92 year-old Yoga Master

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bjbj Try not to let your body slouch, try
to keep it up erect and with each breathe you take, feel your lungs expand outwards,
shut your eyes, and travel up the ladder of life, up each of the chakras, breathing in
the breathe of life, breathe out peace. I teach yoga and I ve have been teaching yoga
for 42 years and I m still teaching. After decades of dedication, Ms. Porchon Lynch is
considered a yoga master by many of her peers and followers, but her take is a bit different.
m a yoga beginner, I m still learning. They call me a yoga master, yes. Even as a child
Ms. Porchon had a mind of her own, and knew her path, careful to let others deter her
from following it. I had been involved in doing yoga in India, as a child and actually
I saw boys doing it and my aunt said, s not ladylike for girls to do it and my answer:
if boys can do it, I can do it, and I am going to do it. Not only can she doing it, but at
92, she s still doing it and inspiring folks that they can too. Yoga isn t the only thing
that keeps her busy, an avid ballroom dancer, writer, actress, and the VP of the American
Wine Society of NY; her calendar can challenge anyone. SOT: TPL: Yoga is the dance of life
w/in us. I think we, when we learn that the energy that’s everywhere you know if you take
a small piece of land there are millions of blades of grass there, tiny insects, and everything,
they are all pulse beating with the same heart beating as our own. When we can feel this
within us, then we can do yoga. To me that was very important. To me I want to stay in
the world without pain and if I can really teach yoga and do a good job, I can see an
expression on people’s faces. “oh I didn’t know I can do that.” I can help other people
as well as helping myself. And helping inspire others is what she does. It s not everyday
you meet and learn from a yoga master; it s not surprising Ms. Porchon feels what she
gives to her students, she gets back in spades. Her best advice? I have learned as much from
my students as I have from the masters. I like when my students ask me questions because
I consider them jewels. I say they help me in teaching better. I don’t walk in and try
to tell everybody to do the same thing. Our bodies are not alike, so you can’t tell everybody
to get into a posture in exactly the same way. Seemingly, a source of boundless energy,
a humble and wise master, her practice has proven, You can energize your whole body regardless
of age. I sincerely believe we can recycle our body. That we can start to work on it
and we can get energy moving throughout. Yoga has been around for centuries, and the yoga
craze in the US has not slowed, but increased by the proven results of relaxation, improved
positive outlook, and … I’ve had a hip replacement, I um, fell coming out of a market one day
and fractured my right hip, so I have a pin in there. The most important I think, is to
keep going. The more energy you put into something…I’m not talking about noisy energy, not screaming,
I don’t like noise… but to tune in to something and know that “I can do it, that I am not
really the doer in any case but that inside of me is the creation of life. And if I can
awaken that inside of me then there’s nothing I cannot do. Keys to a life well lived in
your at any age? I was asked to do a yoga class for some “older people” and when I arrived
they looked at me and said, well it’s all right for you, but at our age, but I said
how old are you? Oh well, one of them said, I’m 72. Another one, I’m 79 and this went
on. I said well that’s alright you know, I’m 89 so you’re all my children so they did stop
and came and did some yoga with me it was funny because I had to really talk them into
it and they were all looking as though they were ready to give up life, and I don’t believe
in giving up anytime. With no shortage of talent, Ms. Porchon-Lynch has a well-lived
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