Autumn Sleep Story and Bedtime Meditation ASMR: Wild Horses


Hello and welcome to Michelle’s Sanctuary.
You are listening to a guided meditation and sleep hypnosis: Wild horses in the
Night. In this talk down you’ll find yourself letting go of cares of the day and
invigorated with the sense of freedom and bliss as you adventure through the
landscape of a New England island with a tribe of wild horses. As this recording
will induce sleep, please only listen when you are in a safe place that may
permit you to delve into a deep slumber. This meditation is best enjoyed with
headphones and should you wish to return to this recording in the future you may
subscribe to easily find your way back to this enchanting escape. And as you’re
getting comfortable in your bed, you may take note of how heavy and tired you’re
becoming. Sensing all the heavy parts of your body that are making contact with
the enveloping softness below you as you sink deeper and deeper down. Taking a
deep breath in until your belly rises and then sighing it out as your belly
falls. And again inhaling deeply, your belly rises until your collarbones rise
before you sign it out, audibly if you like as your belly falls. And you let go
and just one more time you inhale deeply maybe holding at the top before you just
sigh it out. Wonderful. And as you are feeling more relaxed and untethered to
any thoughts that come up, knowing that it is okay if thoughts do arise and you
may just let them float away. And envisioning each thought as a puffy
cloud in a blue sky that you may just blow away with every exhale. And as you
are listening you may think of my voice as a voice of a dear friend and ally who
is leading you on this magical experience, measuring your waking life
with the beautiful dreams that await you. Almost like an overlay that creates
layers of enchantment you may find yourself transitioning to a deeper
trance state as I count you down, visualizing each number on the backs of
your eyelids if this helps. ten
nine eight seven six five four three two one Visualizing now that you are on a beach
at sunset. The Golden Hour rays illuminating the soft sand and rocky
cliffs they create an enclosed and private setting that enable it to be a
spacious haven. You feel the salty mist moisten your nostrils as you inhale and
exhale. The air has the crispness of autumn as you find yourself among a
pack of wild horses running through the surf. As each wave hits the sand, the air
is crisp. The water still carries with it the lingering warmth from a hot summer.
You’re part of a glorious herd that splashes through each wave with a
rhythmic vibration on the sandy beach as hooves in unison come into contact with
the earth. And you are riding your own horse feeling united and carefree and
you notice the droplets of water on the chestnut horse before you, glistening and
refracting light into glittering specks of gold and rainbow prisms. With no destination in mind, you feel in
unison with the group. this moment of sunset play. The beating of your strong
heart pounding through your rib cage and your breath, both invigorated and relaxed
with an ease and sensation that comes from a day of swimming and running
fluidly through the air. Feeling the slickness of seawater coating your body
and offering relief as you’re one with a herd. The briny droplets of the sea are
carried by a gentle, cool breeze that meets your face and layers your lips,
meeting your relaxed mouth with a salty mist. You lick your lips and smile,
feeling alive and present. And the sky explodes in streaks of magenta and
orange as the fiery Golden Sun dips below the horizon and the sea changes
before you from a deep marine blue to a sunkissed golden body of infinite waves
that roll in like molten lava, And the smell of autumn is also in the
air, mixing with the humid salinity of the Atlantic. You smell the sweet decay
of autumn leaves and atop your horse, you brace your
arms around her pulsing neck as you ride bareback and feel so in tune that her
strong quick strides through the waves. Almost allowing you to feel what it is like
to have four thick muscular legs that are boundless and graceful. Strong and
resilient And you feel so carefree as well. And the pack of horses comes to a
slower pace and a black horse with her ebony coat glistening like slick oil
approaches you to nuzzle with her face. And you do, with your arms
fully extended in a welcoming embrace, nuzzling and cuddling. Feeling the
goosebumps of bliss that tingle down your neck and spine and electrify your
scalp as your heads come close together. She neighs and tilts her head back, the
sound causing you to spontaneously laugh with an almost childlike glee, where
nothing matters beyond this current moment. The herd takes off again,
streaking the coastline with blurs of brown and white and gray and black.
Like watercolors, the lines are as graceful as a painted sky above the sun,
now gone as a briskness moves in. Since the golden orb has disappeared behind the
sea and the horses gallop and you ride along through the sand dunes that rise
high above you, creating a deep golden silhouette and seemingly endless waves
of hills and valleys comprised of sand. You ride along, watching the horse tracks
appear before you. Feeling your horse’s legs below you meet the ground with such
force that the sand meets your bare legs, brushing across them with a massage. The
sky is now a deep shade of purple black and the blanket of glittering stars
above feels as if it is enveloping the dunes in an embrace as you continue to
ride and adventure onward. Riding through the dunes. Venturing further inland. The
sandy ground gives way to willowy maiden grasses as the native crickets begin to
sound and tune up like a natural orchestra. Cool night air brings a slight chill and
you wrap your arms around your horse for a sense of comfort and warmth as the
herd comes to a slower pace, cruising gracefully to where the tall grass meets
an orchard of apples. The smell of cider mulling in a distant barn.
A faded red antique building along the edge of the property as a dark
silhouette of hills rolls behind it. The horses and yourself content in this
bountiful orchard feast on the array of sweet tangy apples that perfume the
autumnal air and bring the welcomeness of being home. And this experience
reminds you of how easy it is to run free and enjoy the mysteries of nature.
This untethered release that comes with exploration and running wild but knowing
deep down there is safety in this home that always awaits your return. This relief is felt by their herd as
well, as they weave through the apple trees and the pumpkin patches that have
come into full bloom. They find it easy to make any place their home and you
watch this with admiration as the smell of wet leaves and their rich fragrance
of the pumpkins meets your nose, As you and your horse trot slowly through the
trees, the air getting brisker and it feels just a few degrees away from
