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We are extremely pleased that you are here.
subscribe I just want to say thank you I’ve been listening for three years I
found you via Tony Robbins and then I went to look for Tony Robbins teacher so
I found Wayne Dyer and then I said well who’s teaching Wing so then I found you
in a conversation you had taped I’m not sure what year and it basically made
Wayne Dyer was talking about his dad I don’t know if you remember this but
anyway it made him look like you were teaching him as a child and and it was a
remarkable thing that a magnificent well renowned teacher like Wayne Dyer is
willing to expose himself was an unanswered question and those watching
get to watch him receive the answer to his question in real-time and it was
amazing it was about two hours and I watched the entire thing I didn’t even
have the time and I just stopped everything because I did have the time
and it was amazing well that’s what we mean when we say you
all teach – the clarity of your example yes yeah so I want to tell you about one
meditation that I’ve had and then I want to ask you a question when I meditate
not all the time I meditate every day I get up early 4:30
I work out then I meditate as I feel like my brain is more open after I work
out and then I listen to you for about a half an hour and then I start my day I
have five kids between me and my significant other so I’m busy but so
that time is precious it’s like you said earlier time is precious and so so
meditation is very important to me and you talked about daydreaming earlier
and this this is what those meditations are and so I was extremely tired as
about 8:30 this is a week and a half ago and I have a meditation space in my
house have a little corner that stays with the pillows and everything that’s
ready at any time that’s pre paving right there and expectation and it’s on
the way to my bedroom it’s just in this little corridor so I walked by it and I
saw the lights flicker and I was exhausted I
my kids around there was all the kinds of activities and I said Oh Esther says
that Jerry visits her when the lights flicker and so um so I know that you
know that was somebody and so my mom passed away 12 years ago she croaked as
you would say and I truly believe that because she is everywhere so anyway I
said okay mom I’m really tired but I will do this and Abraham I will do this
because he said that’s what it is and so and that had never happened before there
had been other messages but never lights flicker like he specifically had said
and so I laid down on my meditation mat and I have like several pillows and I
usually don’t lay back on all of them but I was so exhausted and I said all
right I’m gonna do ten minutes with water you know just the water I just put
on a rant I just looked up a random ten minute water meditation I put on the
water meditation and I laid back and instantly I was under the influence it’s
what I what you call it in what I now call it and when I went under before you
go further we just want to emphasize what you just said
so that meditation place is already there and it has the expectation of it
you were in a state of being really ready to just let go of your
responsibilities of the day in your words you were sort of exhausted or
tired of trying and so without even realizing it you would set yourself up
for the perfect opportunity for a rendezvous so much so that you time to
rendezvous with those blinking lights which was inspiration to go further so
we’re just wanting to emphasize the getting ready to be ready to be ready to
be ready and the value of prepay be in other words you were setting yourself up
for this rendezvous and so yes and so I lay back and I fell under and when it
happens when I fall the way that I did that time I am I can see myself I’m
walking along this path it’s fall I’m just on this path of beautiful trees
everyone and walking along this path and they come upon this large tree alright
so let us just say to everyone else she’s utterly in the receptive mode in
the receptive mode remember she’s not thinking these thoughts she’s not trying
not to think these thoughts she’s just in the resep
mode where what’s in her vortex is bubbling up into a vision that she is
receiving yes that’s exactly what it feels like I am not thinking whatsoever
there’s no connect it’s a difference between thinking a thought and receiving
a thought yeah it’s really a good thing to acknowledge whether you’re thinking
or whether you’re receiving and it’s nice to deliberately think good feeling
thoughts but oh wow when you’re in the place where you’re receiving yes yeah
it’s awesome so I’m on this path and I come upon this tree a tree so big I
can’t get my arms around it right and it’s solid gold
so I come upon this tree and I’m standing there and I’m looking at it and
I say there is a little branch that had like broken off and I was still golden
in it and I said well you know what’s the message what am I supposed to do and
I’m staying there and I go up and I kind of like grab the branch in right away
hear a voice that says no and so I step back and I’m like looking at the tree
and I said whoa am I supposed to and in my brain I’m not talking to myself but
in my our explanation of that is that you’re in the receiving mode but you’re
doing what Esther’s trying to do you’re trying to get too practical too soon
right so you’re trying to turn this into some sort of a message do I do this do I
do this but you’re still under the influence enough that you know that you
can feel that that’s not the path of least resistance that’s not what this is
about don’t don’t break it off don’t do anything with anything just be there
right so I stand back and I say okay well am I supposed to put my arms around
it no says a voice so I step back and my mother’s voice came on and she said
remember when you were little you were the tree and so in first grade we did a
play on the giving tree shel silverstein and I was a tree and my and I said yeah
I know Mom I was the tree and she said no you were the tree and then I said
yeah I know I was the tree and then she said you’re the tree what does a tree do
