A Simple Idea to Start a New Habit [Mindset Tips 001-004]


Hello and welcome to the first proper
mindset tips this will be mindset tips number one two three and four now if you
haven’t seen the series intro I highly recommend you do that you should be able
to do it here depending on what via a device you’re watching on or the link
will be in the text description it will kind of explain everything about the
purpose the objective of these tips so if you haven’t seen that go watch it if
you have let’s get started okay tip number one regular viewers will know
that I constantly encourage you to do solo practice I honestly believe that
solo practice is one of the best ways to improve but I have to admit that making
the commitment or making the jump from the idea of solo practice to actually
doing it can be quite daunting what you do you go and book a call for like 40
minutes and you go down there and then you like that’s a lot of time to fill
now I make videos and other people do about what you could do when you’re on
call but it’s still a commitment of 40 minutes so the first tip is about the
next time you play a non-competitive match agree with your opponent or your
friend the person you’re playing to do five minutes of solo practice each
before you start and this is how it works you take two boards on call one
person hold one ball in their hand they’re non hitting hand so it starts to
get a little bit warm the other person uses that ball in the knock-up and you
do the knock up as normal you knock up for a few minutes
hitting some straight shots hitting some cross courts hopefully moving around the
court hopefully moving around the court don’t just stand there you need to be
physically moving and then when you’ve finished you say right let’s start the
solo practice now the person who is using the ball that was used in a knock
up this person starts at the back doesn’t matter if if or handle back end
probably best to start the backhand though and I’ll explain why in a moment
and this person for one minute hits the ball up and down the wall straight
drives trying to get the ball to come off the back wall and hit another
straight drive now the other person whose ball is not
as warm which start on the forehand side and going to the middle of the
and hit a minutes worth of block forehand volley x’ you do the volleys
because it’s less important that the ball is as warm as it could be and then
after about a minute you the person whose volume goes to the back of the
court and hits the ball up and down the wall and the person who was at the back
of the court they go to the middle of the court and they do their backhand
volley and then after a minute you go to the front of the court and you do about
30 seconds of soft little drops maybe some trickle boast just keep your feet
moving just getting used to hitting the ball softly and then when you’ve done
that which is two and a half minutes you swap sides and you go through the whole
process again now you can both start at the back this time because the both of
the ball should be quite warm but if you want to you can both start in the middle
in case the ball has got a little bit colder so you both start in the middle
doing your volleys then you move to the back of the court then you both move to
the front now change the type of ball that you use based on the conditions
i’ve got a website about that called squash ball dot info which we moving its
name but that does matter for nail and make sure you use the right ball and if
that means a single yellow dot then it means a single yellow dot even if one is
a single yellow dot and the matches with a double yellow that’s fine as well
so that’s the first tip get into the process of doing some solo practice and
it will actually help you play better squash on the time that you play and
begin the process of feeling more comfortable about just doing some solo
practice tip number two it’s about creating good habits not worrying so
much about objectives now in the future I’ll be talking about how to set goals
how to make them useful for you but the reality is that I would prefer a player
that I’m working with has really good habits rather than just thinking about
objectives and goals I want to win this match I want to do this I want to do to
know just get into the habit of playing properly of training effectively of
resting when needed because your habits are the foundation of success imagine
you’ve got two people one who has very clear
objectives very ambitious objectives but doesn’t really do the work doesn’t get
out when they need to doesn’t try and when they need to and then you’ve got
another person who’s very vague about their objectives perhaps they don’t even
have any objectives but they tried they train regularly they’ve got good habits
they are doing what they need to do they’re doing the work they’re going to
improve more than the person who knows exactly what they want but doesn’t do
the work it’s a simple idea but it makes a huge difference in your life so
instead of setting clear objectives without being able to do the work start
by setting good habits now what that means for you could be like tip 1
getting into regular solo practice getting into lobbying when you’re at the
front of the court and you’re under a lot of pressure basically whatever you
feel is a good habit for your squash start doing that and focus on that more
than focusing on winning the World Championships or your club championships
because that doesn’t come without good habits tip number three well it’s about
motivation now we’ve probably watched those
training montages on rocky and those types of movies how are we sort of
second guess next week I’m gonna get out and I’m gonna go up earlier gap early
and I’m gonna start training and what we have to recognize is just like our body
you have body needs energy our motivation needs feeding as well
