Are You Having A Spiritual Emergency? [Here’s WHAT TO DO]


There are thousands of people across the world
right now going through a phenomenon that’s known as a spiritual emergency, and you may
be experiencing this phenomenon without even knowing it. So what exactly is a spiritual emergency,
and how different is it from a spiritual awakening? And most importantly, if you are going through
a spiritual emergency, how the heck do you survive it? I’m going to get into these questions in this
video coming up. Hello, beautiful soul. This is Christina Lopes, the heart alchemist
here to help you open your heart, heal your past, and live with purpose. If you’re new to my videos, click on that
subscribe button and also on the bell so you get notified as soon as I publish new content. Now, this week we are going into the topic
of spiritual emergencies. These are on the rise around the planet, and
I’ve been working with increasing numbers of clients that are going through spiritual
emergencies and they don’t even know that that’s what’s happening to them. So that’s exactly what this video is going
to be about. We are going to be answering four questions
having to do with spiritual emergencies. The first one is we’re going to define, what
the heck is a spiritual emergency? So that’s the first question. The second question is, what’s the difference
between a spiritual emergency and a spiritual awakening? Because they can kind of overlap, and sometimes
people think they’re synonyms, but they’re not. And then in question three, we are going to
go over what the top symptoms of a spiritual emergency are. And I’m going to share the top eight that
I’ve discovered in my work and in my own personal life. And then question number four is, how the
heck do I survive a spiritual emergency? And I’m going to share with you the top four
tips that I have. If you are in fact going through a spiritual
emergency, these four tips will really, really be a lifeline for you. Once you get finished watching this video,
let me know in the comments below. If you think you’re having a spiritual emergency
right now, I want to hear in the comments below. Okay, onto question number one. So what is a spiritual emergency? The term spiritual emergency was coined by
Christina and Stan Grof, Stan Grof is a world renounced psychiatrist in the field of transpersonal
psychology. And Christina, his wife is a psychotherapist. They’ve written extensively about it, and
they’re the ones that actually coined the term spiritual emergency. If you haven’t heard of them, I highly recommend,
you’re going to have a book popping up right here. And the book is called The Stormy Search for
the Self. If you feel like you’re going through a spiritual
emergency right now, this book is a must read. So get that book for you, I’m going to leave
a link to it in the description box below to make it easier. That’s a must read if you feel like you’re
going through a spiritual emergency. In that book, they’re the ones that basically
coined this term spiritual emergency. And a spiritual emergency is a highly disruptive
spiritual process that occurs in your whole being, mind, body, soul. And it’s so disruptive, very rapid, and very
dramatic. And it is disrupting of your entire life,
even of your day-to-day activities. So that’s what’s a spiritual emergency, that’s
the definition of a spiritual emergency. A spiritual emergency is usually triggered
by an outside event or by something that happens in your life, usually pretty suddenly. So when you read the book, you’ll know Christina
Grof actually shares her story of how she had a spiritual emergency. And it was triggered by the birth of her first
child. So it was when she was in child labor that
she had the triggering of this phenomenon. In my life, I had the triggering of a spiritual
emergency when I went through a spontaneous Kundalini awakening. If you know nothing about Kundalini, I’m going
to leave a video right here on what Kundalini awakenings are so you can get more into that. I’ll leave a link in the description box below. But basically, that’s what happened to me. But it could be a Kundalini awakening, childbirth. It could be the loss of a loved one, it could
be the loss of a relationship, the loss of your job, an accident, a life threatening
disease, near death experience. The list can go on and on of the triggers,
the things that can trigger a spiritual emergency. But basically, that’s what it is, a process
that is so highly disruptive. It changes your whole life, it changes your
whole self, but it’s very disruptive even of your day-to-day life. Onto question number two, and that is what’s
the difference between a spiritual emergency and a spiritual awakening? So these two phenomenon, they have very nuanced
differences. They are different phenomenons. And you can go through a spiritual awakening
without having a spiritual emergency at all. There are a lot of people going through spiritual
awakenings and not all of us go through spiritual emergencies. So the spiritual emergency is a process that
can occur within a spiritual awakening sometimes. Now, the difference between a spiritual emergency
and a spiritual awakening, when does it get so severe that we can call a spiritual awakening
a spiritual emergency? There are two distinguishing characteristics. The first one is time, and the second one
is intensity. So these are the two distinguishing characteristics
between spiritual emergencies and spiritual awakenings. Now, what do I mean by this? So in terms of time, a spiritual emergency
usually has a very sudden onset sometimes from one minute to the next. That’s what happened to me. The onset of my spiritual emergency, I was
in meditation. I started to have a spontaneous Kundalini
awakening without even knowing what the heck was happening to me. And I remember my eyes were closed. And as the energy circulated through me from
one minute to the next, I opened my eyes and my entire world had changed. I can’t even explain to you how this is possible,
but it did. There was some kind of quantum leap that happened
to me in the triggering of my spiritual emergency. And my whole life, the whole way that I viewed
reality shifted just in a second. And so when it comes to time, the spiritual
emergency is something that usually has a really quick onset, and it usually lasts a
much shorter amount of time than a spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakenings can last years, but I
haven’t seen people yet that have been in spiritual emergencies for years. So the timeframe for a spiritual emergency
is a much faster onset, whereas a spiritual awakening can go a little slower over the
course of years. The start of the spiritual awakening sometimes
can be a little smoother. Not so in a spiritual emergency, the onset
is quicker and it’s a process that’s very fast. It’s sort of an acceleration that you go through
during a spiritual awakening. That’s the time component. Then in terms of intensity, a spiritual emergency
basically takes a spiritual awakening and turns up the notch, like 10 volumes up. So the spiritual emergency really is so much
