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– Hi everyone!
Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, that’s Benji, and
today we have an awesome video that is gonna guide
you to work with your arms and your abdominal wall. But above and beyond all
that we’re gonna focus on our attitude today, wrapping it up
into one big beautiful yoga bow so that you feel really good
when you step up off your mat and into the rest of your day. Hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (bright music) Alright pals, let’s begin
today’s awesome practice on our backs. Yay. Come on down to the ground.
Thanks for selecting this video. Thanks for sharing your time
and your energy and your journey with me and Benji and with all
the beautiful people practicing with us around the globe. When you come on down to the
ground take a deep breath in and as you exhale go ahead and hug
your knees into your chest and kind of scoop the tailbone up
actively so you can start to feel your low back get
nice and flush with the mat. So in my mind I agreed
to do this video and really focus not just on creating strength in the
abdominal wall and sculpting the arms, because there’s
nothing wrong with that, I think that’s awesome. But I wanted to make sure we
also bring an awareness to just the attitude that exists around
working with the body and notice I say “with the body”
and not “on the body.” And yoga provides us just such
an awesome opportunity to go inward and kind of work inward
as we’re getting our workout. So just a little food
for thought as we work today. I am gonna kind of kick your
butt a little so let’s start with a nice easy breezy warm up. You’re gonna hug the
knees into the chest. Don’t fret.
Take a deep breath in. As you exhale go ahead and let
your neck get nice and long here and you can close your eyes and
just allow the sound of my voice to guide you
here in the beginning. Take a deep breath in again
and this time as you exhale relax your shoulders down. And then nice and slow drag your
hands to your kneecaps and we’re just going to take
the knees around in some gentle circles. So create a nice
circular motion here. Again, eyes can be closed,
shoulders relaxed. And we’re gonna start
to breathe a little deeper. Oh creaky old floor
here coming out to say hello. And again, this is an
opportunity for you to yes build strength in your core. And yes, we’ll tone some
of the muscles of the arms but it’s yoga so it’s
an opportunity to unite and hug up to your inner self. Outer and inner
holding hands working together. If you haven’t already, reverse
your circle of the knees and if you find a place that feels
really good to just rock back and forth go ahead and do that. Again, using this moment
to connect with your breath. And, you know, allow anything
that I’m saying to resonate if does and if it doesn’t,
don’t worry. You’re not doing anything wrong. Just embracing the
physical practice is fine too. Just notice and remember
you have a chance here to just gain awareness of the approach,
your attitude. Because I like to say you know
what’s the point of having a great body if you’re still
looking in the mirror and you don’t know
who you’re seeing or you don’t love
who you’re looking at. Okay, I think I said
everything I need to say now let’s rock and roll literally. You’re gonna slide your hands
to the backs of your thighs. And we’re going to rock and roll up and down
the length of the spine. You can go easy.
Nice and slow on yourself here in the beginning.
Be kind. You can have a sense of humor if
you’re not quite getting all the way up and need
to use your hands, use your hands. So we’re massaging up and down
the length of the spine here. We’re also using this as an
opportunity to continue to deepen the breath.
Sorry buddy. And then check it out. The next time you rock up you’re
going to rock all the way up into a little ball position. So give it a try. If you don’t get there
in the first try, no prob. And say you’re in a little
squat at the top of your mat. You’re gonna slowly tuck your
chin and we’re going to roll up to this little toe stand here
right away engaging our core. So the fingertips
may stay on the earth. You might have two blocks here
where you might begin to work to bring the hands
together at the heart. Amazing. Okay, beautiful. If you are not
finding it today, trust me, with practice you’ll
be able to grow this. We’re lifting up
from the pelvic floor. We’re stretching
through the fascia of the feet. We’re relaxing
the shoulders down. And we’re remembering the third A today, attitude. How valuable and how important
is your attitude when things get tough or seem impossible? Take a deep breath
in wherever you are. Okay, and then let it go. If you have a
dog in front of you, go ahead and pet them. Just seems wrong not to and if not you can pet
an imaginary dog. (chuckles) Okay, here we go. Forward Fold. Grounding down
through the heels. Take your time. Start to peddle it out. Wake up through
the backs of the legs. Just letting the blood flow to
the head here as you relax the weight of the
head and the neck down. Okay, then we’re
gonna go back down into the squat nice and slow. Beautiful. Ah, Benji’s so cute. Then use your fingertips to
slowly come onto your bum. And then you’re just going to
keep your feet on the ground here as you slide your
bum to the center of the mat. Great, hands can come
behind the thighs here. Loop the
shoulders lift your heart. Nice and slow we’ll begin to
lift the shins parallel to the ceiling as you
lean back just a bit. Beautiful. If you can maybe
fingertips reach forward but it’s okay to work in stages. Right, be in the now, be present with where you are today. Hands can stay behind the thighs or reaching the
fingertips forward. Great, inhale in,
lift the chest. Exhale, send the right toes,
right foot out long as you straighten
through the right leg. We’re starting to wake up
through the abdominal wall here’s so you might
feel a little shaking. Keep in mind how powerful
your attitude here can be. Smile, lift your heart
a little more, inhale in. Exhale, bend the right knee. Reset with a big breath. And then on the next
exhale left toes point, left leg straightens out. We breathe here keeping the
chest lifted chin slightly lifted perhaps breathing
in and out. One more time. Breathe in and out. Great, bend the left knee,
check it out. Inhale in. Exhale, we’re gonna
rock all the way through to our
nice squat again. You can use your hands,
it’s all good. Gorgeous. Then we’re
gonna slowly tuck the chin. Keep the fingertips on
the earth if you need to. Otherwise in time we
bring the palms together. Namaste at the heart. A little toe stand here. I’m working to
