A Most Powerful Meditation Technique – Level 2 and beyond….

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A most powerful meditation technique Hi guys so are you interested, today in
learning how to make that very powerful meditation technique I spoke about not
yesterday but the day before even more powerful? I mentioned I was going to do a
second part to that video I was gonna do it yesterday but I just had to produce
the other video that I did yesterday the the connectivity video so this one’s
been delayed by a day but if you’re interested in knowing how to make it
more powerful I’m going to discuss it here right how do you make this more powerful
so we talked about seeing yourself your head that space okay what we’re going to
do is we’re going to add to that we’re going to add in our lower Dan Tien a
middle Antion the whole channel and the upper Dan Tien we’re gonna connect them
in and then we’re gonna raise everything together like raising your kundalini
it’s much easier than you think it’s gonna be it’s not a difficult technique
at all to do so I’ve got my dogs playing over there just decided to suddenly
start playing I’ve got dogs barking from other houses is the way okay so couple
of things we need to know to be able to do this you need to know where your
perineum is that little strip between your genitals and your anus and you can
tense it just that muscle by itself not tensing your anus just that that muscle
there then we need to know I lowered endian I describe as you know in another
video how to find that we need a hot hot middle Dan Tien in our heart and then
this upper one and then we have what in yoga is called the Kundalini or your
your main channel up your spine and they are connected together so you
go up your spine but from there you can connect in to your danton’s so what
we’re gonna do just practice this before we do it we’re gonna breathe in so we
take the breath the diaphragm down then the ribs then the chest and then as we
exhale the energy stays there and we’re gonna send that energy all the weight
not while lower down T and we’re gonna send it all the way to our perineum
we’re gonna do this a couple of times and keep the energy there and store and
build out and then we’re going to tense the perineum muscle sharply and strongly
and we’re gonna power and push that energy up our spine so breathe in a
couple of times building that energy then we’re going to tense that muscle
we’re gonna push it jump up our back this may take some people a little bit
more practice so if you’re having trouble pushing all the way up just
practice that until you’ve got it once you’ve got it or if you’ve already got
it that’s great and we can move on so what I’m gonna do
is we’re gonna go like in the first video you’re gonna see yourself
visualizing from here concentrating seeing yourself
spine straight shoulders back everything relaxed we’re going to focus lower Dan
Tien power immense power our middle Dan Tien in our heart we’re going to imagine harmony in ER a pedant Ian we’re going
to imagine infinite space got that right observing from up here
now we’re gonna breathe in a couple of times slower the better never pausing
your breath building that energy in your perineum and then we’re gonna squeeze
the perineum and push it up not super speed so it goes all the way at the top
we’re gonna push it to our lowered NT in push it up stop it where your lower Dan
Tien isn’t then there’s like a little back door that the energy is gonna go in
it’s gonna go into your lower Dan Tien and you’re gonna feel that power of the
lower down to you let it resolve around there a little bit then we’re gonna pull
it out we’re gonna push it up if you need to clench your perineum muscle
again just help push it up again as high as your heart we’re gonna go in the back
door of your middle ante in and we’re gonna feel harmony pure harmony then
we’re gonna draw it out and we’re gonna push it up again up to your upper dent
in and you’re gonna feel it in their infinite space love doing this technique
really powerful technique now we’re going to finish off the complete cycle
so what we’re going to do that energy that’s now here we’re going to bring it
to the top of the roof of our mouth and we’re going to bring it down a front
channel which goes straight down through your throat cross the front the center
of your chest just inside down through past your navel down to your pelvic bone
it goes in the back of your pelvic bone back down to your perineum if you have
any blockages it gets stuck concentrate on the area breathe in as you breathe
out just release the blockage keep doing it until the blockage is released and
the energy can flow on its way practice this a couple of times breathe
in again if you need to build more energy if it’s still in there brilliant
great tense that muscle push it up lower down Tien back door open it in pull it
out send it up into the middle Dantean harmony
pull it out up a dent in infinite space then it goes down the roof of your mouth
down your throat front down pelvic bone back to your perineum get used to doing
this practice it three or four times endure up to about nine times don’t go
over more than nine times just practice that circulation that wheel water wheel
circulation then when you’re ready to incorporate
that into your meditate meditation if you want or whenever you’re practicing
these things you can hold it for as long as you want up here and then when you’re
ready bring it down and then if you want to take it one step further makes it
very very powerful go slowly but you may have noticed on many so I just have to
check something on many of the Egyptian ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic drawings
of their gods as you were to have a snake or they have a vulture on on their
third eye what we’re gonna do we’re going to imagine that sort of channel
the empty channel coming through our heads and it comes out so what we’re
gonna do is their energy in the perineum if you’ve lost it build up again fire it
up into your lower Dan Tien power bring it back up into your heart dent in
harmony up into upper dent en infinite now from here you’re going to bring it
out what people call the third eye out you can imagine like a snake’s head
coming out and that is your power and let it come out it’s a very strange
sensation tread lightly with this because you can have some very weird
sensations when you do this when you start just bring it out maybe a couple
of centimetres a couple of inches and then when you’re ready take it back in
to your up identi in and down your channel and complete the
path back down to the perineum when you finished you can either let it go or you
can take it into your lower down to yet as you get comfortable you can venture
further out over your head and you can go to the great expanse you
can go wherever you want with that energy coming out the Friends of your
head play around with it have fun with it go slowly go steady it’s a wonderful
technique to do a meditation for calming for energy for power really hope you
have fun with this technique enjoy this technique and you will feel as you
practice this regularly how much your power starts to increase okay I hope you
enjoy it I hope you liked it please comment on it please click that like
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