Abraham Hicks 2019 – How You CREATE In Your SLEEP STATE


We are extremely pleased that you’re
here so we had a conversation last year about how I came to one of your
workshops and the people that went before me we’re in the dreams and I
hadn’t seen him before well the last two nights consecutive nights I have
actually had a dream about the workshops and you called me twice that’s how I
knew that this was gonna happen I had no questions about it I’m just
wondering though can you there was a certainty about you you were
standing and ordinarily we do not choose someone who is standing because it’s as
if they are wanting to demonstrate something they’re wanting to stand out
through their activity we want you to know we did not choose you because you
were standing we chose you because of the energy around you so sit or stand
it’s the energy that we see beautiful beautifully stated in regards to dreams
when I have them they feel real they are real it’s interesting because they are
as real as anything you’re perceiving them and your perception is real and
what you’re perceiving is reality and you create your dream state just like
you create your wait state with the same law of attraction and with the same
focus and so so with these dreams they’re just I feel like they’re they’re
more fun more fun because one dream I’m fun than what or increasingly more fun
as you dream them increasingly more fun as I dream them illogical I’m just not
I’m not really sure what it is that I’m doing to cause a not that I’m
complaining god no I love these dreams very much
it’s just one night I’ll have a dream that Rosanna is my mother I’ll have a
I’ll have another dream that I’m just this rockstar
I don’t really sing or anything but I’ll just have a dream that I’m a rockstar
it’s just there’s it’s fun they’re just they’re just well you see the reason
that you are accomplishing so much in your dreams sit with that the reason
that you are accomplishing so much in your dreams is because while you’re
asleep you have no resistance so when you are awake with no resistance you’ll
begin accomplishing more definitely or that’s in your vortex we
really want you to hear that all of you but we really want you to hear that
in your sleep state your resistance is so much less which means what’s in your
vortex that is calling you whether you’re asleep or whether you’re
awake but in your sleep state you go more easily you don’t protest so much in
your sleep state because your beliefs are not Act even while you sleep what’s
active when you are awake to some degree is active when you’re asleep so if you
are troubled in your wake state then you bring some of that resistance to your
dream state but the comparison of the resistance in your dream state to the
resistance in your wake state is way different there is so much less
resistance while you sleep resistance still possible that’s why some dreams
reflected that definitely makes a lot of sense probably the reason why I had more
fun of my sleep state than I do in my two-weeks day well you’re not as hard on
yourself and you don’t cling so much to what is so you allow your inner being to
lead you if you could begin saying you can begin saying that I am a very
satisfied and productive creator in my dream state and in my wake state
I’m a very productive creator in my dream state and in my wake date I’m a
very productive creator in my dream state and in my way today I have so much
fun in my dream state and in my waste then what happens is you let the freer
attitude out into your wake state by acknowledging whatever you give your
attention to you practice so here’s something else in your wake state as you
recall your dreams you practice the same free flow that is happening in your
dream state in your wake state on the segment of refreshment just now Esther
was resting sitting and she was thinking about just allowing her mind to go where
he wanted to go without guiding it sort of in the attitude of the friend who was
– in meditation just let it be so she was sitting with that sort of quieted
mind and her mind sort of created almost a dream it was not like a dream not a
dream in the sense that she wasn’t asleep but she went to her Utah house
and she went in the summertime and she enjoyed the beauty of the grounds they
are beautiful and some of you were there not very many of you because it’s a
house not a meeting room but 80 of you came and a chef that she knows well came
and brought food for you and she let him choose at all and when she walked into
the room where it was it was beautiful and she saw you looking at it and liking
it and then you all went into the largest room in the house and you sat in
these chairs that she does not have yet but she knows exactly what they look
like and together we began an intimate discussion on a special subject that you
knew about before you came and she felt the satisfaction of the accomplishment
of the conversation as you were all waving goodbye on your way down the
driveway then she heard the Bell time to go so was the dream for the purpose of
creating something or for the pleasure was it what’s already in her vortex and
because she’s in such a state of allowing that is she just sat in a
quieted mind her inner beam gave her the picture of something that has already
created and was it for the purpose of creating it or was it for the pleasure
of experience in it this is what we’re asking you maybe both
but it’s more for the pleasure of the experience of it if you could
your dreams and your thoughts about what you do be for the ulterior motive of the
pleasure of the moment rather than of the accomplishment of something that
isn’t yet you’d have it you’d have it now it’s our expectation that that’s
gonna lead to something because it was so good Esther is going to make that
happen it was delicious in her mouth everything
about it she liked she now wants that in a way she did not want it that much
before she saw it you see and so isn’t that a nice way to create isn’t it nice
to realize that you have treasures in your vortex that you put there piece by
piece that have been cooperative components with one another that have
gathered other cooperative components that have set into motion things that as
you discover them you will enjoy them isn’t that what creation is all about
you see so it isn’t about standing over here where something isn’t moving over
there where something is it’s standing in the vibrational frequency of all that
you are letting yourself discover or understand she even placed her crew she
wants to call him friends crew family in the five guest rooms that’s your room
that’s your room that’s your room that’s your room and in
between seminars when the people go back to their hotel we will party really good food will play good music
she got carried away her vision was way more expensive than the five minutes in
which it took place an altered state of consciousness for the purpose of giving
her the pleasure of the idea you see what we’re getting at toward what end
doesn’t matter so if we can convince you that your vortex is filled with movies
and visions and activities and surprises and delights and you’ve created every
one of them and if you could be satisfied with the existence of them and
eager for your awareness of them then everything that’s in your vibrational
reality in your vortex your reality can come out and play with you where you are
and what is the advantage of having a dream about it you had a dream in your
sleep State Esther had a dream in her wake state and interesting that she
would have it right before the conversation with you isn’t it very much
so this is it is that is best it is
co-creation at its best it is co-creation of its best so as you have
it in your dream state and Esther has it in her wake state for the pleasure of it
/ practice of it for the pleasure of it / practice of it for the practice of it
for the practice of it toward what end toward one end more pleasure more
practice toward what end more pleasure more practice to Mord what in to the
eternal constant unfolding of the things that surprise and delight you life is so
good was beautiful thank you so much yes thank you very much


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  1. Lauren Rosa

    September 6, 2019 6:30 pm

    I feel like I never really dream…or produce a dream I remember. I can count all the dreams I remember having on two hands for the 36 years I've been here. I'm not sure if that's a bad thing but I would love to try to recreate my dreams while knowing I'm dreaming.


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