engage my center here. And then I’m also just noticing
if you’re not quite getting here, if you’re getting
frustrated how can we soften our approach the way
we look at it, the lens, the attitude to just
stay curious and playful. Okay, one more breath. Awesome stretch for the foot,
of course, here. Gonna be so good for your
Downward Dogs and your Planks. Let’s release. (sighs) When you’re ready,
drop the heels. Uttanasana, Forward Fold. If you’re not at the
top of your mat here, go ahead and step to the top. And just take a
couple more breaths, feet together
or hip width apart. You can shake the
head a little yes, a little no. Get a nice long
stretch in the back body. Continue to wake up
the muscles of the legs. And relax any stress or tension
in the shoulders and the neck. Okay, one more time pet Benji. And here we go. We’re gonna roll
up nice and slow. Let this be like
a moving meditation, this roll up to Mountain.
Here we go. Then actively press down into
the earth with all four corners of the feet and find that
lift up through the front body. Balance it out with that
grounding through the back body as you come up into
your beautiful Mountain Pose, Tadasana. So we’re always trying
to kind of balance the Sun and the
Moon energy in yoga and I could go off on
that of course but just whatever that
makes you think of, keep that in mind
throughout this practice. So when things get challenging, how can you find that kind
of soft Moon energy? Whether it’s like
softening your brow or changing your approach,
your attitude. And then same thing in these
kind of more simpler shapes. How can you bring
more action, more activity, engaging in these
more subtle postures? Bringing that Solar energy
to this kind of Moon posture. Anyway, okay, you get the gist. So find the balance. Then we’ll really walk
off the mat feeling good. And whenever you’re ready
we’ll inhale reach the fingertips all the way up towards the sky. You can start nice and
slow spreading the fingertips, continuing to ground
down through the feet. And then up here we’re going to
interlace the fingertips to like a steeple grip so your
index finger’s pointing forward. Alright, check
in with your body. For my body I have to really
work to lengthen my tailbone down and hug my low ribs in. Then I imagine really
bringing my low belly, the lower abdominal wall
and the upper abs in towards center. So there’s this kind of action
that we’re going to play with of drawing everything in towards
that like third chakra which is awesome because it’s
like you’re Beyoncé chakra. So it’s a win-win here. And talk about
(chuckles) attitude. Inhale. On your next exhale,
let’s practice drawing it in by sending the hands
in line with the heart. You’re also
getting a great stretch through the upper
back body here. Elbow creases are
up towards the sky and I’m working to
engage my core here. I’m not creating tension. I’m not clenching my
buttocks but I’m working to, again, just bring some energy
in towards that third chakra. That’s the place of confidence to self-love that kind of “I am, I can” vibe. Okay, inhale
reach for the skies. Take your steeple grip up. If the shoulders are tight,
actively relax shoulder blades down the back body. And then on the exhale hands
come in and we create a little connection in the stomach. Hands in line with the heart. Now on the last
one we’ve got the arms, we’ve got the abs like
what kind of attitude do you want to bring to it? What kind of focus
do you want to take out past your fingertips?
So here we go. Inhale, reach up. And exhale,
hands in line with heart. Good, inhale to
reach up towards the sky. Exhale, give the arms
a break as you release. Rain it down all the
way into a Forward Fold. Fabulous, inhale,
halfway lift, your version. Find length. Exhale, plant the palms,
step the feet back, Plank Pose. Now you’re gonna walk the wrists
right underneath the shoulders and then take the
hands a little bit wide. And then align your toes with
your hip points here as you reach, reach,
reach the heels back. Start to turn on
through the quads. Of course, core is
turned on here and then we’ll bend
the elbows and lift up. As you straighten them,
lift your heart space up between your shoulder blades. We’re here for three. We’re here for two and then we’re going to lower
the knees on the one. So now we’re in a half plank. Breathing deep.
Creating length in the neck. And we’re here for three. We’re here for two. And we’re here for one. Now press back up to Plank,
you got this. We’re here for three. We’re here for two.
Welcoming that heat. We’re here for one.
Then lower the knees, Half Plank for three, two, one. Come all the way
down to your belly. Hi buddy. Drag the hands in
line with the rib cage. Start to stretch
out through the pecs, the chest as you squeeze the
elbows into the side body. Then use your foundation,
press into the earth to rise up, lift your heart, Bhujangasana. Big inhale, feel
that stretch in the belly. And then exhale
to release, soften. Curl the toes under, inhale in. Exhale, press up to Plank, a
strong one and then take it to Downward Facing Dog,
hips high and back. Bend the knees.
Start to really pedal it out. Try to find a stretch
to your side body here. Nice and long. Great. Then inhale,
lift the right leg up high. Exhale, squeeze it forward. Upper body’s in Plank,
where we just were. Right knee really
hugs up towards the chest. Right heel really hugs
up towards the right glute. We’re here for three.
Breathe deep, two. On the one, take it back up,
Downward Facing Dog. Gorgeous, slowly
lower the right foot down. Take it to the second side. Claw through the fingertips. No pressure in the wrists. Inhale, left leg up high. Exhale. Cinching in through center. Squeeze and lift. Left knee up towards the heart. Left heel up towards the glute. We’re here for three.
You’re doing awesome. Press away from your yoga mat. Two, one, kick it back.
Three-Legged Dog. Lift the left leg up high
and then very gently lower it down with control. Good, bend the knees. Bring your belly
towards the tops of your thighs. Nice stretch here as you tick-tock the hips
a little left to right. And then inhale,
come back to center. Carve a line with
your nose to look forward. And on an exhale, make your
way to the top of the mat. You can baby step,
you can ragdoll, you can hop, float. Then when you’re ready inhale,
halfway lift, your version. Create length in the neck. Exhale to soften and
fold everything down. Inhale, spread the fingertips. Root to rise here.
Reach for the sky. Big stretch so big, big breath. Big beach ball up and overhead. And then exhale,