more intense than a general spiritual awakening. When you’re in a spiritual emergency, you
feel like your life is just falling completely apart in every way, shape or form. So these are the two defining characteristics,
time and intensity. Spiritual emergencies are much more intense,
and they have a much faster onslaught then a spiritual awakening. So I hope that this helps you to kind of be
able to diagnose and discern whether you’re just going through a regular spiritual awakening,
and that’s your process or if you’re in fact in a spiritual emergency right now. For more on the process of spiritual awakenings,
you’re going to see a video popping up right here, and it’s about the top signs of a spiritual
awakening. Go watch that video after you watch this one. If you’re curious to go further into the topic
of spiritual awakening, I’ll leave a link in the description box below for that video
also. Onto question number three, and that’s what
are the top symptoms of a spiritual emergency? I’ve picked eight of them, so I have a top
eight list of symptoms of a spiritual emergency. But I want to leave a side note here, ding,
ding, side note. And the side note is some of these symptoms,
although I did try to consolidate the list to make them be very kind of unique to a spiritual
emergency, they’re not completely unique. So some of the signs and the symptoms that
I am going to discuss here, you can also go through during a spiritual awakening. But you have to remember again that with a
spiritual emergency, there’s the time factor and the intensity factor. So always remember these two defining characteristics,
and that’ll help you kind of discern whether you are having a spiritual emergency. The first symptom is you have a complete and
very rapid shift in the way that you see reality. Now, this can be so quick that it becomes
very jarring, it becomes very frightening for the person because in my case, for instance,
using my example, I closed my eyes to do a meditation. And when I opened my eyes, my entire world
was different. I perceived time in a different way, so time
slowed down for me, my senses became hyper acute. I became connected with the spiritual world
very quickly. All of this occurred in a fraction of a second,
and that’s why it then became a bit frightening to me because I had a complete shift in consciousness
in a fraction of a second. And this is very common to have this complete
shift in your awareness, complete shift in the way that you see reality and have this
occur very quickly. Again, you can go through this in the spiritual
awakening, but it’s not as intense as it is when you go through it in a spiritual emergency. Your whole worldview can shift from one moment
to the next. So that’s symptom number one. Symptom number two is your everyday life is
severely impacted. This is where things depart a lot from a regular
spiritual awakening. When you are in an act of spiritual emergency,
things like your everyday life become almost impossible to do. So people will reach me sometimes they’ve
just quit their jobs because they can’t work, they can’t possibly go to work. They can’t even imagine getting out of bed. Sometimes they can’t even crawl out of bed. Sometimes they can’t even do basic things
like take a shower, go get a cup of water to drink. That’s how debilitating they can feel temporarily,
the good thing is this is temporarily. But the everyday life of a person going through
a spiritual emergency will be severely impacted to a point where they have difficulties maintaining
normal activities of everyday life. Now, this is very different from a spiritual
awakening you see because there are millions of us going through spiritual awakenings and
we can still maintain a semblance of a normal life or we can maintain a job, we can still
make money. We’re still doing kind of our regular life
while going through a spiritual awakening, but not so during an active spiritual emergency. Just every day small tasks become just huge
things. And all of these things just become overwhelming
to you sometimes to a point where the person just wants to stay in bed with the covers
over their heads. That’s how traumatizing this can feel. So that’s symptom number two, and this is
very unique to a spiritual emergency. Symptom number three is that you have very
rapid access to universal consciousness. Now, this means that you basically connect
with the mind of God, you basically connect with the mind of God. You connect with the mind of God very quickly
and it feels like you have this kind downpour of universal consciousness into your brain. And sometimes it could feel absolutely overwhelming. So you’ll start to receive just enormous amounts
of information. Think about what the mind of God must feel
like. The mind of creation, it is all of creation. And so when you’re going through a spiritual
emergency, your system opens up so quickly, so dramatically that it’s almost like the
whole mind of God drops into your brain. And this download, this rapid download of
information can be very frightening for people because you just start to become so all knowing. You know about the nature of reality, you
know deep truths about how things work and how they don’t work. You know about love, you know about how God
thinks, how God perceives the world. So you tap very closely into the mind of God
and you start to receive these enormous amounts of information. When I was going through this process, I literally
had notebook after notebook, after notebook of notes because that’s literally what I did. I looked like a robot. I was just receiving so many downloads, so
much knowledge that I just kept writing it down. And at the time a lot of this stuff didn’t
make sense to me, but it makes sense to me later. It’s in fact a lot of the materials that I
wrote in those notebooks then ended up becoming materials for my videos on YouTube. But at the moment, it was a little frightening
to sort of … On the one hand, it was really cool to just kind of pierce into the nature
of reality. But then on the other hand, it was highly
disruptive because I felt like my brain wouldn’t stop, my brain wouldn’t stop. Sometimes it couldn’t even sleep because the
brain was just constantly receiving information and trying to decodify it and putting it on
paper. It got to be a little messy. Now, there’s a phenomenon here in this symptom,
and tapping into universal consciousness. There’s a little sub-phenomenon that I want
to talk about that’s very, very common. And I want to put it out there in case you’re
going through this right now just to kind of reassure you that this is temporary, and
it’s what’s called the God syndrome. So when we tap into universal consciousness,
very frequently what happens is the mind starts to receive all this information and the ego
begins to interpret it as you being the actual mind of God. And so that’s where the God syndrome pops
up. So a lot of people will say they sort of have
this delusion, this delusion of grandeur that suddenly they’re like a Buddha or they’re
like a Jesus or they come down here and they have this super special mission that only