making your breath visible. As you inhale and exhale, feeling so at peace and at
ease. Arching your back so your neck may crane your head towards the limitless
stars above. The silver glow of the moon illuminating the property with a
metallic haze and you feel enchanted. This feeling manifesting as a tingling
warmth travels all the way from the crown of your head down your spine and
limbs, enveloping your body with a welcome sensation. And you are beginning
to feel quite tired. Your lungs are relaxed as you inhale the cool night air
and feel a sigh come out just as your horse begins to neigh in a similar
release because it is time now to feel the release of the day. More and more
ready to let go and unwind. Your horse guides you to the smaller
gray barn on the property, which is illuminated by gaslights hanging along
the path and alongside the open barn door, riding your way down the stone path
to the entrance. The horse leads you to the barn entry. Your safe respite for the night. And all the horses continue to graze around the
property, free to stay or roam as they desire, but your own horse will always
choose to stay closed a guardian for you throughout the days and night. Always
present when you need her and it feels good to feel this protection the safety
and being cared for. Hopping off the mare, you reach the stone path with your feet
as you nuzzle with your horse one more time nose to nose. While you
stroke her neck and say goodnight, you enter the rustic archway of the
renovated barn, noticing the quirky hominess of the
seaside barn, strung with white Christmas lights around the gleaming wooden
balcony of the loft above. Removing your clothing when you find warm bed clothes
folded in a laundry basket that rests on an aquamarine rug. The decor is beachy
and rustic and cozy, having been designed to bring together the natural seaside
beauty of the island with collections of seashells dangling from a dim chandelier
in the middle of the room, hanging above a soft plush sofa. Feeling so tired
and ready for a night of healing rest. you inhale the fragrance of fresh
lavender from the bedclothes that you changed into. Feeling the softness of the
cloth against your skin, ready to make your way towards the wooden stairs that
lead to the loft. You can still hear the names and running of the horses outside.
They also begin to make their plans for the night,
taking off again to the mysterious places they go to restore themselves as
well when night has fallen, knowing your own horse has taken refuge in the stall
next to your barn. Bedding down in the hay for the night and so you take yourself up each step to
the log one at a time feeling more and more tired with each step. More ready
for sleep. Reaching the landing of the loft where a plush bed awaits, covered with a
hand-stitched patchwork quilt in your favorite colors and patterns. You walk
towards the bed and pull back the covers and fall into the softness.
Cuddling beneath the warmth it offers you from the brisk nighttime air.
Secure, sleepy, resting below the skylights above where you take a glimpse
at the stars and moon that illuminate the sky. Feeling a warmth in your heart
center as you think of the bountiful beauty and nature that surround you. And
whenever doubts or concerns of your waking life come up, whenever you need to
remember how special life can be, your mind will drift to this gentle memory.
Knowing that you are safe and secure. And while this cozy safety awaits you, so too
does the freedom to run and roam and explore new adventures. A salty air of the Atlantic is in a
harmonic medley with a brisk air and smells of apples and smoke from a wood
stone that has drifted on a gentle night breeze. Closing your eyes as you are
ready to go deeper and deeper down. And you continue in the state of relaxation.
Feeling heavy. Drifting towards maritime dreams. Your eyelids like shutters closing for the night, as you drift
further and further. Feeling the space between your muscles and joints.The
space between your vertebra. Between your fingers and toes. And in these spaces,
welcoming a healing and warm light. Deep resonating feelings and ties to a sense
of home and stillness and safety start at the core of your being and radiate
through your limbs out to the tips of your toes and fingers. From the crown of
your head, tingling warmly all over your skin like
electric pulses. Bringing contentment and an ease of being. And your mind is
drifting to this ethereal dreamlike state. Feeling a gentle wind blowing
across the bed, bringing with it inspiration for the good dreams that
await you. And right now you feel tranquility and peace. Closing your eyes
as the heaviness of your lids is winning over any desire to stay awake. Drifting and drifting. The sounds of the
autumn breeze has a gentle hypnotic effect. Memories of joy come flooding to
you. You start to feel so heavy. So relaxed. So in tune with the night. With your
safe haven. As on the backs of your eyelids, you see
wild horses running free. Galloping fearlessly into of the night. Nestling
into the pillow. Feeling this thunderous, rhythmic beauty in your heart that
continues to beat without a need for explanation. Just the same as the horses
hooves continue to beat into the solid earth, roaming into the night. Feeling so grateful to have tapped into
this other world. Happy and warm. Succumbing to this moment as the
tiredness takes over and you may rest. Breathing in and breathing out. Your mind
is free to drift and dream. To drift further and further away. Empowered by the same freedom. The wild
horses exercise as they gallop into the crashing surf and you are floating deeper
and deeper down. Drifting away, closer to sleep as you inhale and exhale. Finding
surrender. And you will fall into a sleep with dreams that are harmonious, with a
natural beauty that surrounds you. Reliving the invigorating feeling of the
sea air in your lungs as you pounded down the shores atop your horse as the
vibrant herd splashed through the white crested waves around you. The night air
offering a freshness that purifies you within as you inhale and exhale deeply.
Finding sleep and it makes all of right now easy to let go and you can drift to
sleep. Your body does all it needs to do to
heal and recover from the day right now. Drifting down down down. Welcoming the
night. Traveling, finding rest and ease. Finding enchantment. I am going to count
you down to this place a restorative and beautiful dream-filled sleep. Where you
and wild horses may continue to roam the world, breathing and unencumbered. Ten
nine eight seven six five four three two one.
Finding release. Finding peace. Finding sleep. Good night.


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    Thank you for gifting us with your beautiful videos allowing us to enjoy a wonderful nights sleep which makes our future tomorrows brighter. Bless you. Om Shanti.


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