hands come together and right back down to the heart. Take a nice
cleansing breath here in. And empty it out. (audibly exhales) Beautiful. Interlace the fingertips, find
that steeple grip once again. Inhale, reach for the sky. Big stretch. This time, check it out, we’re
gonna softly bend the knees. On the exhale, hands come in
line with the heart as we lift the left foot and step
it all the way back into a nice high lunge. So work with your body. If this is too much
in the high lunge today, just lower the left knee
to the earth and work here. It’s awesome. Okie doke. So we’re squeezing the inner thighs to the midline. We’re turning on the core. We’re keeping
the shoulders down. So biceps up towards the sky. Beautiful.
Breathing deep here. All stretched out through that
foot so you’re pressing through your left pinky toe. Front knee over front ankle. Try to really focus on the
sensation versus the shape. So we want to get our alignment
right but we want to work with the muscles where they are now. Again, just trying
to find that balance. Here we go, inhale. You’re gonna straighten,
really straighten the back leg. Reach the fingertips,
steeple grip, up towards the sky. Exhale, bend your back knee find
that same connection to your center as you bring the
hands in line with the heart. Peek at me if you
need to on these first few. Inhale, we reach up
straighten the back leg. Exhale, draw it in. Long exhale here, I’m talking
so I can’t really demo but it should feel like a real good emptying out of the breath. Inhale, reach up. Exhale hug the
low ribs back and in. Turn on the abdominal wall,
bend your back knee. Inhale, reach it up. Exhale, hug it in. Good, one more time,
inhale reach it. Exhale hug it in. From here back knee’s bent. You’re gonna use
it to step forward. Here we go. One, two, nice and
easy back to Mountain Pose. We’re gonna go right in
to the second side so inhale, reach the fingertips up high. Exhale, hug the low ribs in,
hands come in line with the heart as you
lift the right foot. With control step it
back nice high lunge. Find your foundation here first. Squeeze the
inner thighs together. Find that balance of energy. Upward body lifting up. Back body grounding down. Arms are getting
tired here so breathe. Soften. And then here we go, inhale. Reach for the sky,
straighten the back leg. Exhale, hug the low ribs in. Bend the back knee. Round it through, really connect
through that low belly too. Inhale, reach it up. Exhale, empty it out. Inhale, reach it up. Exhale, hands in
line with the heart. You can always keep the back
leg straight if it’s too much to bend the knee here today. Keep it going. Welcoming that heat. Creating a full body experience. Awesome, do one more and the
next time your hands are in line with the heart, pause there.
Back knee’s bent. Find that connection,
lift up from the pelvic floor and from your center,
hop that back foot all the way up to meet the front. Excuse me, buddy.
Excuse me. Inhale, reach for the sky. Hallelujah, exhale. Bend the elbows,
release the arms. Yay. Take it all the way down. Take a restful breath here. You’ve got it. Inhale in. Empty it out,
nice cleansing exhale. Inhale to halfway lift. Exhale to soften and fold. Alright, hang with me. Plant the palms,
step your feet back, Plank Pose. So now from here on
you can work in Half Plank. I think it’s good to work in
Half Plank so you can really start to turn on the muscles
in your abdominal wall and not overdo it. It’s good to work in stages. So it’s okay to lower the knees. We’re here.
We’re doing a nice static hold. We’re breathing and there’s
gonna come a point where you want to give up and your
attitude’s gonna want to really kick into another gear
so just decide what gear that’s gonna be. I’ll count us down.
We’re here for ten. Oh my gosh, Adriene, nine. Eight, reach the heels back. Seven, six, baratta through the neck, five. Four, three,
Downward Dog on the one. Yes, you did it. Awesome. Bend the knees. You’re doing great. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Alright, from your Downward Dog we’re gonna draw
the low belly in. We’re going to hug the navel to
the spine and we’re slowly gonna roll through the spine
all the way back to Plank. I know. Then take it back up and send
it all the way to Downward Dog. Now find a little flow here. Catch a wave with your breath. Getting really
articulate through the spine. Clawing through the fingertips. Building strength in the arms. And the whole torso. Strong back.
Strong core. So you can work
nice and slow here or you can start
to pick up the pace. You got it. When you roll forward
remember those shoulders are right over the wrists. Meet your appropriate edge here. You’re doing great. Awesome.
Then we’ll do one more. The next time you’re in Downward
Facing Dog take a deep breath in here and exhale, bend the knees. Look forward,
make your way to the top. Awesome.
Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale to soften and fold. You’re gonna walk your hands
underneath your feet here, your toes just to give a little
relief for their wrists here. And you can bring your hands all
the way underneath your foot. Bring your toes to your
wrists and wiggle your toes. Just take a restful breath here. Mhmmm. Very nice. And then slowly release. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, fold. Root to rise here.
Inhale, reach for the sky. Big stretch, big breath. Exhale, hands to heart. Inhale lots of love in. Relax your shoulders
as you breathe out. Maybe you let it go
through the mouth. Let it go out
through the mouth, yeah. Okay, soft knees.
Here we go, steeple grip. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, hands to heart
step the right foot back. Inhale, reach for the sky here. Check it out, exhale. You’re gonna slowly send
your steeple grip forward. Keep your back foot
on the ground for now. Hugging the low ribs. Arms are engaged. I’m really lifting my
triceps up towards my ears. Now you can stay here. Inhale in or exhale, we begin
to lift off the back leg. What? Hold onto your focus,
your Drishti. Dial your left pinky
toes down to the ground. Soft bend in the standing leg. I’m actively reaching up
through my right hip crease. Inhale in, exhale, slow and
steady with control bring the left toes back to the ground. Inhale, lift your
heart up towards the sky. Exhale, hands in
line with the heart. Bend your back knee and we’ll
hop it back up to the front. Good, inhale reach for the sky. Stick with me, exhale, engage
your center as you bring your hands in line with the heart
and we step the right toes back. Big inhale to lift
the index fingers up high. Big stretch. Full body experience. Exhale. You’re gonna slowly
