6 Guided Meditation Tips

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[music] I love guided meditations! I love making them, I love sharing them, and I love doing them.
But I know that some of you aren’t quite as comfortable with how to meditate and meditating
regularly, and you worry about, “Am I doing this right?” So in this video, I’m going to share 6 tips
for doing my guided meditations to help take away all your worries and get the most out
of the time you spend. Tip #1 is very important. It’s a safety tip.
Don’t listen to the meditation while you’re driving. And don’t listen to it in a public
place. Because you will get deeper than you think
you are, and if somebody all of a sudden makes a loud noise or starts talking to you, it
feels like your stomach has dropped to your feet when you come out of that deep relaxation. So make sure to honor your time. Give yourself
a quiet, comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Tip #2 – You can listen to the guided meditations
while sitting or lying down. You don’t have to sit in the cross-legged pose on the floor.
Make yourself comfortable. You can sit in a recliner. Sit in your favorite chair. Or
you can lie down in your bed. So here’s a trick if you find yourself falling
asleep. My meditations are very relaxing and soothing, so it’s easy to fall asleep if you’re
already a little tired. Just bend your knees up and then you won’t fall asleep. Tip #3 Don’t worry about whether you’re doing
it right or not. This is big. Man, we put so much pressure on ourselves. “Oh my gosh!
Am I doing it right?” It’s just meditation. I know there’s a big hype about it and people
have made it seem really complicated, but really it’s just time to do nothing. And I walk you through every step, so there’s
just nothing for you to do but lie there [laughs]. That’s it! That’s all you have to do. If you make time for the meditation, you’ve
already won, so pat yourself on the back. Tip #4 – Don’t stress about your random thoughts.
Don’t feel like you’re failing because you start making your grocery list, or you start
worrying about that conversation you had earlier today. It’s just a thought. It doesn’t matter. The
more lighthearted and easy you can be during your meditation, the more you’ll enjoy it. So when you have those random thoughts, just
go, “Oh, I had a random thought,” and then focus on the meditation again.” [Laughs] That’s
it. Don’t turn it into a let’s-beat-myself-up-fest. Right? You deserve love, so don’t do that
to yourself. Just let it go. It’s just a thought. Don’t worry about it. All right, let’s see…my next tip…I should
just bring my list up ’cause is anybody fooled that I don’t have a list? No. No they’re not.
[Laughs] All right, tip #5. This is a good one. I just
got an email from a client yesterday who asked about this. She had a really great meditation
experience, really powerful. She saw her angels, she was doing my Talking to Angels meditation.
And then the next day, she couldn’t quite get a clear message, she couldn’t quite see
the Angel. And this is Tip #5 – Don’t compare one meditation
experience to the next and feel like you did well one day and you stunk the next day. Every
day and every meditation is going to be different. And there are different things you can get
from them. I always say, trust that you have gotten what
you need to get. Maybe that day you needed to fall asleep. Maybe that day you needed
just that little reminder that you’re doing well in your life and that everything is okay.
Maybe you needed to hear those messages that I share that are so uplifting during the guided
meditation, and that the actual meeting your angels bit that day wasn’t as important. Just trust your experience. Tip #6 – Write it down. Write it down. After
your meditation, write down what you experienced. And I know sometimes you’ll have this thought,
“I didn’t experience anything.” All of the times when I thought I didn’t experience
anything, when I started journaling about my meditation, I remembered things I’d forgotten.
I remembered little flashes of insight, or a feeling of clarity I got about a decision
I needed to make. Or I saw a flashing light in front of my face that made me feel comforted
because I knew it was my spirit guide. Write it all down. Just start writing. Another thing to write down is how you felt
before you started your meditation and how you felt after. A lot of times when you go
to meditate, you might feel tired, you might feel stressed, you might have a lot of things
on your mind, you might feel like there’s no time for you. Then you do your meditation, and at the end,
you feel refreshed, you feel uplifted. You remember this precious soul that you are.
You feel loved. Maybe you connected with your spiritual team. Write that down. And then you have a record of, “When I meditate,
I feel good afterward.” Something that I’ve noticed is there have
been plenty of times when I’ve thought, “I do not have time to meditate. I have so much
to do today.” But when I make time to meditate, everything
else falls into place. It’s like time expands so that I can take time for myself. So just make note of these things, and you’ll
be able to see your progress. You’ll be able to see the insight that you’re getting. You’ll
be able to notice when you get these intuitive nudges or remember when you met your angels
or your spirit guides. And it will be just a wonderful journal to
keep. So I hope that these tips help your meditations go smoothly, and have fun with
them. That’s the most important thing. These guided meditations I create from the heart
just for you. To nurture you and your life. So allow yourself to be nurtured. Allow yourself
to be loved and uplifted and refreshed and energized and get some extra insight. Make that time for yourself, and have fun
doing it. [music]


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