Aaron Doughty’s Morning Meditation For Manifestation & Raising Vibration (Step-By-Step)


this video I’m gonna show you my
personal meditation that I use every single day that has allowed me to live a
life of abundance manifest my dreams and also raise my vibration to another level
I’m gonna show you exactly what to do step by step in this video welcome back
to another video my name’s Erin and I help people expand their consciousness
now in this video I’m gonna be taking you with me
and showing you step-by-step the exact meditation that I use in order to
manifest the dream my dreams or reality I live in right now and also to raise my
vibration and I’m gonna show you how you can apply this every single day in your
life this has changed my life the most over the last few years I’d say I
started daily meditating back in 2012 and the meditation that I do is the same
exact meditation that I did back in 2012 is still the one that I do today and
using certain principles using certain things it’s changed everything and what
I’m gonna do is share with you what those are so that you don’t you know
maybe you’re meditating right now and you feel like there’s a lot of
resistance coming up you’re trying to control the mind which actually isn’t
what you want to do and I’m gonna show you the dynamics to this because if you
apply this this can change your whole energy field and this is what can
attract amazing things into your life because remember something that you do
every day begins to compound over time that is something that I realize so just
to give you a little bit of a basis well before I learned meditation I had ADHD
and it’s very hard for me to focus so if you have a hard time focusing know that
so did I I couldn’t focus for a certain period of time I felt like my mind was
all over the place I felt like there’s something wrong with me because people
would always say how much energy that I had and how I was ungrounded and what
happened is is I was eventually taking adderall which is the prescription drug
they give for it and there were harsh side effects so then I went and learned
about meditation and I typed it in online of cures for ADHD and what I came
across was a little bit of research on meditation I was like well this is black
and white science meditation is powerful if you
meditate you will feel more calm if you meditate you will reduce your cortisol
levels which are stress levels and all of this stuff is like black and white to
me it’s like okay I’m gonna try this so I started doing it and within the third
or fourth time I simply decided that this is gonna change my life because I
remember the first two days of meditating I sat down for like two or
three minutes and I observed my thoughts I was like okay this what is this you
know I remember I was trying to I was trying to not observe my thoughts
control my thoughts I was like don’t think negative thoughts and also as
shortly after I learned about the law of attraction I was like I don’t want to
manifest anything bad which made it even worse because there was more of an
importance there and what I did is I was trying to control and I felt resistors
like this doesn’t work so you know what I’m gonna stay with it second or third
day in is when something happened what what I did is instead of trying to
control my thoughts I learned how to observe them from a neutral place not
try to change them at all and when I did that and I brought a candle flame into
the equation and the reason for a candle flame is I’ll show you I’m actually
going to take you into my sacred space and I’m going to show you exactly what I
personally do and you can kind of follow along the three stages that I use so for
it though what I’ve realized I had to do is I had to stare at a candle flame I
didn’t have to but I chose to stare at a candle flame because when your eyes are
focused on one spot your mind doesn’t wander as much when your eyes are always
stimulated and you’re looking around my eyes that wanders a mind that wanders I
actually learned that and I heard that at Bikram yoga class years later I was
like that makes so much sense that’s why I’m staring at one candle flame you know
one candle flame keeps the eyes on one spot and then you just observe your
thoughts you observe your thoughts you observe your thoughts what this will
help you to do is this will help you to where when something happens in your day
say someone at your work says something mean to you say something happens that
appears to be bad you’re gonna be able to observe it rather than react to it
you see most people are just simply in the autopilot mind they’re going around
reacting to their environment reacting to their environment reactions in their
environment and therefore they’re in the same perpetual loop what meditation
allows you to do is meditation allows you to become aware of your story become
aware of the beliefs you have become a and observe rather than react and then
what you can begin to do is to literally download and program an intention into
your energy field you can program an emotion and by doing this you’ll find
that you then begin to attract things in your life easier than ever and remember
if you commit to doing a meditation for 30 days in a row it will change your
life because you begin to compound it some people try meditation one time they
go all that and do much and then they don’t get results from it but if you
stay consistent I promise you it will transform your life and anybody that
meditates will tell you that it will so I encourage you to really commit to
meditating every morning especially right when you wake up because the thing
is right when you wake up like so far today I have not checked my phone and
that’s because when you start stimulating your mind it’s then harder
for you to observe your thoughts because now you have things that have started to
bombard it so right when you wake up for the first 10 to 15 minutes I highly
recommend doing the meditation I’m gonna share with you right now and it’s
something simple and the more you do it the easier it gets and the more you do
it the more you feel like you enjoy it it’s a part of you so first off there’s
three main states of my the meditation that I do and what I’m gonna do is I’m
also going to be releasing what I’ll probably do is have it below a new
morning routine or not a morning between a new morning meditation video which is
a meditation that you can list do every single morning and I encourage you to
listen to over 30 days straight so that you start to wire in this part of your
day if you can as well I recommend try to do it at the same
time every day if you can so it’s like get up every day at 7 or 8 you go
straight into meditation every day at the same time it begins it has something
to do with the biorhythms and it compounds its so there’s something about
you don’t have to sometimes I don’t do that because I travel or stuff like that
but I will say over time it does help a little bit so there’s there’s three main
levels to this meditation the first one is observe does not
control the mind observe the mind when you observe the mind you’re able to in a