take it forward, tilt forward. Back toes stay on
the earth here to start. Lean into it.
You got it. Breathe deep. Try to really hug those
triceps up towards your ears. Stay here. Continue with deep breathing
or take it one step further by perhaps experimenting with
lifting the right leg up high. Hug the low ribs in. Draw your navel in and up. Dial the right toes down. Lift the left
hip crease up high. Breathe deep. You got it. Inhale in. Exhale with control. Slow and steady, bring the
right toes back to the earth. Inhale, lift your heart. (chuckles) Sounded Irish.
Lift your heart. Exhale, hands in
line with the chest. Bring the back foot up. Okay, stick with me here. We got this.
We got this. Okay, bring a little
space between the heels, send your hips back. Arms are talking to me. If this is too much for your
shoulders you can release the steeple grip now and
take the fingertips forward. Utkatasan. Tuck, lengthen the tailbone, rather, down,
hug the lower ribs in. Inhale in. Exhale, release everything,
hallelujah, let it go. Inhale, halfway lift,
your version. Exhale, Plank Pose. Take your time. Beautiful, from here you’re
going to hug the right knee up into the chest then kick it out. Hug the left knee
up into the chest, then kick it out. Now bring your right
knee towards your right elbow. Squeeze it up and in. And then kick it out and
then hug your left knee up towards your left elbow.
Squeeze it in. And then kick it out.
One more, you got this. Right knee to left elbow. Squeeze it in. Kick it out. Now cross
it over one last time. Left knee to right elbow. Squeeze it in. Kick it back out. Downward Facing
Dog or Child’s Pose. You did a great job.
Take a deep breath in. Way to hang with it. Give you your
thinking mind a break. Let your body kind of get the love and
meet the challenge. Basically no toxic thoughts. Be sweet. Be curious. Be kind. Alright, if you’re in Child’s
Pose go ahead and meet us in Downward Facing Dog. Okay, last bit.
You got this. Claw through the fingertips. We’re going to
tick-tock the hips to the right. You’re gonna come onto the
outer edge of your right foot. Inner arch of your left foot. From here we’re gonna press away
from the yoga mat with the right hand and lift the left
fingertips up towards the sky. Side plank. If you have it in ya, you can
take the left arch of the left foot stack it over the right
foot or maybe lift it up high. You can also take a full
Vasisthasana by lifting the hips creating a little rainbow in
the spine and bringing the left fingertips all the way forward. Breathe deep here. Meet your appropriate edge. This is it.
Inhale in. Lift the hips
up a little higher. And then exhale, back to Plank. If you need to take a
little break in-between, it’s all good. Actually why not?
Let’s all take a little break. Come onto the knees. Bring the hands together
and then dial your fingers, that’s what those are called,
down just for a sec here. Get a little
stretch for the wrists. Okay, last bit. We got this.
Here we go. Back to Plank. Downward Facing Dog. Find your foundation first. Reconnect with your breath. We’re almost done here.
You’re doing awesome. Alright, cue Kesha,
tick-tock to the left. You’re gonna bring the outer
edge of the left foot to the earth, inner arch of
the right foot to the earth. Then as you start
to straighten out, remember we’re working with
good alignment here so shoulder, elbow and left wrist all in a
nice straight line as I slowly send my right
fingertips up towards the sky. Lift the hips up you can stay
here or we can stack the feet. Or we can lift the top leg. Maybe option in time to take the
right fingertips all the way up and overhead, lifting the hips. Breathing, breathing, breathing. Awesome, with control
slowly come out of the pose. Come to Plank. We’re gonna go all
the way down to the belly. We’re gonna inhale,
lift up Cobra. And release. Alright, last plank.
We got this. Curl the toes under. Move with your
breath as you press up. Final Plank. Nice work. Downward Facing Dog. Last Downward Dog. Nice work.
Keep breathing here. When you’re ready,
bend your knees, carve a line with your
nose to look forward and then make
your way to the top. Feet together, really together. Then we’re going to
slowly bend the knees. Come right back into that
ball that we’ve been in here. You can modify as needed here,
of course, always. And then for those who want, it’s optional,
of course, always optional. This is your body, your life,
your practice so ultimately you’re the one in charge for
your own responsible and in charge of your own happiness. Maybe we try one last time our toe stand. Engaging the
full abdominal wall. Using all of the tools we know
about our energetic practice lifting and grounding. Balancing that
Sun and Moon energy. Awesome and then
we’ll slowly release. We’re going to
bring the bum back down. We’re going to repeat basically, come back to that
seated position. Hands come behind the thighs. Loop the shoulders. Lean back, way back. Lift the shins. Inhale in. Exhale, maybe you
send the fingertips out. Maybe you
straighten the right leg. Maybe straighten the left leg. Maybe straighten both legs, lift
the arms up towards the sky. Let’s see what happens.
Inhale in. Exhale and then slowly release. Come on down to your back. Straighten the legs. If you want you can do a nice slow roll with
that steeple grip. Alright, awesome work. Let’s cool it down. So when you get here in your own time you can
get centered on the mat, hug your knees up
to your chest. We’re just gonna rinse it out
by taking the legs to one side, any side and then (stutters) looking in the
opposite direction. So a little reclined twist. Breathing deep. And then when you’re ready,
rock through center. Get that nice yummy
massage on the low back. And we’ll take it
to the other side. Taking your gaze in the
opposite direction of your legs. And then we’ll
come back to center. And you can either rock and roll
up and down the length of your spine to sit in a little
meditation or hang out or you can extend the leg that
long for a little Shavasana. Do take a second to
just be with your breath. Let the nutrients of your
practice kind of settle in. And remember how valuable it
is to check your attitude when you’re working
with your body. Right? Let’s work with our bodies,
not on them. Let’s honor them and love them. And accept them and
all their beautiful glory. Alright, let me know
how it went for you in the comments
section down below. Feel free to share this video. Subscribe to the
channel if you haven’t already. I love you guys. Way to give it your best shot.
I’ll see you next time. Namaste. (bright music)


