5 Minute Guided Meditation

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Bring your awareness to the physical sensations caused by your in and out breath. Explore where in your body you most easily detect the physical sensation of breathing. Perhaps it will be in the abdomen or the chest or at the tip of the nose. Maybe you most naturally experience the breath over your whole body. Find the place in your body where you detect the breath most easily and rest your awareness there. Simply place your awareness there the way you would place your head on a pillow and let it remain there. If you find that you are pulled away gently return to resting your awareness on the physical sensation of breathing. Internal conversations, mental images other body sensations, external sounds. They’re all going to be there. Let them be there. But let them be in the background. And to the best of your ability let the sensation of breath occupy the foreground. Breath by breath. See if you can detect the in breath distinctly and the out breath distinctly. Now let go of that specific focus and abide in universal positive feeling. Let the wellspring of human goodness flow within you. And radiate in all directions, to all being known and unknown. On the right, the left, in front, behind, above and below. And be aware also of loving feelings coming towards you for people in your life that care about you. And perhaps from beings unknown. The Saints, the Bodhisattvas, the Tzadikim, the Pillars of the Faith. All of that is coming towards you also. Receive and re-radiate in an endless cycle that binds together all of creation in unconditional love. And abide here as you go about the activities of the day.


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