7 Minute Guided Meditation

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– Alright, welcome back to Yoga With Tim. Today we’re gonna do a
brief meditation practice. So, you might not have a
lot of time in your day to practice meditating. It might not be realistic
to spend 20 minutes practicing meditation, but
for sure five, seven minutes, you could commit to doing that. So, it’s a great introduction
to meditation practice, or even if you have been
practicing for a while and just have a brief
window, this is your video. Alright, make sure to
leave a comment below. Let me know how the practice goes. Like and subscribe to the channel. (lively, bouncy music) Alright, so to practice
meditation, we’re gonna have a seat on the chair, and
this is just gonna be easier to keep an upright spine. But before we even meditate,
we’re just gonna take a moment lying down to let the body drop. So let your shoulders relax. Let go of any weight in the hips. And then roll over to your side. And press yourself up. Have a seat in your chair. And when you go to sit, I
want you to take the memory of what it felt like to have the spine supported along the floor. So we wanna have effort to sit upright, but without any strain. You could turn your
palms up or palms down, whatever’s most comfortable for you. So with your eyes closed, feel
the feet root into the floor. Feel where your weight
is across your buttocks, your sit bones. And start to tune into the sensations that you feel in your body. The hands, the arms. Now start to be aware of
the feeling of the breath, the sensation of the
breath moving in and out. What it feels like for the air
to move in through the nose. And out through the nose. And also, how when you
breathe in, you can feel this expanding, rising energy in the body. And naturally as you exhale,
you’ll feel the contracting, grounding, calming,
quieting, letting go energy. So as you breathe in and out, just practice tuning in to that. And instead of trying to
block out any of the sounds around you, actually want
you to allow all the sounds to come in, observe any subtlety in sound. And then let’s practice a
technique to help draw us in where we’ll count the breath. So as you breathe in, count one. And as you breathe out, count two. And just work your way up to 10. And when you notice your mind
start to wander, no worries, just bring it back to the
counting of the breath when you catch it. And come back into the body. Again, observe the sensation in the body. Gently open your eyes. And just notice how you feel after having done a little meditation. Alright, thanks for watching, namaste. Alright, so if you can
start to dedicate yourself to practicing meditation regularly, it can have a big impact in your life. I highly recommend trying
to practice in the morning, just being still for a few minutes. If you liked that technique,
you can use that technique, or you can just sit and
be still on your own. So, I hope you enjoyed the video. Let me know, leave a comment,
if you’ve been practicing meditation regularly, how it goes for you. And also, if you’ve
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