it If we have our judgments and the thinking it will distort the things we have seen in all kinds of subtle ways So we must notice that this kind of judgment or thinking it’s kind of a hindrance for us to see the things as they are And also because of a long term of judging and thinking it has become a very strong habit That’s why we need to get rid of it But here we can’t simply get rid of it without creating new habits That’s why we train our mind to observe things without judgement to let this new habit to overwrite the old ones It will take some time and efforts for sure but that’s why we need to observe our mind non judgmentally and at present The third point it’s very interesting It is to find joy from mindfulness practice Many people come into mindfulness with a purpose You all know that nowadays people are suffering from all kinds of mental challenges stress anxiety and all kinds of negativities So people want to get rid of this stuff So that’s why getting rid of this kind of negativities become a purpose And people just come into mindfulness with it But here we must notice it If we want to get rid of it actually we care about that if we care about that it means that it is always on our mind it is always in our focus If that how can we get rid of it We need to think about the issue of striving for something even when we do mindfulness want to get rid of this kind of mental challenges because that’s our very straightforward purpose in doing mindfulness practice But think about that the more we want to achieve something it’s more challenging I think in our daily life everyone has felt the changes of striving for something right here in mindfulness is the same But what if we come into mindfulness to find a joy in meditation A very different purpose Even though you have mental challenges now that you want to overcome However you just come into mindfulness with the purpose of finding a joy from it In that situation after you practice enough with efforts you will get mind changed and your mental issues will be gone for sure But you don’t strive for it right Because your purpose doing mindfulness is to find joy from it So this will be relevant to the fourth point That is let it come let it be and let it go What’s that mean Doesn’t that mean not care right When we say let it come let it be let it go it means that we don’t care about that And if we don’t care about that it means that we don’t focus on it It doesn’t matter whether it is on our mind or not It’s not my focus I don’t care about that So here are all the four points from the book The Mind Illuminated And I hope these four points can make you reflect little more upon the meaning of mindfulness and all the best for your mindful life See you in next video


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