they can complete, and they come down here to save the world. And they’re another coming of Jesus. I’ve had so many people say this to me. And they actually believe it at the time because
when they’re tapping into this universal consciousness, that’s how the ego interprets the reception
of this information. It interprets it in a very egocentric way
because that’s what the ego does. And so when the person taps into this universal
consciousness, the ego can very quickly interpret that as being, “Oh my God, I’m like another
coming of Jesus Christ or the Buddha,” or whatever. So this is what the God syndrome is, it’s
just an overinflation of the ego that’ll quiet down slowly as you begin to understand that
this is part of the spiritual emergency. Know you’re not Jesus, know you’re not Buddha. You’re not less than, but your ego starts
to kind of quiet down and you don’t have these delusions of grandeur anymore. And then you begin to understand that you
have, yes, a unique mission and a unique path in this world, but your ego deflates a little
bit, and then you become more humble because that’s really what the mind of God is. The mind of God is not arrogant at all, and
there is no delusions of grandeur in the mind of God. So this God syndrome is something that’s common
during a spiritual emergency when you start to receive all these downloads. If you find your mind thinking this that you’re
on this special mission and that you’re a super important person and that you’ve come
to save the world, just take a nice deep breath. Take a nice deep breath and perceive that
it’s simply your ego over inflating and interpreting this whole being connected to universal consciousness
in the wrong way. Pretty much that’s what it is. Symptom number four is you experience altered
states of consciousness. This is really common. When you’re going through a spiritual emergency,
your system can open up so quickly that you begin to have contact with the spirit world. You can access different levels of consciousness,
you can speak to spirit guides, you can channel information from the universe. All kinds of things can be happening. You can be talking to angels, you can access
and have conversations with departed loved ones. I’ve had so many people say this to me. So all of these, you can experience altered
states of consciousness. You can experience different timelines. Sometimes you can experience your own timelines
from the past, spontaneous past life memories. This happened to me during a spiritual emergency. So you experience these altered states of
consciousness. And this is where things can get a little
complex because a lot of times people who are going through this particular symptom,
if they go see a traditional doctor, if they go to the hospital because they’re freaking
out and they start to tell a doctor that they’re communicating with their spirit guides, this
is when Western medicine then mislabels this as a psychosis or hallucinations. And people are heavily medicated going through
a process that’s not at all a psychosis and it’s not hallucinations. They are not mentally ill. And this is where unfortunately the Western
world, the Western modern world is not prepared to be able to help people who go through spiritual
emergencies because the process of spiritual emergency is so often mistaken for mental
illness. And so they’re often diagnosed with psychosis,
hallucinations and all kinds of stuff when really what they are experiencing is altered
states of consciousness. So they may in fact be communicating with
their guides, with universal consciousness, and that’s not a psychosis. So this is kind of where things get a little
tricky. Now, I want to leave a side note here. Ding, ding, side note, I always have to leave
these side notes because I have a clinical background, I have a scientist’s mind. And so I want to kind of use that clinical
background to always leave these side notes. When I talk about spiritual phenomenon, I
am not saying that everybody that has any kind of mental disturbances are going through
spiritual emergencies. So I want to make this very clear. There are people who have mental illness that
has nothing to do with a spiritual emergency. But I work with people who don’t have mental
illness, they have just been going through spiritual processes and their processes are
mistaken with mental illness. But I want to leave this side note that I
am not in any way saying that all mental illness is spiritual in nature. So please let me repeat that again because
I mumbled a little bit here. I’m not saying that all mental illness is
spiritual processes or spiritual awakenings or spiritual emergencies. But I am saying that very frequently when
people who are going through spiritual awakenings and spiritual emergencies when they seek out
medical attention, if the medical professional has no understanding of spirit or spirit world
or even transpersonal psychology, they may mistaken these symptoms for a psychosis. So that’s symptom number four. You experience altered states of consciousness. Sometimes this can be great, and sometimes
people say to me, “It’s so wonderful to be connected to the spirit world.” Sometimes it’s not so great because sometimes
the levels of consciousness that a person accesses can be a little scary. So I’ve had people say to me that they see
demons or they see dark spirit beings, they see all kinds of things. So it’s not always pretty the type of energy
that they encounter, but this is one of the symptoms and it’s something that can be worked
through while you’re going through the spiritual emergency. Symptom number five is that your spiritual
gifts and your talents just flourish very quickly. When a spiritual emergency is triggered, you
can very frequently both have … The spiritual gifts that you already know of, they can just
explode and become much more intense, or you can start discovering spiritual gifts that
you never even knew you had, and they flourish very quickly. Again, remember the timeframe with a spiritual
emergency, everything happens faster. So they can flourish or they can spontaneously
appear from one to the next. You didn’t know you could do something and
then suddenly you could. During my own spiritual emergency, I started
to channel healing energy from my hands, and it was something that I hadn’t been aware
of before. So there’s a little characteristic that happened
to me. But for many of my clients, things change. Some learn how to channel, some open their
third eye. Some can actually start to see auras or electromagnetic
field around things. So everybody’s gifts are different, but they
may flourish very quickly. And when they do, because of the speed at
which these spiritual gifts flourish, this could be frightening to people because suddenly
you could have not had any spiritual gifts at all, especially if you’re not spiritual. Imagine this happening to a person who’s not
spiritual, which is happening also around the world. People are having spiritual emergencies without
necessarily being spiritual, this isn’t just happening to spiritual people. So imagine how frightening it can be if you
