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– So what I’d like to share tonight is a prophetic perspective for 2020. It’s not just my own personal perspective. Actually, they’re a group of
different prophetic people who meet together once a year called the Council of Prophetic Elders and as I was at that in
in November and they come from many, many nations. Actually the Global
Prophetic Council, there were over 50 nations represented
with people of a national or international prophetic ministry and we’re sharing together what
we felt the Lord was saying. Out of a lot of things, I mean
there were a lot of things, but I’m gonna kind of focus
in on three things tonight that I feel the Lord is
saying will be very key for this year and especially
for us as intercessors and what what is God doing right now. So the number one that I’d like to share. I believe this will be a
year of a clash of kingdoms between truths and lies. I think we’re going to
see increasing shakings. I shared this at Rosh Hashanah, that I felt many nations
were going to see much, much more shaking and it was
really important to realize that God is doing the
shaking, not the devil. God says I will shake all
things that can be shaken so that the things that
cannot be shaken will remain. So what is God doing? And I believe we shared you
know, I shared that word about the shakings in Hong
Kong actually in end of July, and it’s the end of
July as I remember, yeah and the next day after I flew out, demonstrators took over
the airport in Hong Kong. So it was definitely a type of shaking, but I felt the Lord wanted to forewarn the people
the believers in Hong Kong and the believers in
China that what God wanted to bring forth in the shakings
was his unshakable Kingdom in Hong Kong and in China. Now only God can do that. In the world, it’s kind of
like, who’s gonna win China? Or Hong which is part of China,
but has the special status that was being jeopardized by legal things that were going on. Demonstrators took to
the streets and I felt like the Lord said at that time
the shakings will be severe and then they will seem less strong and then they’ll start again and then they will be less
strong almost like birth pangs. Like a woman giving birth
as this moment of travail and birth pangs and then she
has a little bit of a break in between and then
another birth pang comes, and so they’re things that God is birthing through the shakings and
that’s what we need to realize. What is the thing that’s going
to come out of the shakings? The unshakable kingdom of God, amen? It’s that which cannot be
shaken that will emerge and so I felt the Lord was
saying in Rosh Hashanah that it was very important in the shakings not to allow ourselves to
get worried and fearful, but to realize it’s not the devil who’s doing the shaking of the nations, it’s God shaking the nations to bring forth his unshakable Kingdom. So we stand as we sang
tonight on his faithfulness, we stand on his word,
we stand on who he is and so I felt that these shakings
will continue through 2020 and there will be moments
in different countries when a nation will be
shaken and then it will seem like it’s settling down and
then it will be shaken again, but in the midst of all of it, our role as intercessors is to say, Lord we stand in your unshakable Kingdom and for your unshakable Kingdom. We believe you for your kingdom to come, your will to be done on
earth as it is in heaven. That somehow in the
midst of this shakings, more of the kingdom of God will
come forth in mainland China and more of the kingdom of God
will come forth in Hong Kong. You know that God is
big enough to do both. He does not like sides. He’s able to do, he’s
at work in both places and so I felt as praying
about 2020, the key phrase that came to me was clash of kingdoms. That this will be a year
of great polarization, even greater polarization. We’ve seen a lot of polarization already. Back in 2016, I had a
vision of the Lord sitting above the Temple Mount on a
throne and in front of him, it was like a bar and
at one end was darkness and at the other end was
light, but most of it was gray and kind of in between and
suddenly, he took his hands and he just went like this they went, and suddenly it was either
really light or really dark and there was very little
gray left in between and so that’s the season we’re in. It’s a time yeah you know, we
want to be sons of Issachar who discern the times in the
seasons, what is going on. We’re not dismayed by the
polarizations that are happening. Now we can pray for healing
you know, but not a healing that is just a compromise
of gray in the middle, but that there will be healing as more and more truth comes forth. As more and more light comes forth in the midst of the darkness. So we shouldn’t be surprised that there will be
increasing polarization. Again the phrase I
received was there will be a clash of kingdoms all
over the earth and many, many nations, it will be very very strong between the kingdom of light
and the kingdom of darkness. So we don’t need to be caught
by surprise, but we need to say Lord, what are you
doing in the midst of this? and how do I pray into this
and I felt one major part of that clash of kingdoms
this year will be the clash between truth and lies. It’s getting harder and
harder to know the truth. How many feel that at times? You know, you see, hear this,
you see that all the internet, you get to hear this news source and then you hear this news
source and everything seems to to be conflicting with each other. It just seems like each one is saying, well this is the truth and
they’re only giving you you know, lies and it’s all
misinformation, you know, and there are all these claims. So where do we find
our way in all of that? We find our way in prayer and in worship and in the Word of God and there we, in the seated in the
heavenly places in Yeshua, he can begin to show us how to pray. He can begin to show us what