way shift to a neutral gear to where the mind isn’t racing you’re not trying to
control it and when you observe it’s this it’s the center point it’s this
it’s this of a power where you’re not in reaction
and where you can then choose things from a level of awareness so observing
your thoughts even right now we’ll do this in a minute but observe the next
thought that comes into your mind don’t try to control it observe it you see
there’s the thinker that thinks thoughts then there’s a level of awareness where
you can observe the thinker and then that’s where we begin to really expand
our awareness so what you’ll see right here is you have that of absorb
servation observe now don’t control I recommend doing this for five to ten
minutes and I’m going to show you how I do that with the candle here in a minute
this is the first step this is what allows you to clean the slate
this was allows you as well to get to your heart center normally what I’ll do
is I’ll start putting the awareness inside of my body and you speak well
where anything that comes up thoughts could come up you could feel emotions
bubble up you could feel anger bubble up whatever it is allow it to be there
don’t control it you’re just giving yourself the space and you do that for
five or ten minutes now you could do this for way longer as well I’m just
doing I’m making this video in this meditation something that’s practical
for people now the second step to this is gratitude gratitude now why gratitude
now when it comes to manifestation in general because this what I’m sharing
with you will help you raise your vibration and manifest your dreams and
if you do it for 30 days it’s going to be an insanely powerful but what you do
is the second step is you get to a place of gratitude now for this you think is
it for about three minutes this is five or ten minutes gratitude you feel inside
of your heart and you think of three things you’re grateful for think of
three things in three minutes three things you’re grateful for it could be a
family member it could be your dog it could be you getting to wake up in the
morning and you can eat whatever you know healthy food that what you want or
whatever it is focus I do intermittent fasting personally but
what you could do is gratitude three minutes and what this does is this put
you into your heart so that then you are combining your heart with your head
because the third state you want go to the heart first when you’re born your
heart when you’re when you’re starting to develop inside your mom’s womb
the heart is the first thing that develops in the same way in meditation
gratitude for three minutes is extraordinarily powerful it also will
help you to get out of your head and into your heart and into your body but
then the third step that I use is also about two to five minutes it’s
visualized / intent I visualize how I want my day to go I visualize how I want
to be for the day and that visualization you visualize it as if it’s through your
own eyes not as if you’re watching yourself in a movie as if you’re looking
through it and you visualize what you want your day to be and you intent for
it you say I intend to have an amazing day I tend to connect to people out of
deep level and what this does is this merges your heart with your head for
manifestation it is so powerful it’s what dr. Joe Dispenza talks about as
well he talks a lot about that it’s an increased intention which is something
that you can set using your mind plus an elevated emotion which is that gratitude
in the heart so this is the three-phase meditation I do every morning this can
take literally 10 or 15 minutes and it has changed my whole life everything
about me has changed since learning meditation and this is the same
meditation that I’ve been doing for years now I thought I would do now is I
would take you with me and I would show you some of the insider like the insider
knowledge of what I use what I do meditation and then below you’ll see the
meditation that you can listen to every single day for 30 days let’s start a 30
day challenge where for 30 days you meditate every single morning and what
you can do is you can do that you tagged me on instagram if you want as you’re
doing it but let’s make this something where people you know that when you
share it as well it’s going to be sharing the power of meditation with
other people so this is something that I recommend now I’m going to show you my
sacred space this is something that I have not shared really at all I think
and it’s so in in my house what I do is I have a separate space now I know not
everyone can do this I have a separate space for that of my meditation room and
my meditation room let me show you this is my meditation room right here this is
one of my rooms this right here is that’s my treadmill
desk this is like a real chill room but then what I do is I have this little
thing right over here this little closet it’s kind of small
that’s a good size for what it is now this right here is my sacred space every
time I come into this room the only thing I do is meditate so there’s a high
vibration that has been in this room and the only time I’m in this room it’s like
it Prime’s me for that of meditation so what you can do in your house is you
could set up a sacred space this doesn’t have to mean you have to have your own
room it just means like maybe even like imagine next to your bed right this is
the room right here the master bedroom now these are crystals I said of grid
around my room but what you could do is you could have a little candle on this
side of your nightstand or something and you can meditate right here it doesn’t
have to be but the idea is like I have the little pillow right here that’s what
I used to do I’d have a pillow right there and what I would do is I would
then have the candle flame right there and I would meditate just like that so
you don’t need to have your own room however what I will say is for me that
just this just works for me so this is what I do I have this room right here
this is my sacred space this is the only thing I’d really do here is meditate and
it’s about 15 minutes the morning 15 minutes at night now let me show you a
little bit what I do so first off this is what my view will look like I will
sit right here and when I’m sitting here I will then be staring right there right
about eye level and what this does is this focus on this spot right here and
even if it’s weighs a little bit I don’t try to control it I just allow it and
that eyes focused on one spot you’ll notice even if you keep your eyes
focused on this one spot right now your mind begins to stop wandering so much
you notice that now it’s easier for you to observe your thoughts any thought
that comes into your mind you know it’s okay it can be there you just observe it
as if you’re at a park bench at a park just watching the birds watching a dog
walk by watching the people the family’s watching any animals
you just observe you don’t control so you see this is what I do in my
meditation here’s something else I do I like
crystals this is not necessary at all I like what they represent to me they