so find what motivates you and I think the classic example is a really good one
which is the the boxer you know the boxer takes a picture of his opponent
and sort of sticks it in the mirror so every time he’s brushing his teeth or
she’s brushing her teeth and they’re just in the mirror and they look at this
person to you you you’re what motivates me now I’m not suggesting you do that
I’m not saying that you go to your squats promise hey do you mind if I take
a picture of you and then you stick it on you’re coming this no of course not
what I’m suggesting is find what works for you now YouTube is a great resource
for this sort of thing because there are lots of actually motivation videos where
you can just watch and they got some inspirational quotes and those kind of
things um and that can be really useful or another one can be watching live
squash I have to admit and I think of probably a few people will be surprised
don’t you enjoy watching squash on TV very much partly because I’m so
frustrated that I can’t play I’m not part of that world but also because I’ve
been in big tournaments I’ve been in the audience and the atmosphere is
incredibly motivating I would rather go to one tournament once a year than watch
squash matches all year long that’s not to say that squash TV don’t do a great
job because they do they do a fantastic job and Joey and Paul do a great job in
commentating not saying that what I’m saying is it doesn’t motivate me
motivate me I learned from it and it’s interesting but it doesn’t make me want
to get on court so much maybe you’re different maybe watching squash matches
enough but being a live squash match that’s what really motivates me because
of the sound warning anything but that’s for another video so that’s that’s what
I’m saying in this particular tip find what motivates you and use it regularly
don’t feel that the motivation always has to come from you the fire in your
belly don’t feel that you need to be that person get it from outside and keep
the fire in your belly burning and you’ll find then that you’ll being able
to get your good habits and do the things that you should do to improve the
squash tip number four is about bad habits now we’ll be talking about bad
habits and good habits and creating and keeping good habits in future videos but
here we often talk about New Year’s resolutions and those kind of ideas and
what we do in general is we get too ambitious we think that we need this
huge plan we think that we need to do a lot of things to improve but we don’t we
just need little steps and it might be a cliche but each little step that you
take every day will eventually get you somewhere so for this tip I’d like you
to identify one bad habit that you have perhaps it’s on court perhaps it’s how
you train could be a bunch of things for example
be you rush your serve maybe you are rushed by the server so the bad habit is
instead of accepting that serve change the routine that’s gonna be a future tip
but that was just an idea another one could be that you don’t heat up properly
now regular viewers will know that I don’t like the phrase warm up I don’t
think you should be warm when you start playing a match
you should be hot and you should go through a process and there are videos
on my channel that will explain how to do that but that’s an example a lot of
people don’t warm up and yes you know who I’m talking about all right now what
you want to do is you want to identify one little bad almost insignificant bad
habit and replace it with a good one a game we’ll be talking more about how to
replace habits specifically but in this case all you’re going to say is I’m
gonna get to court a little bit earlier and I’m gonna do my heat up I’m going to
not allow my opponent to rush me when he serves I’m just gonna take a few more
minutes I’m gonna do something else but you identify the habit and you say what
is the replacement what is the trigger that causes me into this bad habit and
I’m going to change that I’m gonna reassess what happens I’m going to take
control of the situation and I’m going to choose to do something differently
you can post your ideas in the comments and then other players can learn from
them but all it is is identify one simple changeable bad habit don’t change
the world just change a little bit about how you see something and then when you
feel confident you can start doing other things so that was tip for I watch a lot
of videos on YouTube but it absolutely drives me crazy when they end with
please subscribe so please subscribe this is a video that YouTube thinks is a
good fit for you based on what you’ve been watching and this is a playlist of
all the mindset tips which are hopefully you’ve been watching as well now
remember do something every single day to improve your squash


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  1. swingeasyguy

    February 9, 2020 8:02 pm

    Hey coach, another great video thanks. Had a question for you on my own ghosting plan, and what your thoughts are, is this a good idea or not? I'm about a 4.3 rated player, hoping to work to at least over 4.5. Endurance and footwork are my biggest weaknesses. I plan a 3x per week session of my own ghosting method. The average rally time for 4.5 rated players is between 8 and 10.5 seconds, with about 8 seconds taken between serves. Non tournament matches in Canada (inter-city league) are to 15 points. I plan to ghost randomly (playing a rally in my head) 20 seconds on, 8 seconds, rest, and 25 sets (playing to a score of 15-10). Plan is to do 5 sets of these, for a total of 125 rallies, or what would be the max of 5 games. It would be over training, especially for tournament play which is 11 points. (90 second rests between 25 rally sets). Do you like this self made program? Cheers David


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