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  1. Yoga With Adriene

    June 2, 2019 1:33 pm

    This is your practice and it should serve.
    So check it out, see what is different, and remember how powerful your thoughts are.


    August 17, 2019 5:30 pm

    29:38 i did it finally!!! im so impressed of how much i improved since i began, and its not just about doing the poses correctly but how i feel after i do them, every time i do something new it gives me the power to step on the mat with excitement and high hopes, every practice is a new experience for me and i really feel like im treating my body so well and so kind, and i no longer think of yoga as just flexing my body and having the good shape, i think of it as beautiful look at the good side of myself, and it gives me a lot of great memories for my future self that is waiting for me, im always always always thankful for your being in my life youre a beautiful amazing wonderful gift that gives me a reason to wake up every day, You changed me Adriene and i'll always share my energy and love and time with you cuz you deserve all the love and happiness, im lost in words and idk what i did ti have you, thank you and have an amazing day!

  3. Yvonne Elvelund

    August 19, 2019 7:49 am

    thank you Adriene,
    this has become my favourite yoga practice – the one I turn to every monday morning.
    I love how it is challenging yet relaxing + fun (I love balancing poses !). usually I get quite restless with longer practices, but this tempo was perfect (not too fast).
    totally agree with Penelope below about making more sequences like this – just take it a bit further (even more challenging).