don’t know you have any spiritual gifts and then suddenly they just open up and you start
being able to connect very quickly to the spirit world. This can be very frightening and disorienting
for people. So this is another symptom of a spiritual
emergency. Symptom number six is the surfacing of unconscious
material. When you are going through a spiritual emergency,
your unconscious mind starts to dump out all of its contents basically. That’s how I like to explain it and how I
felt the process within myself. Now, if you think this isn’t so hard, I want
to remind you that the unconscious mind, it’s 95% of your mind. So the conscious mind, 5%, the unconscious
mind, 95. Your unconscious mind stores everything that
has ever happened to you. And here’s a ding, ding on this one too, it
stores everything that’s happened to you not just in this lifetime, in lifetimes before
also. So when your unconscious mind starts to dump
old memories, and by dump, I mean it starts to surface those things so that they come
in to be healed. They need to come into your awareness of your
conscious mind for the healing process to occur. And so what happens here is that a lot of
times you may have surfacing of unconscious material that you had no idea, no recollection,
no memory. So in this instance, I’ll have people who
from one minute to the next, again, remember the time frame, this is very quickly, it happens
very quickly during a spiritual emergency. But from one minute to the next, they remember
that they were sexually molested or they remember that something horrible happened in their
childhood. Or like me, they may start to go into spontaneous
past life regressions where they begin to remember things that happened to them in past
lives. This happened to me, and it was very scary. So this kind of spilling out of unconscious
material, it’s one of the hardest symptoms to go through during a spiritual emergency
because when your unconscious mind, it’s so big and so vast that when it starts to to
push all of that stuff to the conscious mind, your conscious mind can be overwhelmed and
you can actually lose sense of what’s real. Meaning what’s real right now, what’s happening
in your life right now, and what happened or what’s old material that your unconscious
mind is just vomiting up. And so the frightening aspect here is that
a lot of times we can lose grip with reality as this material is coming up because we start
to confuse whether, “Wait a minute, is this happening to me now? Did this happen to me 10 years ago? When did this happen to me?” And so because this is all this mishmash of
material coming up, we can lose the grasp of reality a little bit during this process
of the unconscious mind bringing up things. I’m going to give you a tip on how to work
with this, but this is definitely in my own life and in the life of my clients, this is
one of the most difficult symptoms to deal with because you have to be able to just let
all that stuff come up and not freak out at what you see. And that is way easier said than done. So here’s another symptom, unconscious mind
starts to bring up things from the past, meaning things from way past. It could be even past lifetimes. Symptom number seven is intense emotional
states. So the intensity of the emotional states during
a spiritual emergency is by far superior to a spiritual awakening. And it can be so rapid that it’s just so jarring. So I remember when I was going through my
own spiritual emergency, I could feel happiness in one minute and then literally 60 seconds
later I’d be in despair, I’d be feeling despair. And it was this just mind-blowing quick shift
in emotional states. It was very ungrounding for me, I didn’t know
what to do with myself. I didn’t understand how it was possible for
me to feel happiness in one moment and despair in the next one. How is that possible? And the reason that this is happening, it’s
very similar to the symptom that I talked about before where the unconscious mind is
spilling out content. Your emotional body is doing the same thing. And so what your emotional body is doing during
a spiritual emergency is it’s pushing to the surface emotional content that may have been
repressed somewhere in your system. And again, it doesn’t have to just be emotional
content from this lifetime, it could be from lifetimes before. So your emotional body and your aura starts
to expel all of this emotional content and you could perceive it as these really rapid,
intense shifts in emotional state. One minute you could be happy, the next minute
you could be crying on the floor in a ball because you’re so sad. And so this is normal. It could be frightening, but it’s normal. And now that you know that this is a symptom,
you’ll be able to work this a little bit more easily. Symptom number eight is bizarre physical symptoms. Now, this one here, there’s just so many,
I can’t list them all, but they’re very strange. I’ve had people say to me that they feel energy
buzzing all over the place. I’ve had people say their body vibrates. In my own life, I would have waves of energy
coming up and down. I would get goosebumps because when I would
feel a spiritual presence, I’d get goosebumps on one side of my arm if the spiritual energy
were here on this side. Or I would close my eyes and I’d have access
to a lot of images. There’s just a ton of different things. I experienced intense heat, I felt like I
was incinerating. Some people will tell me they experience really
rapid body temperature changes. Sometimes it can go from bizarre physical
symptoms that go from aches and pains and all these kinds of different things. It could go all the way into actually diagnosed
medical conditions that people go through during spiritual emergencies. So it’s not uncommon for people to be diagnosed
with a physical disease for their bodies to actually break down into disease during a
spiritual emergency. It’s not uncommon. It didn’t happen to me, and it hasn’t happened
… I think it’s only happened to two or three of my clients where they were actually, they
had to go to the hospital and they were diagnosed with a medical condition that then had to
be treated with regular Western medicine because it was something that really needed to be
addressed. But these physical symptoms who are consequence
of them being in a spiritual emergency and their bodies having to go through all of these
spiritual changes in such a quick amount of time. Onto question number four, and that is how
do I survive a spiritual emergency? So there’s tons of tips that I could give
you. But when I started to review the tips and
the things that I work with clients and what worked in my own life, I came up with four
of my top tips that if you follow these four tips religiously, it’s going to transition
your spiritual emergency much quicker with much more peace and calm for you. So here are my top four tips for being able
to survive a spiritual emergency. Tip number one is to calm the fear. This one is crucial. This is so crucial and sometimes not easy,
and it sometimes takes a little bit of time. When a spiritual emergency is triggered, you