is truth and what are lies and when we’re not sure, we can pray that his truth will come forth. That his truth will prevail. That the truth will not be
snuffed out by the lies. The light will not be
snuffed out by the darkness, but that the light would
become even clearer and in the midst of times of confusion between what is the truth
and what is not the truth, we are to be a people who
say God, we are standing in your kingdom. You know, we’re not belonging
to a political party. We’re belonging to the kingdom of God and we are a prophetic voice
to every political party. We are a prophetic voice
to every politician. Daniel kept prophesying
through king after king after king after king. They were very different from one another, but God raised up Daniel
to be a prophetic voice. So one of the things we
need to be praying is God, raise up prophetic voices to
presidents, to prime ministers, to kings, to those in
authority that will not, excuse me, not just be speaking
for some political opinion, but will be people who have
waited in the presence of God till they’ve gone into the heavenly places and they’re seated in heavenly
places in Christ Jesus begin to hear what God is
speaking into situations just like Daniel or
others, you know, Esther, Joseph could speak to the
leaders, the word of the Lord. They would hear what God
was saying and speak it in and this is a season where
God is not just raising up, he is multiplying prophetic
voices in two governments. He is multiplying prophetic
voices who will just suddenly, out of a place of worship,
out of a place of prayer. We had a guest here last week
who God suddenly raised up. He was a pastor and suddenly finds himself in the White House as a trusted adviser and as a prophetic voice and he said, I didn’t want it,
let alone, I wasn’t trying, I wasn’t seeking to be a
voice into the government. I just wanted to you know,
enjoy pastoring my church and suddenly God just you know,
sovereignly plucked him up and he said I feel there, he
felt there were many others in the room that God would do that. Now it’s not everyone
he was called to that, but there are more called to that than what they’re used to
be and all of us are called to pray for that. All of us are called to pray that there will be prophetic
voices that hear God and hear God’s Word, not just
come with political opinions. If you’re a politician, you don’t need more political opinions. Sure you get plenty all day
long of political opinions. You need to hear a word from God and even ones who are not
believers, God is faithful to raise up a Daniel to them, you know. Now how can I say,
different people responded in different ways. Some really listened to
Daniel and what he said and showed a fear of
God, but others did not. It didn’t matter, the important thing was they all heard the truth
through a prophet of God and that’s something God
is restoring in our time and that we need to be praying for. God would you restore
true prophetic voices to governmental leaders that
will speak the word of the Lord into their heart. Nothing more, nothing less. No, not tacking on opinions,
but we’ll just speak what you give them and so
this is a year of clash of kingdoms between truths
and lies and if we can look at the next slide here. I think it’s very important to realize that biblical righteousness and justice can only be
established on truth. Now I hear a lot of people say, oh I’m really into justice
issues and the question they need to ask themselves, are you
into biblical justice issues or are you just into your
own idea of what is just? Did you hear what I’m saying? There’s a humanistic fairness that thinks somehow I know what’s right,
just because I read this one or listen to this one on the internet and they must be right. We think we know (chuckles), we think we know what’s
right and what’s just, but biblical justice can
only be established on truth. It isn’t a matter that I have a desire to see justice come forth. I need to have a desire to see
biblical justice come forth that’s based on truth. Not just people’s thinking
this or they heard this, they heard that and they
form their own judgment. In fact the Bible says,
a wicked man cannot, it’s in Proverbs, I don’t have
the verse here, but it says in the book of Proverbs, a wicked man can never understand justice. It is for the man who fears the Lord. Only a man who fears God can
really understand justice. Only a man who really seeks God. A man or woman who are seeking after God and fearing God can
really understand justice. So biblical righteousness and justice, it’s not just humanistic
fairness or you know, I feel sorry for this
one or I heard this story and I think this is what needs to be done. It’s the truth come
forth and that’s where we as intercessors are the ones who can begin to call forth truth on the earth. Let your kingdom come, let
your will be done, where? On earth as it is in heaven. Are there lies in heaven? No, there’s only truth in heaven. Is there unrighteousness? No, is there injustice? No, so we’re praying for
justice and righteousness, the pillars of his throne,
but those have to be based on truth and I believe this
year, even more than ever, there’s going to be a
huge thing about truth. Now this particular
drawing that I chose here, it shows that, you look
at a judge with his gavel who is just controlling someone. Now not every situation is that
true, but we need to realize that we live in a world where
there’s less and less respect for the ways in which
you bring forth truths. Even in courts and justice
and especially in the media, now a person, if the media
decides to judge you, they judge you and you are
guilty until proven innocent. Do you hear what I’m saying in this? What I’m saying is the media
will come out against leaders and say this and say that, according to their political opinion and they will judge them and