  4. yLa1n3

    August 21, 2019 9:54 am

    I was so sleepy before doing this but because I do ot want to take a nap I did this exercise I sweat a lot hahaha thanks adrienne! I couldn't do the side starfish pose I was trembling hahaha

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    August 22, 2019 1:30 am

    So I’m just getting back into my yoga practice after way too long without it, and I just did this workout. Let me tell you- I am sweating BUCKETS. BUT, I feel so good now and ready for a relaxing rest of my night and good sleep tonight.

  6. Gill Smith

    August 22, 2019 8:09 am

    I swapped my days in Reunite as time allowed today. This practice was tough for this senior yogi and I managed all but those last side plank moves so I did my version. I loved the steeple grip, 007 ? 😂 for my arms, awesome, struggled to relax in downward dog, but loved the general core work. Relaxing afterwards in shavasana, as you say, I could really feel the nutrients of our practice working through my body ….. a lovely feeling ! My great daily yoga, thanks Adriene 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💞

  7. SimplySarah

    August 22, 2019 6:03 pm

    I’ve been using Yoga with Adrienne videos to help me get in shape for about two years now, and I always love when I use these videos because it’s a challenge for me. Each video always has a little something to make the experience more challenging, but this video was not only a physical challenge. This video challenged my mind and my thoughts. It took me longer than 32 minutes to do this practice. But it didn’t take me as long as it would’ve when I first began my journey. I told myself I could do it, and when my body needed a moment to catch a breath, I took the moment without shaming myself for it. This video did indeed call to my abs and arms, but it also worked my attitude, which I wasn’t expecting to be worked as much as it was during this practice. Thank you, Adriene! Your videos have been helping me for a very long time, and they always make me feel good about where I am and working with my body instead of on my body (as you mentioned in this video)!

  8. Diana Redondo

    August 23, 2019 9:52 am

    You are great. I love your dedication and your attitude. Only one downside: sometimes you talk too much in your videos. I also like some silence while I do yoga. Hope you don't mind my remark.

  9. jeannie garland

    August 25, 2019 2:20 am

    Love from Thailand. August 25 and still going! Loving it! Thank you Adriene for getting up with mw every morning. You help me smile every day. Namaste.

  10. Jelena Nedeljkovic

    August 25, 2019 12:11 pm

    Changing the attitude is everything… That’s the place where change starts. Recently, I experienced a crucial change in one more field thanks to the change of my attitude regarding the migraine phenomenon. Giving the fact that I become allergic to a medicament, the only one which happens to help me to easily overcome all manifestation of a migraine attack. After 15 years behaving in a helpless manner like “Oh, here comes the severe storm again, poor me, poor me…” where I used to indulge myself in the outcomes of it and turn it into nothing but suffering as long as it lasts. And I received this allergy-like message as a final warning that I should change something… And that was my attitude. Then I think of it as an excellent chance to get rid of the medicaments, chance to gain knowledge about the natural phenomenon like the migraine is (I related it to a weather changes giving the fact that it is connected to it), get more familiar with symptoms and so on. So, I undertake the research – I’m writing my diary on migraines, I found some YouTube videos on acupressure, and what is matter the most – when the first migraine came after this decision to actively participate in it, I can tell you that just the change of my attitude brings me so much relief that was amazing… And I said to myself with the smile on my face (first smile ever! while migraine attack rages, that was epic) “Now, let’s try this acupressure cure session that I found, it can’t be worst then it would be if I do nothing”. And it helped! After about half an hour the pain was gone, and I was able to continue my day properly. I’m doing that form that day on and it works. I would suggest to everyone who is suffering from migraine to Find how it Feels Good, if not already, to change the attitude and make it easier. Kind regards to all readers who make it through this writing. Namaste and wish you all weather changes be good one <3 …if this makes any sense… Dear Adriene, mental growth is so much wealthier with you… Beautifull changes are happening, indeed…

  11. Kristen McKell

    August 25, 2019 10:56 pm

    Hey, Adriene! I’m new to yoga and I love watching your videos. I just completed this one for the first time and I was struggling a lot with my wrists. At one point you said to use your fingers and not put a lot of pressure in your wrists, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that. Any tips?

  12. Life with Miss Liz

    August 26, 2019 1:46 am

    Some days are harder than others to hold myself up. For anyone else that's struggling, remember, strength comes through time and practice.

  13. Liandra Kirchner

    August 26, 2019 2:02 am

    haven't practiced in over a week and this was a perfect video to get me back into it (insert muscle emoji here) thank you!

  14. Gill Smith

    August 26, 2019 8:11 am

    Oh my Adriene, this was the one of my choice 3 days ago and also we practiced it two months ago ! It’s a beautiful challenge for me, strengthening the arms in 007 steeplegrip and focusing the mind in those toe stands ! Of course I had to do my senior yogi side planks towards the end so I could complete this practice with everyone and meet my edge, but it works for me. See you tomorrow on the mat for Day 27. Summer is going too fast here in England 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💞

  15. Liz Beardmore

    August 26, 2019 8:21 am

    A challenging but great practice! Can never roll up from lying (I have a very long back!) although I have no problem rolling down in a controlled way. Managed everything except final side planks – a step too far. Considering my energies were so low a month ago, I'm pleased with my progress! Thank you Adriene xx Namaste 💟💟