have so much going on in your life so quickly, it’s so disruptive that it can actually overwhelm
you. And when you feel overwhelmed, you start to
feel fear. So you could be terrified, you could feel
terrified when you’re going through a spiritual emergency. But now that you’re watching this video, hopefully
this will help calm you down because you’ll know what you’re going through. And it is crucial for you to calm the fear
because if you don’t calm the fear, your system is going to go into overdrive, and the whole
process is going to be so much harder. You may actually have panic attacks and anxiety,
and God knows what. Because your system is already going through
a difficult process during a spiritual emergency when you add the emotion fear on top of it,
it only takes the system into overdrive. Fear is a very toxic energy and a toxic emotion
for the human nervous system. So the emotion fear wasn’t made to be in our
bodies for too long. Our bodies cannot withstand stress for a very
long time, they start to break down. Our nervous systems are just so sensitive
to stress and fear. So it’s essential for you to calm the fear
down, do everything that you possibly can to sooth yourself. And just watching this video and going through
the symptoms and hearing what I have to say about the spiritual emergency, this should
already be helping calm you down because when we understand something, understanding kind
of brings a soothing into the system. But on top of being able to listen to this
video and listen to the tips that I’m giving you, do everything that you can to calm the
fear, whether it’s breathing exercises, meditation, just a bubble bath, talking to yourself, self-talk,
soothing self-talk, anything that you can do to bring the fear down. Trust the universe, talk to the universe. Say, “I know what I’m going through, I’m going
through a spiritual emergency. Please, my guides, can you help me? I’m really going through a difficult time,
but I trust you. I trust that I can go through this.” You see, start having conversations, not just
with yourself, not just inner self talk, but also outer talk with the universe trusting
that the universe and your guides and your soul knows what it’s doing and just doing
your part and calming yourself and bringing your state of fear down. You want to be as calm as possible while going
through a spiritual emergency. Tip number two is observation with detachment. Now, this was, if I had to say of all four
tips, none of them are more important. But I remember this one to be the most crucial
during my own spiritual emergency. And it’s something that my guides helped me
with so much. I had this running mantra, observation without
judgment, observation without judgment. And the reason that this came in handy was
because of the volatility of a spiritual emergency, you could be feeling one thing one minute,
then feeling another another minute. Then your unconscious mind can be vomiting
something from a past life that you have to deal with. You could be having physical symptoms. All of this could be occurring at the same
time, and it can be so overwhelming that the more that your awareness gets sucked into
these various processes happening, the more lost you feel. And so when I learned to master this mantra,
my whole spiritual emergency changed, it calmed down. And eventually, I exited the process. It eventually ended. And it was for sure because of me mastering
this mantra. So what I ended up learning was, this took
a lot of hours of meditation. It took a lot of mindfulness, it took a lot
of repetition. But I was eventually able to observe from
within whatever was happening to me. And the image that my guides gave was of me
sitting in the middle of a tornado. So the tornado was just going around and ravaging
everything, but I was sitting at the eye of the storm perfectly still, perfectly calm,
everything was okay. And so I had to learn how to observe intense
emotions that went from one polar opposite to the other. I observed it, but didn’t get involved. I just observed it with detachment. And I would say, “I observe, I allow, and
I let it go.” I would say things like that. I talked to myself a lot during my spiritual
emergency. If my unconscious mind started to bring up
repressed trauma from past lives or from whatever, I would let the material come up into my conscious
awareness. I’d observe the thought as disturbing as it
could be, because sometimes the thought forms coming up from your unconscious mind can be
pretty disturbing and fear-based. So I just got very good at observing the thoughts,
watching them from a distance. Almost like you’re in a movie theater watching
a movie on the screen and you’re sitting back on your chair. You never get up from a movie and go punch
the screen or go get involved with the screen. No, because you know you’re watching a movie. So you just sit back and relax and watch the
movie from a distance from the screen. It’s the same thing when you’re going through
all this stuff with the spiritual emergency. If unconscious thoughts start to surface and
they’re disturbing and they’re disorienting and they make no sense whatsoever, that’s
okay. You don’t have to make sense of them. You can just say, “Oh, I register, I observe,
I’m conscious, and I let go.” Same thing with the emotions. If you have despair, come up out of nowhere,
observe it and let it go. Resist the temptation of wanting to explain
everything that’s happening in your inner environment. Because once you want a detailed explanation,
it’s your ego coming in wanting to take control. And that’s not detachment. So learn to observe the physical symptoms,
the mental symptoms, the energy symptoms, the emotional symptoms. You’re going to learn to observe all of them,
but giving yourself distance from all of these phenomenon, observing them from a distance,
letting them be present for as long as they want, and then just observing them exit. So this tip is crucial. You have to become very good at observing
everything that happens in your internal environment without becoming involved, without becoming
attached or stuck or clinging to it no matter what it is, no matter what it is. It could be a thought and emotion, a physical
symptom, whatever. You observe it, you register it, and you let
it go. So there’s tip number two. Tip number three is ground yourself as much
as possible. And I’m going to share here a tip that I don’t
think I’ve shared in other, because I do talk a lot about grounding in other videos. But I’m going to share an extra tip here of
a type of grounding that I had to do during my spiritual emergency because I was so disoriented. I had kind of lost touch with reality in a
sense because I was being overwhelmed with so much material, so much inner material that
the grounding sometimes was difficult. So I had days where I had difficulty even
just sitting and meditating because when I’d close my eyes, I’d be off to a different altered
state of consciousness. And so that wasn’t grounding at all. So what I learned to do almost in despair,
what I learned to do was I would go outside, I’d put my hiking shoes on. I’d go outside, and I’d sit on the grass somewhere