they’re, how could I say, when there’s really been corruption, when there’s really been legal wrongdoing, we want a legal system that
can deal with that, amen? That’s based on the Bible. You know, if even a president, even a prime minister
is not above the law, but the problem is that it’s
so hard now through media and other political parties
in nation after nation, there’s just confusion. Is this man guilty or not guilty and I just wanna give one example of a situation we know firsthand. This was back several years ago, so I know the end of the story. It could help us to understand
maybe a little better. We had a friend. We had actually a young
woman who came to the Lord when we were pastoring in Brussels. We lived in Brussels for 13
years before we came here to Israel 20 years ago, (mumbles) and while we were there in
Brussels, a young woman working in the European Commission, the press spokespersons
office came to the Lord through another lady in our
church who led her to the Lord. Well she said, I really
wanna grow in the Lord and I also would like to learn English and she said could I
live with you for a while and I’ll help take care of
like your little children in return for you know,
speaking English all the time, but also, I’ll primarily be
asking questions about the Bible and about Jesus and I
want to grow in the Lord and so she moved in
with us and her mother, we did not know at the time that her mother was the
Minister of Health in France and was being considered one of the two or top three candidates
for Prime Minister France and this lady as the Minister
of Health had come to Jesus. She had a radical board
again experience with Jesus and in France, you’re
not supposed to be public about those things,
but she was very public and it was in the magazines
and the newspapers and people started coming against her. They really wanted her out
because she was talking about the Bible and about
Jesus and they said, we don’t want that in our government. We don’t want anything, anyone
like that in our government and long story short,
there was a situation because she was not a medical doctor. She was not a professor,
an expert of medicine. She was a political figure who was able to bring people together
and they would give advice and they would give counsel. She would bring doctors and
professors and get opinion and then right under her was a man who was a medical professor, a doctor who was her main advisor. This is all in the time when
everything started coming out about AIDS and about contaminated blood. That people could could get
AIDS through a blood transfusion from someone else who had,
from someone who had AIDS and the medical world wasn’t sure yet. There were some tests
that seemed to say yes, others seemed to say no, and
there was a lot of questioning. So this woman was not an expert and all she could do is
ask an expert about it. So she asked her Deputy
Minister of Health, can you investigate this and
then you make a recommendation. Should we stop blood transfusions
till we get final results or is all of this just
hearsay and all of this. Long story short, this man
advised her that they could wait many more months before they
stopped using the supply of blood that they already had on hand. By the time they this
came out, it was found and proven absolutely
that contaminated blood could give AIDS to other people who received a blood
transfusion, but the media, because they were after
her, they put headlines, Minister of Health guilty for
the death of dozens of people because she did not stop
the blood supply earlier and she had done nothing wrong
and she said on television, I take responsibility, but not guilt. I’m not guilty, I did nothing. I only acted upon the advice
of experts that I had, but the media judged her
and in headlines they said, she must be removed. This woman is against, they
made it out that she was against the homosexual
community, she was against all kinds of things because
of this blood issue of AIDS. People started demonstrating
outside her house. They would come out and be
harassed by people yelling and screaming at her. The family would be harassed
and it was in headlines day after day after day
how she should be removed from office, what a
terrible person she was and she was absolutely
guilty of people dying because they said in the
newspapers, the drug companies, the pharmaceutical
companies had paid her to, had bribed her to make this decision so they would not lose all the money from the blood that they had collected, these companies had
collected, they judged her. She had to resign and it
ruined her political career. She had no hope again. She was you know, considered almost, one or two or three for prime minister and suddenly had no
political career at all. This went on for years in
the courts and it went up to the Supreme Court. After several years, the
Supreme Court of France found that she was absolutely not guilty of the least little thing. They said she absolutely
had done what was right. She had to depend upon the
expert advice given to her and they found out it was
her deputy health minister who had been bribed by the
companies that own the blood in order to to keep giving
the blood longer to people, even though it was questionable and she was simply relying on his counsel, but do you hear what I’m saying? She was judged guilty in the newspapers. Her political career was over. I really believe the main
reason she was judged guilty in the newspapers was because she was a Christian
believer now who was open about her faith in Jesus
Christ and she was just judged. Do you know when the Supreme
Court ruling came out? Guess where they put it in the newspapers? In a small article near
the back of the paper. No more headlines saying, the Supreme Court finds
her not guilty at all. The Supreme Court finds
that she did nothing wrong. There’s just a little small article, unimportant article
saying oh, we were wrong and Supreme Court says she was right. Did you hear what I’m saying? There can be a judgment
