A Guided Meditation by Burgs and Bruce Parry


– We’re gonna do a short meditation to just try and get you dialed in to that part of your mind that we use in meditation which is not the same as the part of our mind we use most of the time for thinking. One of the reasons people
find meditation difficult to progress with is because we try to use our thinking mind to meditate when the purpose of meditation is to get beyond the thinking mind and start to engage a deeper
part of our awareness. So simple instructions just
to try and steer ourselves into a very settled state
using this way of attention. That thereafter we can develop right the way through
our meditative career. So let’s just relax. So the first thing to do is
to relax into your posture. Let the flesh relax around the bones and, as you do it, bring
your awareness into the body so it stops wandering around and following your thoughts. Engage your attention with how it feels as you settle into your body. Let your body adjust so it’s relaxed. Try to get a sense that it’s your skeleton that’s supporting your bones, not the tension in your muscles. And let the flesh relax around the bones. Feel the body relaxing as you settle. Bringing our attention to the sense of the physical presence of the body brings us into the present and withdraws the attention from the abstract part of the mind. You’re just experiencing the sense of sitting here in the space that you physically occupy. And in the same way that
you would relax a muscle, relax your mind so that you are
not gripping your experience but resting within it. And relax your heart. Feel your heart settling. The mind’s true nature is like water. It is only disturbed by our thoughts and how we react to what we experience. It is not disturbed by
the experience itself. And its true nature is
to come to stillness. Water only needs to be left alone to become still. Feel your heart. Feel your mind settling like water. Becoming still and mirror-like. Leave your experience completely alone. Settle within it naturally. Don’t play with it in your mind. Don’t think about it. Don’t analyze it. Don’t ask questions about it. Just pay attention as you settle and feel your body become mountain-like and present. As you settle, as you engage your attention in the experience that you are having, your mind becomes calm. As your heart becomes calm, the stillness of the room around you starts to show itself. Feel the stillness of the room that you’re sitting in. Feel it from your heart. Tis not your mind that
feels the stillness. Feel the stillness of the room. Relax into it. Let the body settle into it and become mirror-like and mountain-like. Leave everything alone. That stillness that you feel externally becomes an inner stillness as you leave your experience alone but rest deeply within it. It is a felt quality of your experience that you rest upon. It is not a function of your mind. Your mind becomes calm and still. And awareness itself remains. Resting effortlessly, settled within itself. Feel your inner stillness emerge as you leave your experience alone but rest deeply within it. There is nothing to add with your mind and nothing to take away. You are not using your mind to imagine or visualize or tell yourself stories or commentate or analyze your experience. You’re adding nothing to your
experience with the mind. You are resting within awareness itself. It is awareness that knows stillness. It is an awareness that becomes still. And your heart relaxes deeply and settles within that stillness becoming mirror-like like undisturbed water settling naturally. So once you have established
your way of attention, that quality of awareness
that can feel the stillness around you and within you, is the quality of mind
you use to meditate. Your active mind cannot
feel the stillness. It can only think about it. That is not the part of your
mind you use to meditate. When you have set up your
meditation in this way, you can progress according to your wish. But by setting up your
meditation like this, our mind becomes brighter and clearer as we become calmer and more settled as opposed to sleepy and dull which is what normally happens when the mind itself calms down. So instead of getting closer to sleep, the more relaxed and calm we get, we get more and more lucid and awake. The more settled and absorbed we get within the experience that we’re having. Alright, so, when you’re ready, you can start to breathe
a little more deeply, feel your body expand. And breathe out. And relax. So, there we go. How to set your meditation up. You feel like staying? (chuckling) If you go through this simple
process every time you sit, regardless of what you’re
going to go on to do with your meditation, whether you want to
build your concentration or build your mindfulness or attentiveness or your focus or the
flexibility of your mind or just become even more calm. If you set your meditation up in this way, the more you do it, the brighter and more energy you get. If you use your mind to grip your object, the longer you do it, the more tired you’ll become because it’s like a muscle that only has so much energy. Likewise with your body. The point is that we become more relaxed the longer we sit, rather than stiffer over time. And that’s because we use
that part of our mind, what we call awareness and not the active
thinking part of our mind that we’re normally engaged in. Alright. I hope that’s helpful. – Thanks. – How do you feel? – I feel great. – You feel a transition from
going into your meditation and emerging from it? – Yeah, definitely, yeah. It’s just nice to come back into the body and feel the senses
and feel the stillness. – The key to calming the mind down is to engage your attention in something else. That’s the key. So withdraw the energy that keeps the mind proliferating and thinking. – Yeah, it’s really noticeable. Thank you.
– All right. (chuckling)


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  1. Anna Awakens

    September 19, 2017 1:42 pm

    Mmm, perfect. Second day in a row I've done this. His guidance is spot on. Also wonderful that Bruce is there:-)

  2. Albert Zablit

    May 16, 2018 11:54 pm

    I like Burgs but I can't deal. Doors shutting and metal/glass rattling in the background while people talk distract to no avail. Bad setup imo.

  3. Suntan71 Add

    April 19, 2019 4:12 pm

    Nice soothing voice. Please record another but not above Tottenham Court Rd tube station this time.

  4. Annie G

    May 9, 2019 1:25 pm

    Feels nice , wondering, and any noise, I don't think to listen, just let it go, body I couldn't really feel, sense I was on the ground, then wasn't, kind of numbness and calm…😌 and with a soothing whispering voice, complements ..glad I found this…thanks😊


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