in the forest or on a pasture, just somewhere, on a field, somewhere, in a park. I’d sit on the grass and I would literally
start grabbing things like, especially rocks. Rocks were my favorite things. I’d grab rocks, and I’d hold them in my hand,
and I’d squeeze them. And I would just pay attention to their texture,
and I’d squeeze them in my hand. Now, at the time, I didn’t really pay attention
to what I was doing, then it all made sense later on. What I was doing was I was anchoring myself
in this reality by using my five senses. This is crucial in grounding. When you use your five senses, that is the
senses that are built to interpret 3D reality, when you use those five senses and kind of
put your sixth sense to the side for a little bit, that helps you ground. And whenever I would pick up rocks and I would
feel their texture and I would squeeze them, that tactile information was very grounding
to me. So you could use that. You could put your hands in the earth too
and feel the dirt, feel the grass, hold rocks in your hand if you have to. Look around contemplation. So remember when you use the five senses,
you’re grounding. So you can use vision, you can look around,
contemplate a flower, a tree. You can touch things, texture, the sense of
touch is also very grounding, so exactly what I just helped you do. You can listen to the sounds of birds and
things happening around you. That’s also very grounding. So use your five senses in very simple ways. You see, this isn’t anything very elaborate. I would just sit on a field and I’d grab rocks
and I’d hold on to them. It may seem so simple, but at a point in my
spiritual emergency when I was really disoriented, being able to hold the rock in my hand, anchored
me to this reality, and it was a lifesaver for me. So ground yourself in any possible way. And if you can’t ground yourself with things
like meditation, then start to rely on more simple things that use your five senses. The sense of smell, for instance, is another
one that I didn’t mention. Go up to a flower that smells really good
and just go smell. The sense of smell also, one of the five senses. So it anchors you in this 3D reality, it helps
ground you so you don’t feel as disoriented during a spiritual emergency. And the fourth tip is a super important one,
and I left it for last so that this could be the last thing that you hear in this video. The fourth tip is to seek the right kind of
help. Now, the ding, ding here is, the operating
word here is the word right. When I went through my own spiritual awakening,
I had a clinical background. So again, I have a different background than
maybe you did. So I didn’t really seek medical attention
because I didn’t feel like I needed it. I didn’t have any diseases or anything like
that. I didn’t anything life threatening happening. And so I kind of went through my spiritual
emergency sort of by myself, but I was never really alone. Aside from my guides, I also had a couple
of people in my family that are very spiritual and also very spiritually gifted. So I’m fortunate that I could rely on them
to help me during this more volatile period that was my spiritual emergency. But it’s super important for you that you
seek the right kind of help. And the right kind of help is in the form
of professionals or other people, other people that have gone through spiritual emergencies
if you could find them. Professionals that have either gone through
spiritual emergencies or they know how to work with clients who are going through spiritual
emergencies. So this can be shamans, energy healers, transpersonal
psychologists, it’s a psychologist that has a complete understanding of what a spiritual
emergency is. Or physicians and medical professionals who
understand what a spiritual emergency is and can help you with that. This right kind of help, these are people
that have been through spiritual emergency or work with others in going through this. There are a lot of healers out there and shamans
who have gone through spiritual emergencies as part of their initiation processes to become
healers. It’s very common for people who have healing
missions, who are here on the planet to be shamans, to be healers, to be spiritual teachers,
to be guides to others. It’s very common for those of us who have
that path to go through this initiation that can be a spiritual emergency because then
it gives us so much experience that we then are able to help others with. So if you are going through a spiritual emergency
right now, there’s nothing wrong with seeking help. Please seek help. Don’t cocoon yourself, don’t isolate yourself,
but also be conscious about the type of help you seek. And I’ll give you an example of why I’m stressing
this. Let’s say that you’re going through a spiritual
emergency and you call up your best friend. And let’s say your best friend isn’t spiritual
at all, they have no idea of what’s going on with you. And you start to tell them that you’re experiencing
past life memories and you’re talking to your angels. What do you think your best friend is going
to say in that moment? About 99% certain, I’m 99% certain that they’re
going to say, “Here’s the number to my psychiatrist. You really need to go talk to someone because
I think you’re having a mental breakdown,” or, “something serious is happening to you. You may have some kind of mental disease.” So they will immediately because they have
no experience and no understanding of what a spiritual emergency is, they will very frequently
kind of project fear onto you, and they can make the situation worse. And then what can end up happening to you
is you can end up being admitted to a psych ward or to a hospital heavily medicated when
you’re going through a spiritual emergency. And that may not be the best possible thing
for you. So when you’re seeking help, go first to people
who really, really know what you’re going through and know what a spiritual emergency
is. Now, that you know the term spiritual emergency
and you know that you’re going through it, you can just Google spiritual emergency. You could Google shaman you could Google energy
healer, you could Google transpersonal psychologists. You can meet other people that are spiritual
that may have gone through this. So be very discerning about the help that
you seek out and make sure that it’s help that’s experienced and will know how to help
you in this specific phenomenon of a spiritual emergency. Now over to you. Let me know in the comments below if you are
going through a spiritual emergency right now, I want to know in the comments below. And if you have a question for my weekly videos,
also leave them in the comments with the hashtag #AskChristina. Click here to subscribe to my channel or head
over to my website and take my heart quiz to figure out if your heart is blocked. And don’t forget these two videos that I talked
about, one is about the eight signs of the spiritual awakening, and the other one is
about Kundalini awakening. So these are going to be interesting for you
to watch next. I love you, beautiful soul. I am out.


