Affirmations to Release Negative Energy and Anger | Ethereal Meditations

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I love and accept myself in all moments. I surrender to all feelings and
sensations that arise within and I let them flow through me without judgment or attachment. I feel ready to release feelings of
anger and negativity and I am kind and patient with myself during this process. I am worthy, I am lovable, and I am strong. I know my worth and will not accept
anything less. It is okay to say no. I never have to apologize for standing
up for myself and speaking my own truth. When I honour my own boundaries and voice my desires and needs out loud, I honour the authenticity that makes me uniquely
me. Those who love me will listen and
receive my words with compassion, patience and kindness. I am not in control of other people’s
words or actions, but I am in control of my own response. Other’s words or actions do not have
anything to do with me. It is merely a reflection of themselves
and where they currently are in their own journey. I am compassionate for where others are
in their own journey. It is my responsibility to separate
myself from people or situations that are not in my highest good. I choose to transform the energy of any
negative emotions into higher frequencies of compassion, forgiveness
and gratitude. I choose forgiveness.
I choose this for myself because it allows me the space to heal and to move
forward. I am grateful for the situation or person because it is helping me to learn. Each time that I learn I grow. With growth comes transformation and with transformation comes healing and empowerment. I am grateful for the innate wisdom
within my body and how my intuition guides me towards the people, places and experiences that are in my highest good. I trust the healing power of compassion
and forgiveness to set me free. I am exactly where I need to be. Thank you for listening to this guided
meditation we hope that it’s helped transform negative emotions into healing
energy and an increased feeling of inner calmness. If you are interested in
listening to other meditations please visit our YouTube channel Ethereal
Meditations and subscribe.


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