represent connectedness because of the crystalline structure of it so what I
normally do is this is rose quartz this is lapis this is citrine this also Rose
what I do is I put them normally around around this around this right here this
is not necessary at all this is just what I do this is like my habits you
know something like this can prime you prime you before you know what you’re
doing or like the intention behind what you do is very powerful so let me turn
this around I’ll show you a little bit about what I do for meditation in
general so here is the the main thing that you want to focus on when you’re
meditating so we’ll remember the first five or ten minutes is observing your
thoughts the thing is is when your EIN who eyes wander your mind wanders but if
you just focus on one spot like this even for just a couple of minutes you’ll
notice that the more you do it the more your brain begins to calm down the more
you can put the awareness inside of your your body and times I’ll put my
awareness in my hands and my feet you just become aware of your body and what
you can do as well as you become aware of your energy in general where does it
feel tight where does it need to loosen up a little bit and if you need to
loosen up you just imagine it loosening up a little bit and the key to this
really is allowing allow your thoughts to be there allow anything to come up to
come up if I think what is my video going to be about today what is a might
be able to like share this this am I going to bring the video in my sacred
space you see these thoughts come up and meditation I just feel like observing
observing observe that they’re neutral they’re not bad they’re not good
they just are you just keep guiding your focus any time your eyes start to wander
around time you look at like a lighter over here or something no I just bring
it back to my breath and the thing is a very powerful hack for
is bring it back to your breath so take a deep breath in right now let’s do this
together breathe it out feel your body relax more and more now what you can
begin to do is just stare at this candle flame and at the same time you’re just
taking some deep breaths don’t try to control your breathing like instead just
have your exhales be a little bit longer and relax and imagine with every breath
you take you feel yourself become more and more relaxed more and more able to
just observe your thoughts and what happens is that then this will leak into
the rest of your day because if something happens guess what you’re
going to be able to observe it instead of react to it you can put your
awareness when you do this on background releases sometimes what I’ll do is
listen to the AC unit in the distant background any cars driving by and your
planes above I can hear these background noises and I just observe them the
thought comes up like why don’t I live so close to the airport or why is that
person driving so loud or just observe it you see this is where the power is
the observation because then you can observe every area of your life now I’ll
do this for about five or ten minutes and I move into gratitude and I think of
something I’m grateful for so right now think of one thing that you’re grateful
for for me I’m grateful for my family the amazing relationships that I have in
my life the ability to do what I absolutely love what are you grateful
for think of a couple things that bring you into your heart and your dog your
cat if you have one certain family member that really sticks out at you
right now you feel great gratitude for maybe grateful for a recent lesson that
you had something you learned that made you more powerful now focus on that
gratitude focus on your heart center and literally
focus on your heart center you can even put your hands over your heart if you
want and do that for a couple minutes and when you do that you’ve been
bringing the awareness in your heart and then after two or three minutes of that
you just intuitively feel guided to as well you’ll just know when it’s like
okay I’m gonna my heart center then you move to the third stage which is the
third stage is visualization and attention so visualize what you want to
experience in your day I can visualize me going to the gym right now having a
great workout enjoying myself having fun but also being focused and feeling
purposeful I visualize myself making amazing videos and that value to people
visualize myself interact with other people being compassionate and really
connecting at a heart level and understanding them in a new way and now
when I visualize this I’m not visualize it as if I’m watching a movie I’m
visualize it is if I am looking through my own eyes
going over to the weights enjoy myself looking in the mirror smiling making a
video as if I’m looking at my my camera with my ring line around it let me write
an email that helps people you see I’m looking through my own eyes and then
what I’ll do is I’ll set an intention after 2 to 5 minutes I said an intention
I intend for my day to be fun to be light 3 to connect to other people I
tend to have a great productive day to go to bed feeling productive
I intend to film a podcast episode today you see these are all different
intentions it can be more energetic it can be more intentional and detailed
it’s all up to you and this meditation right here same gratitude realize that
you’re a divine being that gratitude right there is very powerful as well and
what you can then do is go about your day knowing that you have just primed
yourself in a very powerful way from this point going forward you will notice
that your life becomes so much more easy you may some things may get brought up
but you can be able deal with them you’ll do more spiritual
growth you will when you start doing a daily meditation then you have in many
many years of your life if you take down the principles of it as well you observe
gratitude intention visualization your life will have much more focus so what
I’m gonna do right now is link below a morning meditation that is going to help
you you let’s do every single day that does this exact process now you know the
principles you know the philosophy of it you’re going to apply this it’s a simple
15 minute meditation every single morning you can do this and I promise
you after 30 days your life will transform it will compound over time
make compounds and what you can do is do this 30 day challenge I encourage you to
maybe tag me on instagram or tag me let people know you’re doing a 30 day
meditation challenge and I’m excited because the more people that know about
this the more people that do it as we change our self on the insides and it
changes our life it changes the world because everything on the outside is a
reflection anyways so let me know what you thought of today’s video these kinds
of meditation make more showing new things behind the scenes and showing a
little bit more of the practical side of exactly what I do if you like it let me
know hit the like button if you did and then I’ll know to do more videos like
this as well other than that helps your next video commit to this 30 day
challenge I’m going to doing it with you and as always peace with love and