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  1. Christina Lopes

    January 21, 2020 5:01 pm

    💥UP NEXT: 8 HARD Signs Of Spiritual Awakening [How To Overcome Them!] –

  2. K. Silberberg

    January 22, 2020 5:55 pm

    What I would like to know is the connection between ethics/moral and spiritual awakening. Do people loose respect of moral principles that keep a human society together? What about feelings of shame or guilt- do they vanish? What about compassion? Does it get stronger or weaker? Or does the definition of what ‚compassion‘ is change?

  3. Silent Grove

    January 22, 2020 6:57 pm

    I had something like this during my psychotic break 30 years ago. I remember walking around the emergency room as God and smiling at all the souls I created, rather pleasant connecting that way. Lots of other stuff came through very confusing. It didn't last as I had been given sedatives. Next memories are fuzzy of being in a ward and having people taking care of me.

    My thoughts about this is that psychiatry pathologizes what it doesn't understand.I was medicated for the next 20 years or so though very mildly most of the time. For the next 10 years I was diagnosed schizoaffective. Often as I look back a lot of what was going on was a lot of synchronicity experiences that were rather dark in nature. No one pointed this out. It would have helped a lot.

    It still find it hard to draw the line between mental illness and spiritual phenomena. I do not feel mentally ill and haven't needed any drugs for almost 10 years. Probably could have been off meds much sooner if I had proper guidance.

  4. Nives Švajger

    January 22, 2020 7:52 pm

    No, not going through SE…but thank you, i will use the info in emergency.

    That last tip about "right" kind of help is going through my mind during my whole awe. Process…and i need to trust that we will meet halfway with the people that can actually help me (my ego wants all right now)
    I am connecting to others slowly (healing the trust).
    I am glad I am connecting to you here, cuz your videos are calming and eye opening to me. 🙏 🌸🌼🌺💚

  5. monique atkinson

    January 22, 2020 8:27 pm

    I am going threw this, I knew something was going on.. But didn't know exactly what was happening.. Very intense. I was being drawn to the forest near me. Just to be in nature, and bubble baths lol.. Now I know what I'm dealing with it , I already feel alot carmer (for now) thank you ♥

  6. azsuehayes

    January 22, 2020 9:32 pm

    Girl, you are a treasure! Went through it all in every way and your voice is clear and true. So much Gratitude for your wisdom and love. 🙏🏼❤🌈

  7. robert McGuckin

    January 22, 2020 10:15 pm

    Christina, I’ve written to you before about 2 month’s ago.
    I have a question that I really hope you can answer?
    Starting last late June 2019, I started losing touch with my reality.
    I started to experience myself acting very strange. I’m 56 years old and grew up as a wild guy/black sheep of the family, didn’t go to college but did go to trade school. Started my first biz at 19 and have been self employed since.
    Anyway, starting in late June last year, I was drinking more than normal, taking risks that I normally wouldn’t take and doing things out of the ordinary.
    I seperated from my wife after 18 years (she was narcissistic and BPD).
    I had some strange dreams (downloads as you explained)
    My father who I was very close with passed 3 years ago and I attributed things to that.
    There was and still is a lot of stress in my life which I’m usually accustomed to but this time, I’m not handling things too well.
    I’m thinking maybe I’m going through a spiritual emergency? I originally thought it was a combination of spiritual transition in conjunction with PTSD from everything that I’ve been going through. I’m having a hard time diagnosing this an a hard time with life in general.
    I’m the type of person that, when, is confronted with change, does a ton of research to try to figure out things on my own. It seems that I’m not able to do that this time and I’m confused. I have a son and a daughter that I want and need to take care of.
    I also have an 80-year-old mother that needs me. Trying really hard to get out of this situation but so far after six months things remain the same. Please, if you have any advice for me it would be greatly appreciated!!
    I just want to get back to the person that I used to be which was ALWAYS, energetic, youthful, positive, mostly happy (until I got married) and outgoing ready to take on the world!
    I’m also (thank god) attractive BUT, for some reason, no longer attracted to the opposite sex?
    If this is a SE or SA, I’m not finding the experience a good one.

  8. Jennifer Eikenberry

    January 22, 2020 10:56 pm

    You're exactly right! I was admitted to the psych ward and forced meds for 20 years. It was brought on by the birth of my daughter. Then in 2012 I caught the wave. By 2015 I felt a very literal shift in my reality. I felt as if I finally understood life. 2017 I finally got the terms. Awakening. Ascension. Etc. Thanks to you and the spiritual community. Bless you! I'm Not Crazy!! Lol!!

  9. Kimberly

    January 22, 2020 11:02 pm

    #askchristina Dear Christina, can you pls share your insights on angel numbers like seeing 11:11 1:11 4:44 and more constantly all day every day. Thank you.

  10. Lilly Pak

    January 22, 2020 11:35 pm

    Hi Christina- Thank you so much for making these videos. You are truly an inspiration. This sounds like what I went through last year. I went through a cancer scare last year and felt divine bliss that I believed heal me. I felt love from divine. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever felt. I saw the world differently through a loving lens. I started seeing synchronicity for the first time and I knew at that point, I had nothing to fear and was being watched over. I felt loved. Then it slowly went away as I'm going through my healing processing. Something told me to go learn Reiki healing, which I did. My life has changed within 1 year. My social group also shifted. Narcissistic friendships cut out. I'm feeling like I'm in this funk…Is it suppose to be this way? It's as if that loving lens disappeared and now i'm seeing people for who they really are. My life is upside down. If you can shed some light or recommend any other videos, it would be greatly appreciated. #askchristina

  11. Sheri Wolaver

    January 23, 2020 2:42 am



    January 23, 2020 4:30 am

    #askchristina I need HELP in here. It's been going for months. I'm constantly listening to voices, horrible voices so full of hatred and always talking about me, there's no other topic, they always talk about me only. Bad. They shoot false accusations, insult and curse me with the worst language you can imagine. I know it's not schizofrenia because other than that I keep living my life normally, I have a demanding job, I have a loving family and I'm constantly reading, learning and updating myself, I'm not suicidal or hurt myself. I see clearly it's not an invention of my mind. Everything they say is so incredibly arranged and elaborated to torture and break me. Lately I stopped arguing with them, they're not reasonable, the things they say don't have anything to do with reality or truth, the point of the accusations is just to piss me off, add humiliation to all the abuse they try to put me through. Is this part of the Dark Night of the Soul? I've been researching the topic, but the books, videos or articles only speak about sadness, despair, emptiness, no sense of purpose in life, etc. but they don't say a thing about evil voices. Is there a way to make this stop?

  13. Jeff Kennedy

    January 23, 2020 10:41 am

    This was informative and a new concept to me at this time but by the end of it I feel left more in fear by this information than helped. Will need to review it in the near future as I am dealing with a lot right now.

