7 Powerful Spiritual Symbols And Their Meanings

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Spiritual symbols and meanings are of utmost
importance to a spiritual being. They can represent shifts in spiritual energies
and have long been used in ancient texts to describe the diverse spiritual facets of a
human being. We have lost touch with their meanings in
modern times. They can have a marked effect on our moods. Just visualising them can make us feel darkness
and love. Here are the most universal spiritual symbols
and meanings. Hamsa symbolises the five digits of the human
hand. It is a universal sign used to represent safety. Its combination with Evil eye fights off demonic
or harmful presence. If you carry this symbol, you will remain
protected from evil intentions and sinister eyes. The tree of life has found its way in different
religions of the world. It has various meanings in different faiths. For instance, in Christianity it symbolises
the tree Adam and eve plucked the forbidden fruit from. Tree of life shares a divine and universal
connection with everything on the planet earth. Many people believe that all life forms originated
from the tree of life. Flower of life is the symbol of creation. Its unique edges and angles contain all the
elements of creation. It has seven overlapping symbols, and each
symbol has its own significance. These symbols existed since the beginning
of times, and all of the creation is thought to have arisen from them. The ying-yang is a famous symbol which represents
the intermixing of masculine and female energies in defined proportions. It reminds us that the coexistence of light
and darkness is necessary for all life forms. We have to balance the light and darkness
to find peace in our lives. The entire universe follows the laws of ying-yang,
to find peace and harmony. The lotus flower has a sacred place in Buddhism. It represents spiritual enlightenment. The lotus flower has emerged from a dark plain
and experienced and learned from its unfavourable conditions to find true spiritual enlightenment. It also symbolises detachment, as the water
slips from the petals relatively easily. The Ankh symbol has Egyptian origins. Its appearance is in the form of a loopy cross. Many experts argue about its meaning, and
everyone has their own opinions, but the most widely used definition of this symbol is eternity
and regeneration. It represents life forms that have been blessed
with eternal life even after their deaths, creations that can arise anew after intense
phases of darkness. The people who are linked with this sign are
spiritually evolved beings with heightened intellects. A 5 sided pentagram encompassed by a circle
is the morphology of the pentacle symbol. It’s widely used in the Wiccan religion, and
has similar meanings as the hamsa. This symbol provides safety against evil presence.


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