my tree Bea’s a tree doesn’t strive or try to excel a tree doesn’t even have to
run around to find nourishment it just expects it to come a tree just stem
there and let’s the well-being and the resources of the universe flow to it
yes and it was like basically you are in like you already have all you know it’s
not strife here go try to do this accomplished accomplished like you
already have it where are the trees if now you’re putting your words on it
right I did well that’s what your mother didn’t tell you that no no no so she
didn’t say that you’re the tree now what does a tree do a tree bees does a tree
self judge no does a tree run around trying to get attention no does a tree
received the resources from the universe right where it stands does a tree thrive
where it bees in other words that tree that your mother was explaining to you
represents the state of allowing the state of being not the state of trying
not the state of proving not the state of running after things step one
you scramble around a little bit you’re not the tree in step one you’re the
seeker you’re the asker and the resources are flowing this is a really
good conversation to have in the midst of wanting to be more in the state of
allowing we’d like you all to just be that tree and let the resources of
well-being just flow to you we know that for many it just doesn’t seem enough to
be a tree that’s why you’re not a tree is because you didn’t plan on being a
tree but you got to be tree like you got to be tree like in that just let the
well-being come to you and so it was so powerful and I was telling what close
friend this story yesterday and he said well what is that around your neck and I
forgot a friend of mine three years ago gave me this tree of life necklace and
I’ve been wearing a person that’s what this is all about and that’s and so I
walk in today and there it is and I said she will call me today but
notice there are the roots it’s what comes before there’s the tree there’s
the receivers out here can I tell you one more I just want to
tell you one more meditation I had that was the thing for you to do okay before
you tear I think that was so profound before you do they want to talk about
meditation and receiving yes that’s what my question up we know okay so so I want more of that how do I get
to that so like of course every morning it’s not like that or every time I don’t
get these like fabulous and but when I do it’s like you know at first we call
this the science of deliberate creation but you all got to deliberate and too
much striving in too much trying to apply the determination that you’ve
learned in other places in your life to this and deliberate creation is really
what you want you want it more than creating by default so then we began to
put the emphasis upon being in the allowing mode being in the receiving
mode because that really is where the majority of your most productive focus
is and so one of the ways that we’ve been talking about about getting into
the receiving mode is by quieting your mind because if you’re thinking thoughts
that are in competition if you’re thinking thoughts that have resistance
within them then you create a vibrational struggle within yourself
that doesn’t allow you to receive and so the easiest way it’s easier to teach
most of you to have not than to have a pure positive thought because most of
you don’t have a pure positive thought about very many things maybe you can
find a stick in your pile so when you quiet your mind you stop thought when
you stop thought you stop resistant thought and when you stop resistant
thought it allows your vibrations rise so that state of meditation will put you
in the receiving mode but now we want to take it a little beyond that because you
can see how as we visit with so many people who aren’t in the receiving mode
that are dominant in tamii to help them to find the receiving mode but why do
you want to be in the receiving mode because when you’re in the receiving
mode the ingredients of your vortex can be received by you so that you can begin
a conscious deliberate journey toward what you are wanting and that’s the only
way that you are ever satisfied satisfaction comes from one place in one
place only having the desire or an intention and moving in the direction of
it have you heard to say that before well think about it that vortex is
all of your desires and all of your intentions you must be moving in the
direction of your vortex well your inner being is there being everything that
you’ve put there offering a pure vibration about everything that is there
the law of attraction has caused the gestation of it and now there is this
powerful attraction and are you a cooperative component are you in a state
of being that is allowing yourself to be drawn to that because for a while we
said and if you read the vortex books get into the vortex get into the vortex
but you’ve got to be in the vicinity of the vortex to get into the vortex and
then more recently rather than saying get into the vortex what we are asking
you to do is somehow someway try to find vibrationally equivalency with what your
vortex is which means don’t think a negative thought we’re not even saying
to you think a positive thought we’re just asking you to do whatever you can
do to be non-resistant so many people have heard others talk about their
meditations where wonderful things like this happen where they have visions or
confirmation of things and so so many people in approaching the subject of
meditation want to jump right over there to receiving something they want to jump
right over there and resealing we know you are well you’ve demonstrated it
already they want to jump right over there to receive something so the first
step in beneficial meditation it really is to quiet your mind
but when blissful thoughts begin occurring to you that feel like
daydreams that means you’re in the receiving mode that means that you’re
translating and so just go with it for a while that was happening to Esther she
didn’t have any instruction except to quiet her mind and when her mind
wandered to release the thought and so when she began being in the receiving
mode and thoughts began you


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