  16. Claire Chapman

    August 26, 2019 9:17 am

    I did this practice a few months ago, and then again today. Amazing how much stronger I've become and how much my attitude has improved – especially those killer side planks! Thanks Adriene

  17. Marie C

    August 26, 2019 9:33 am

    Very challenging for me today, especially (as always) the side plank, but I think it's essentially because of the hot weather her. Namaste

  18. Rachel Taylor

    August 26, 2019 12:12 pm

    Wobbly in places today which made me laugh, a good thing as very competitive with myself. Lovely arm, tummy & attitude practice thoroughly enjoyable and felt different today. Brilliant Adriene you have a gift x

  19. Gilles DesRosiers

    August 26, 2019 12:18 pm

    I started crying again with this one?? I wonder what causes that…maybe it's just weakness leaving my body:)

  20. Swiss 01

    August 26, 2019 2:50 pm

    Thank you so much for this practice! It allowed me to release some of my energy about school starting up again.

  21. Rio Mae Blanco

    August 26, 2019 3:51 pm

    Lifting up your spirit and grounding yourself to be in the present moment can help you establish a positive attitude 😉✨ Thank you so much Adriene and namaste 🙏🏻💗

  22. Jaclyn Bruschi

    August 26, 2019 9:04 pm

    In the ball pose I rolled backwards and just laughed, my modification was holding on for dead life onto my laundry basket thank goodness I let go! Totally not for my body but I will not give up!

  23. Sarah Kilgallon

    August 26, 2019 9:15 pm

    So needed today! Beyond grateful for a practice that I stick with and feel good about. Adriene, I know you hear/read this a lot, but your yoga series means so much to me as it does for many people worldwide. Thanks for your hard work, sense of humor, and the yogi master, Benji.

  24. D a w s a c

    August 26, 2019 9:33 pm

    REUNITE day 26

    “Your body, your life, your practice, your happiness”.



  25. Nicole Meisner

    August 26, 2019 10:32 pm

    Hands down, one of the hardest practices of yours that I've done. Or more like "tried to do and failed miserably for half of the time", but probably that's because even though I did wait for 3 hours after eating dinner, my belly was still too full and heavy to keep up! Still, I managed to get out as much from this practice as I could today! 26th day of Reunite!

  26. Vanessa Morris

    August 27, 2019 1:51 am

    It does not matter how many time I do each practice video I always laeve the mat with a new perspective and lesson and that's what I love about yoga, it's either physical or emotional and most times both without even realising it so thank you Adriene for this wonderful practice, I did get my butt kicked which taught me a lot so thank you much love to u and benji and everyone else practicing with us, Namaste 💕💞💓💗💖❤💪🐶🙏🙏

  27. Grace Taylor

    August 27, 2019 4:02 am

    I don't know what was up with my attitude today, but I was in a terrible mood this whole practice! I was yelling and swearing and several times I just plain stopped and let the video play while I sat and stewed for a bit. At least I finished the video? I hope that I can work through these negative emotions and come back to the mat tomorrow with a better attitude — I'm just disappointed that I couldn't keep myself motivated enough to try to follow along with this video.

  28. Emily Charlotte

    August 27, 2019 9:44 am

    I enjoyed the challenge of this one, working up a bit of a sweat. Maybe we could have more like this! 😀 x

  29. Oskar winters

    August 27, 2019 12:17 pm

    now you are going to roll up into a little ball …..i went too far ! i rolled into fully standing up haha. I did that as a child i guess the muscle memory was still there.

  30. Oskar winters

    August 27, 2019 12:50 pm

    This started so easy, at the 10 min mark i was like hmmmm should i look for something harder, then at the end i was dripping.

  31. Sarah Green

    August 27, 2019 5:29 pm

    Love it! My arms were shaking in the side plank!
    Have you got any tips for strengthening wrists too? I always find that mine really suffer in practices like this one.

  32. Marie-Louise Sessions

    August 29, 2019 7:39 am

    Made me sweat!!! Enjoyed the challenge, thx for all your positive encouragement Adriene x

  33. Ayesha Acquah

    August 29, 2019 6:55 pm

    My Roommate and I are addicted to your videos! Thank you so much for sharing your gift and your warmth with us. We were each going through our own personal struggles and through yoga we're found calm, balance, and strength. Namaste

  34. Sally Cheng

    August 31, 2019 4:16 am

    Hi Adriene, I love your sessions and with Benji! My cat does like to headbutt me when I’m practicing haha. I love that you are your authentic self and candid in your videos. Thank you. 🙏

  35. BurningTurtle

    September 1, 2019 8:40 pm

    I need to stick with this; there was way too much shaking throughout that 30 minutes. Always keep improving! 🙂

  36. Marie-Eve Beaulieu

    September 3, 2019 5:20 am

    Thank you so much Adriene for this awesome session! Challenging and full of love, it’s really a wonderful way to help us grow! Love.