  14. Indigoblue Mind

    January 23, 2020 11:39 am

    I‘ve been doing the trauma work for almost a year now and it was the craziest and also the cruelst year of my life. Almost everyday I had a huge emotional breakdown with severe physical symptoms like chattering teeth or twitching body parts. I also experienced mortal agony very often. But after the breakdown was over I felt normal again and mostly I was even quite happy. There is one symptom I still cannot deal with and that is my highly sensitive nervous system. I am so so so sensitive to noise, like the sound of my fridge or my heater or cars…And that’s every day. I suppose the reason is because the energy flows through my nerves but isn‘t there any possibility that I can deal with that sensitivity? I can’t go outside anymore because there are so many sounds outside I just can’t stand.

  15. Michelle

    January 23, 2020 4:30 pm

    I know someone who has god syndrome but he hasn’t had an awakening a day of his life. Lol Serious question though, how do we know that spiritual emergencies are not evil and negative? It seems like something that should not be played with and doesn’t sound very positive.

  16. Dionne G

    January 23, 2020 5:37 pm

    Thanks so much for your videos, it is great to have this info. Now I’m positively sure that I’m just going through a spititual awakening, not emergency. Hang in there everybody, these are intense times for all of us.

  17. bday89

    January 23, 2020 6:04 pm

    How would you compare this process to the state that is described as mania in bipolar disorder? Many Thanks ♥️

  18. Lady Bug

    January 23, 2020 7:55 pm

    222 comments…….. Woohoo 🤗
    Thank you Christina, for another wonderful video. We are so blessed and fortune to have your loving support and invaluable advise to help guide us throughout our Spiritual awakenings.
    Much love and blessings to everyone who is reading this. 💜

  19. Ying Deng

    January 24, 2020 1:25 am

    It is so funny I felt just two days ago like nope I don't need this video. Today I am like let me watch this. Something is weighing down on my system so heavily.

  20. Kelly R

    January 24, 2020 3:02 am

    Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for your insight. You have so eloquently put into words exactly what I'm going through. Yesterday I felt like I had to reach out to everyone close to me…I needed so much support. Emotions were all out of wack and I felt like I was loosing control. So many old wounds came to the surface; even old experiences started to make sense. I'm grateful for my spiritual awakening❤🙏

  21. Liquid Spartan

    January 24, 2020 4:34 am

    All I've experienced is synchronizations and extra sensory perception in reality I can call it multiple coincidences very frequently to the point of paranoia and gut feelings stronger then usual is it possible that you're an intelligent individual going through psychosis and you started searching spiritual concepts and spiritual terms from religions and mashed it up into your own perception and your belief messes with your head you might consider me as a non awakened individual who's stuck in a materialistic perceptive but i'm not really sure if that's the case my mind opens up and I do witness these events from time to time but at the same time "opening my mind" just might me being in a psychosis state perspective is everything if you're deluded you'll make calculations and conclusions in a deluded perspective but at the same time it does happen and it does appear to be too real to be just a delusion,conclusion,etc. My "awakening" or psychosis was weird I was in a shower I felt overwhelmed in energy I felt like I was fighting for my mental sanity and I won the fight and when I did I checked on my phone and all my youtube video recommendations completely changed it was all oracle card reading suggestions for me and a few videos quoting "Are you going insane? Or are you going through a spiritual awakening" This all felt too good to be true felt like something out of a movie so I can see why I'm trying to conclude it as something false but then again the situation was too real just to be a delusion and i'm still in touch with reality therefore I'm faithful in your insight

  22. Brave Your Light

    January 24, 2020 5:06 am

    Thanks so much for this. You helped me regain my sanity knowing what i was going through. I’ll be sharing this on my channel if that’s okay. You’ve really helped and I want to share the knowledge to spread that help. I’ve been through this a few times in my life now.

  23. Kim K

    January 25, 2020 12:19 am

    So divine that this video popped up on my page. I really thought I’ve been going crazy these past several years. I’ve even developed generalized anxiety. Now I’m finally accepting my awakening. Thank you so much 🐛🦋

  24. Shane carmen

    January 25, 2020 1:09 am

    My spiritual awakening started summer 2018. My spiritual emergency started this month, I thought I was going crazy. Thank you for sharing and posting this information, perfect timing. I hope one day I will get to book a session.

  25. Shane carmen

    January 25, 2020 1:19 am

    LOL past lives, well yes I have been playing this world war 2 games for months, but this month when spiritual emergency started, I find myself listening the sound track of the game and get chills like I was there, I felt the soldiers pain, fear, sacrifice and all that right in my soul. I am pretty sure I had a life time during world war 1 or 2 or maybe both.

  26. sweta Sarangi

    January 25, 2020 2:39 pm

    And what do you call that stage when u are constantly trying to seek answers but u are not getting any signal from god and ur head is just messed up

  27. Jenn Morgan

    January 25, 2020 10:32 pm

    I literally just went through this and it completely caught me off guard. I thought I had all the spiritual tools to tackle anything and then this happened. I could NOT figure out how to get out of it and felt like I was spiraling out of control. It was like the dark night of the soul but much more intense and out of control. Then, I began to just strip things out of my life….relationships, things, responsibilities until I started feeling an equilibrium again…I finally can breathe a little bit. Simplifying my life and relationships literally saved my life. Hope this can help others.

  28. Diane Civis

    January 25, 2020 11:29 pm

    Thank you, I had a really bad year in 2019 I've lost over half a dozen loved ones romantic relationship I was in for over a dozen years came to an abrupt and dramatic end. My whole life before had been a rollercoaster even before then. As always your videos in the information they contain hit home and remind me of things I already know and the confirmation really helps.
    At this point I feel like a total walking contradiction. I am feeling stronger than I ever have, more confident in myself and who I am, yet I feel like I'm completely falling apart, alone in west philly…

  29. Project Delta

    January 26, 2020 4:11 am

    Welp.that explains my insane panic attacks where my body is insanely vibrating and i keep talking really fast


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