A Guided Morning Meditation (in less than 5 Minutes) | Ancient Nutrition

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– Hello Ancient Nutrition. My name is Raj Barker and I am a yoga teacher,
a health coach, and a teacher of the class
by Taryn Toomey based here in New York City. And my job today is to lead you through a guided meditation practice. Now, this doesn’t mean that you’re gonna be sitting with me
for the next 30 minutes. It’s gonna be short. It’s gonna be sweet. And it is going to be super simple. No bells and whistles required. You don’t need a fancy cushion. No oils, no crystals. I just ask that it’s you, your breath, and your body. So it’s available to everyone out there. This is gonna be with the intention of setting yourself up for your day. So we’re ideally gonna do
this practice in the morning. But, hey, anything goes. I’ll leave it up to you guys. To begin, find a comfortable seat. So that might mean that
you’re already at work, or sitting in your office cubicle. You might be on your
commute on the train. You might be at home in
your kitchen, in your bed. Anything goes. Ideally, you want to be in a seat. But hey, like I said, no hard, no fast rules. Choose what you’re gonna
do with your hands today. Placing the palms one on
top of the other in the lap is a gesture for receiving energy. So if you’re feeling a
little foggy, a little tired, that might be the space for you. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, a little flighty, palms
rest down on the thighs. Face them downward towards the Earth. And then go ahead and close your eyes. So with your eyes closed,
you start to bring your awareness to your flow of breath. And one thing about that
is it is almost impossible to observe the breath and not alter it. So just notice what happens for you. You might speed it up. You might feel a little anxiety creep in, or maybe this straight away brings you into a space of soothing. Right, and then just notice to how deeply you receive your inhales. And how long it takes you to expel the entire exhale out of the body. And then I want you to tap into the intricacies of your breath. So notice, with your lips sealed, the breath moving in and
out of your nostrils. And can you feel the
cool air as you inhale? And then the warm air on
the top lip as you exhale? And then, with your eyes closed, can you really commit to
dropping down from the surface? And just moving into a
space that probably requires a little more discipline; A little more awareness. And start to observe your
heart beating in your chest. And notice any surrounding
sounds or noises. If you’re here in New York City, like me, you’re gonna hear a lot. And that’s okay. It’s just this place of witnessing that starts to bring
everything into your vision, everything into your awareness. And then the more that you’re
able to remove yourself from the external environment
by keeping the eyes closed, and focusing on the breath, the deeper this practice will be. So that will take time. And that will take very strong intention to be present and to be
anchored in this process. And then you might want to turn up the audibility of your breath. So you hear the breath move in and you hear the breath move out. And then feel the whole body still. Relax your shoulders. Relax your jaw. Soften out your brow. Come back to the rooting energy of your sit bones grounding you. And then see if you can
just readjust the spine and lengthen right up into
the crown of the head. Keep this seat for as long as you need. When you’re ready to come out it, rub the tip of the thumbs
across the tips of the fingers. Bring the palms of the hands together. Rub the palms. And then cup your
eyelids with your hands. Blink into the darkness of your hands. Good. Drop and hands back into the lap. Blink the eyes. Take a moment just to sit in that seat. Feeling all of the
residue of that stillness, of that awareness. And then know as you step into your day that you have this to come back to as many times as you need. I’ll catch you for the next meditation. Thanks so much for joining me. Have a beautiful day. Bye.


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