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  39. West Lake Angel

    October 12, 2019 2:15 am

    Silly, but I still want to share… I was so proud of myself for going through this meditation. It took like forty minutes because I have had so much trouble figuring out what a “good day” would be. I finally just started with midnight and thought the best thing would be to be asleep. LOL I can’t believe how much fear I’ve had in me – to be so scared that I can’t even visualize a good day. But I did it! And it was a really good feeling. Thank you.

  40. Jennie Spooner

    October 12, 2019 10:12 am

    does anyone know why he wears the red string on his wrist ? is it Kabbalah? does he believe it brings him success ? should we be wearing one ? seems its part of a belief he is leaving out

  41. Ad0niya

    October 12, 2019 11:11 am

    o wow that was fun. your rooms are so light, my rooms are light too but just in different colours.that cheers me up :]

  42. Leah Eschrich

    October 12, 2019 12:57 pm

    Any tips on how to stay awake during meditation? I always fall asleep and it’s painful to try and stay awake.

  43. The Empowerment Queen

    October 12, 2019 10:00 pm

    Wow, this is such an intimate and generous video. You keep going deeper and deeper. I'm glad to be a subscriber of your channel!

  44. Nick Otl

    October 13, 2019 3:17 pm

    “ADHD” doesn’t exist… it’s a false government label created to make you feel like you’re less than and also just another label they make billions off of by drugging people up and making them unconscious so they can be controlled because most of the people who they “diagnose” it with are indigo children and indigos can’t be controlled naturally and are ahead of everyone and the government doesn’t like that because they’re slow and lost in the matrix like unconscious zombies and don’t even know who they are, and indigo children have a very strong sense of identity and do know who they are, hence gangstalking from haters…

  45. Lee-Ann Hopkins

    October 13, 2019 10:43 pm

    Thank You Aaron your video's have been eyeopening. Meditation is so important everyday to keep out those ghost of the past. Life is what you make it. That's why I'd rather laugh than cry. lol peace n love bright light white light.


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