5 Ways to Observe Reality DIFFERENTLY & Manifest MORE of What You Want! (Law Of Attraction)

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5 Ways to Observe Reality Differently & Manifest More of What You Want! Law Of Attraction The Secret MUST SEE! Your Youniverse Video our personal reality can be defined as
anything we believe to be true this means that we have the absolute ability
to consciously create our lives through the vehicle of our mind by changing the
way we observe things once the subconscious mind is trained to alter
its beliefs reality will also alter in alignment with those beliefs the belief
systems in our minds filter the information coming in from our senses
and then interprets a reality that fits within the parameters of those beliefs
ultimately we create our reality based on the programs that our minds developed
when we were younger but if you had a different set of rules or beliefs you
would have a different perception of the world and subsequently manifests in a
completely different way and you can alter this by changing how you observe
your reality currently and using your conscious mind to do that following our
five ways to begin observing your reality differently so you can begin
creating a reality of your choosing number one you may already know that
imagining that something has happened increases our belief that it will happen
this works in both positive and negative ways the brain views the things that we
visualize as reality so if you’ve imagined something you don’t like and
you feel as though it may happen consider that your perception of that
event might be inaccurate based on what your brain is doing and then begin to
revise that visualization to see a more positive outcome as often as possible
when we continue to focus on and imagine things we like the beliefs that our mind
holds about those things will increase to the point that our brain seeks to
make it a part of our reality number two declare that you are not a
person who experiences specific things this may seem counterintuitive but
studies have shown that when we declare that we are not a specific type of
person we tend to embody this statement is true
just making this type of decision about who we are
helps us to stop doing the behavior that corresponds with that because the brain
will do everything it can to avoid it the next time you find yourself
experiencing something unwanted tell yourself that you are not the type of
person who experiences such things keep doing this each time this happens and
your brain will begin to create a new set of rules that alter your perception
and therefore what you observe about your reality
number three challenge your perceptions our senses gather information for us
about our reality which is actually all created from within but even our senses
can easily create some distortions for instance our perception of size can
differ based on a number of variables in 5 Ways to Observe “Reality” Differently & “Manifest” More of “What You Want”! “Law Of Attraction” “The Secret” “MUST SEE”! “Your Youniverse” Video #lawofattraction this image can you determine which
center line is the longest you’ve probably seen this before and realize
they’re the same size but look how easy it is to see two totally different
lengths and this is just using one of our senses so why does this happen our
brain automatically fills in all types of information for us each second of
each day based on what it already knows as a means of efficiency and conserving
energy it does this by screening out anything it deems is unnecessary
and fitting everything into its already established set of rules and parameters
we often don’t notice major details in our environment and misinformation if
there’s something happening in your life that you don’t like consider that you
maybe don’t have all of the facts because your brain has filtered them out
and then consciously seek for new information that aligns more positively
about what is happening this will assist you in shifting your perception so that
you can begin to observe something new number four
put a new spin on negative thoughts and feelings when we’re not feeling
particularly upbeat we tend to expect negative experiences to happen and see
ourselves and everyone else more negatively what really happens is the
brain becomes more two negative events when we’re feeling
more positive and optimistic we see everyone and everything in a more
positive and optimistic way for the same reason if you find that you are not
feeling especially good about yourself and your experiences remind yourself
that this is only temporary and that your perceptions are only
altered because of how you were feeling in that moment we always have the
opportunity to change our views when we are feeling more upbeat and the simple
act of reminding yourself of this will begin to turn your perception and
observation towards a new direction and number five predict a new outcome the
brain doesn’t like uncertainty so it classifies and categorizes almost
everything it then uses experiences to associate specific cues with specific
outcomes in other words it uses the rules it has learned from the past to
make predictions about what will happen in the future before you are even
consciously aware that the prediction has even taken place in fact just a
subtle cue such as a smell or a sound can trigger a memory that causes this to
happen so how do you fix this by starting to consciously notice when you
have made a prediction about an outcome and it’s not an outcome you prefer and
then replacing that prediction with a visualization of an outcome that you
would like to have instead you can do this by checking in with how you feel
about what is taking place this type of observation takes some practice but when
you do this you teach your brain the way you prefer for it to predict and
therefore create your reality reality itself may actually bear no resemblance
to what your brain thinks it is because our brains create our experience based
on what it knows from the past it will create experiences that relate to that
over and over again we simply have to consciously move outside of those
established boundaries to create new things
and when we train ourselves to create new perceptions by using the tool of how
we observe we can begin to manifest a new reality of our choosing 5 Ways to Observe Reality Differently & Manifest More of What You Want! Law Of Attraction The Secret MUST SEE! Your Youniverse Video


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