A Powerful Morning Guided Meditation for Manifesting, Law of Attraction, VOICE ONLY

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this is a daily morning guided
meditation the law of attraction to manifest your day week and line listen to this guided meditation for at
least the next 21 days as it might just change your life might just change your life in such a
magnificent way that you start to consciously create your true desire welcome to becoming a better you
meditation my name is skeed this is a personal guided
meditation to do every single morning either as soon as you wake up or simply
before you start your day this guided meditation is easy to apply just turn
off all distractions put on your headphones and listen think about what it is you wish to
manifest for the day and for the rest of your life as you settle into your
meditation posture with that sitting standing or lying down
knowing all distractions are away close your eyes of your breath you’re breathing focus on only your
breath except the state of your mind right now just let your mind let go of
all the stresses and strains it is already running through those routine
thoughts that you may or may not be aware but the remainder of your meditation
time and perhaps longer if you wish as you relax your breathing in your body
and your mind in this moment understand your intentions are powerful followed up by purposeful action this
will set you down the right heart to fulfilling those intentions the fulfillment of our dreams is natural
and the right thing to do so just for the moment now take a long deep breath
and acknowledge yourself acknowledged you I am just sit with yourself how does your body feel how does your mind feel do you feel to the omnipotent energy of
the universe that simple awareness allows your
connection to grow stronger this is how easy it is when you pay attention to the
silent moment here conscious awareness so take a few
more deep breaths just to connect your thoughts those are the seeds to your actions and
your reality positive actions add value to the world
and the universe energy is always in motion either constructing or
distracting both are equally powerful so make sure you are constructing through
positive awareness thoughts and action value you give out to the universe the
more you can receive when you are open to the law of attraction and
manifestation the more you give the more you can receive when truly grateful the
universe helps those who take time to help themselves so suspend your beliefs
and your program filters and the labels you have for yourself for the rest of
this guided meditation and perhaps the rest of the day to suspend your belief
trust your positive seeds of thought while letting go of whatever negative
thoughts and attachments you may have apologize now to your positive mind for
not listening more feel truly sorry for not doing this more of your ha as the ha has been proven to
produce the most powerful electro magnetic field within us and around our
bodies and this electromagnetic field connects us to the environment around us
and so to to the rest of the universe just take a moment in the now in the present moon to become aware of
your ha now and the energy feel it produces feel the
field moving around you in a doughnut shape with the center of this donor
flowing from your heart the more you focus on the larger it become feel can grow to your arms length around
your body easily and with practice can fill an entire room with ease now for taking the time to do this
guided meditation practice today thank yourself for being here today thank
yourself for taking the time to change your destiny by connecting to the law of
attraction and the law of vibration as the law of vibration light attracts
light the higher you resonate the more you can
attract thank yourself for your positive thoughts and the Creator seed step loan so that you may add value to the
universe just say thank you and feel gratitude true gratitude as you say
thank you say to yourself I love to your positive creative thoughts say I
love you to yourself and the univer feel the love for these things in this moment
now just take a second to really focus on
these feeling feel the power of this positivity and
the connection to the universe feeling and project out to the universe
now come aware of the silent spaces now
as when you read between the lines or connect to the silence rather than the
noise you will understand it is within the silence that the deep connections
are main it is within the science where the law
of attraction manifests your reality it is within the silence where the light
reside this is the place of creation a neutral
space that resides at peace once you connect to it you can become
the architect of your own future and connect whatever you wish and so now is the time without reaction
only stating to the site your manifestation that you know from the
bottom of your heart will become reality State
these manifestations now for today and for the rest of your life stay to them in clear unwavering words images and feelings your manifestations see and feel them as though they have
already happened now no they have happened already and that the only possibility is that
they have already been realized that nothing can stop the fruits of your
creative thoughts from becoming the reality now they have been manifested
and understand this in your heart and mine you only require patience and the
power of silence to realize them now nothing can stop them now they are
reality long as you are open to anything that
comes to you that may help them come into fruition
it is done is to be grateful of knowing your
manifestations our reality you are the architect of your reality and the
universe provides so thank yourself and your universe for
making these things happen and become the reality you are ready start to bring yourself full of life and positive energy knowing
what is happening already operating higher being positive and
successful in your practice today again of your breath and your surround
and then again when you are ready open your eye thank you for doing this guided
meditation using the law of attraction in your power of manifestation with me
today please remember to share this guided meditation so that others can
also benefit from it and the more we give the more we are able to receive
thank you for being with me here today if you wish to comment on this guided
meditation you are very welcome to and if you wish to receive more like this
from me then please subscribe to the channel and click the alert button
namaste you


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