  37. cathy hollaway

    September 3, 2019 6:32 pm

    Great practice, Adrienne! Dorian is slow and possibly won’t impact Florida as badly as predicted but quite a mean f-….er to the Bahamas. it won’t leave!. We should pray for them hard! You see how obsessed I am with this storm! Sorry! Thank God I have yoga for all my stress right now! I have flows , to roll with when we lose our power🙏.

  38. Jocelyn Burdick

    September 6, 2019 3:51 pm

    I really noticed I improved my downward dog with the tips you gave from your other video. Thank you! This one was powerful and I loved generating so much heat and energy. I always feel like I glow after a session like this!❤️🌈

  39. Curl Master KoKoDiva

    September 7, 2019 10:48 am

    Adriene, you kicked my butt with this one and I LOVE IT!!! Thank you for the guidance and focus on attitude!

  40. Rosalind Owen

    September 7, 2019 3:56 pm

    I'm recovering from a shoulder injury so the side planks was a bit Challenging but I'm getting stronger…. full plank awesome!!!

  41. Kristin

    September 11, 2019 11:36 pm

    I just discovered your channel and am absolutely in love! Thank you for posting these and not only teaching me yoga, but mindfulness 🙂

  42. Madison Warner

    September 12, 2019 3:30 am

    Loved loved loved this one! You truly say everything that needs to be said and you do it well. This was a great space I was able to recharge and love myself in. I started practicing with you about 3 years ago and you have truly spoken my language. Thank you for giving like you do!

  43. nbydalek

    September 13, 2019 8:03 pm

    I used to be pretty advanced when it comes to yoga, but now at 3 months postpartum my body feels like total jello. Thanks Adriene for helping me gently and slowly get strong and happy again!! Love this video

  44. jonathan munoz

    September 16, 2019 4:45 pm

    I’ve been recovering from a knee injury and it’s been a while since I’ve followed through with an entire video of yours and I wanted to quit so bad but I didn’t and did the whole thing. Tired, but I feel amazing. I needed this, Thank you so much !

  45. Lilian Wittmann

    September 21, 2019 11:26 am

    OMG I was seriously underestimating this (it's true, I must say…)
    But oh my dear sweet God, I am sweating and shaking!
    Could definetly feel the energy, the prana through the whole practice so I am going to repeat this on my weekly routine to get more strenght!
    Thank you Adriene!!!

  46. Amanda Massey

    September 24, 2019 10:28 pm

    I'm getting back into my yoga practice and just general self care. I did this video yesterday and today my arms are so (beautifully) sore. Thank you for the wonderful series of videos. And for the kind challenge to both body and self thought.

  47. forumaura43

    September 25, 2019 12:57 pm

    Nice stretch and workout before my double shift at work, need this so I don't get too sore at work being on my feet all day. Thank you Adriene!

  48. Monique Borlovan

    October 3, 2019 10:25 pm

    thank you. what a powerfully energetic practice. I didn't have a dog to pat but, my cat found his way to a sunny spot on my mat, had to get creative with the space around me! perfect series after a run too!

  49. Sara M

    October 4, 2019 7:53 pm

    i always have had trouble with the side plank but after doing this workout a couple times i finally got it! yaay!

  50. Laura Thompson

    October 7, 2019 7:45 pm

    Really struggled with this one. I've been a bit out of practice so really appreciated the attitude part. My butt is well and truly kicked!

  51. Cheyne Pannett

    October 9, 2019 10:47 pm

    I've been practicing with you semi-regularly for the last 2 years and recently at least 4 times a week for the last 3 months and this practice was the first where I've been able to hold and maintain my balance and composure in a one legged balancing posture! Amazing practice and now one I will be returning to frequently as balance is the thing I struggle most with in yoga.

  52. Crystal Rose

    October 11, 2019 6:26 pm

    Went all in for today’s practice, so glad I did. This is just what I needed and I had Flash the cat to pet, challenge my balance, and climb on whenever he perceived an opportunity. Yep. Solid practice. Thank you Adriene, love your show.

  53. Tia Schwartzkopf

    October 14, 2019 3:41 am

    There was a couple parts where I almost quit, thank you for the nice comments in between stretches!

  54. Joy Simmons

    October 14, 2019 4:25 pm

    Ok, that was tougher than I anticipated, but it was great! It definitely showed where I need to get stronger. 😍

  55. Vendy Sklenaříková

    October 15, 2019 6:12 pm

    I'm so thankful Adriene. You can always get my mind back from a crazy city life. I'm also so happy that you create those awesome videos, which are teaching me how to stay conected with my body and challange it too. I can feel my blood running in veins and breath in lungs. Such a great feeling ❤️

  56. Makayla Porter

    October 16, 2019 1:02 am

    I love your practice and positivity! Odd request over here.. Can we have a "joy of life/nature" episode with all your plants? Your plants are lovely and I find that they seem to calm my soul and feel genuinely happy ☺

  57. Rachel Taylor

    October 17, 2019 9:14 am

    Love this one especially when I feel tired it perks you up and makes you think I can do this after a busy week. Now for some retail therapy with my daughter and a lovely walk somewhere! Happy Thursday Adriene 🙂 xxx


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