where you’re assumed guilty by the media until you’re
proven innocent by the courts which can take years and
so there’s something wrong with that kind of a
shifting that’s happened in modern society where the
media can actually just judge, they can manipulate by making
charges against people. Now please understand, when
someone has done something against the law, they
need to go to prison. Her deputy minister of
health went to prison. He you know, he was judged
for this and proved, but only once it was proven
by truth in the courts. Do you hear what I’m saying there? And too much in modern countries, media and even sometimes court systems that don’t follow proper legal you know, legal guidelines, decisions are made and there was never really
a true ability of the person to defend themselves and have
lawyers to defend themselves and present all the facts and go through a normal court type
thing and so we need to pray, especially right now. How many of us are praying,
Lord, what do you want to do? Those of us who are American are praying, Lord, what do you want to do
in terms of the impeachment and I think one of the
ways we need to pray is that truth will prevail,
it’s very simple in a way, but that it would quickly prevail. That it would quickly come
forth and not take years and years in court before
the truth comes forth. That the truth could come
forth and righteousness and justice could come forth. I think it’s the same thing in this nation with Prime Minister Netanyahu. It’s not the exact same
situation, but it is a situation where there’s questions about the media, questions about the court, especially about the
Attorney General in this and we need to pray not
as, well I’ve read this and so I know what’s
right and he’s gotta go, he must resign because
I’ve read this article or you know, or he must stay
because I read this article. Do you hear what I’m saying? We need to cry out for justice. We need to cry out for righteousness. We need to cry out for truth and say Lord, would you accelerate in
the clash of kingdoms between lies and truth. Would you accelerate
for truth to come forth and to be clear and provable. That it could be proven in
court, that kind of truth. In a good court system,
that could be proved. If we went to the next slide here. This verse is the amplified translation of Isaiah 59 verse 14. It says, justice is turned away
backwards and righteousness, uprightness and right standing
with God stands far away or far off for why is justice not there? Why is righteousness? It says, for truth has
fallen in the street. Now in the ancient,
when they use that term in the Hebrew there, it was
more for the place in the street where the judges of the city sat. The elders of the city sat in judgment. So it’s the city’s forum. The place where the elders
sat to listen to cases. Yes, no, for, against. You know, listen to things
and determine and say well, then we believe this is the
truth and we make a judgment. So it says for true has
fallen in the streets, the city’s forum. Uprightness cannot enter
into the Courts of Justice. So we need to pray, God, here in Israel, would you give us godly judges again. I think it’s when the major
things we need to be praying. He said it’s a promise
in the Old Testament. He said I will restore
true judges to you, Israel, as in the days of old. So God, we pray for Israel. We pray for a restoration of godly judges. We pray for judges and attorney generals and these in places Lord of of decisions that will not be influenced by rumors, not be influenced by stories,
not be influenced by media, but will search out the facts. Let the truth prevail. May truth begin to come forth. Lord, we call for this
in nation after nation. So many leaders that you have
raised up are being attacked and yet, Lord, if what
they done something wrong and they really need to go to prison or to lose their career
because they’ve done something that was unjust or unrighteous and wrong, would you cause that to come forth. Let the truth come forth. We’re not trying to hide anything. We’re not trying to believe
things that may be hid, lies and we’re saying God, let truth prevail, let righteousness prevail,
let justice prevail. Restore true judges again in Israel. Restore godly judges in the
Supreme Court of Israel. Lord, on the whole issue about messianic believers here in Israel. Lord there’s been a lie
that said a Jew who believes in Jesus is no longer a Jew. Would that lie be struck down in the Supreme Court this year. We pray that that lie will be struck down in the Supreme Court this year. We pray Lord that no longer
will that lie be able to keep Jewish believers in
Jesus from making (mumbles) back to Israel. That it will no longer keep them out. That that line will be exposed as a lie and the truth will come
forth that you can be a Jew and believe in Jesus and still be Jewish. Just as Jewish, many are more Jewish than they were before even. You know I know many believers that never even circumcise their children before they became a believer in Jesus. Many Jewish people that
I know that did not, you wouldn’t celebrate
Sukkot or Passover anything until they began to realize
oh, it’s all about Jesus. Passover is all about
Jesus, the Passover lamb and sometimes they become
even more Jewish in one sense, because they understand
the, now I’m not talking about legalistic kind of you
know, that kind of thing. I’m not talking about legalism. I’m talking about true Jewish identity that’s based on the Bible. Biblical Judaism,
biblical Jewish identity. So Father, we pray for the
striking down of that lie in the Ministry of Interior. We pray for a striking down
of that lie in the courts and we pray that this year,
truth will come forth in Israel that you can be a Jewish
believer in Yeshua. Let it come forth this year we pray, in the mighty name of Yeshua,
the mighty name of Yeshua.


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