Baalveer Returns – Ep 48 – Full Episode – 14th November, 2019


The secret vanishing spell. Secret vanishing spell? How does it help. This spell will help you make anything disappear
as and when you wish. The first thing
I’ll make disappear is the bitter gourd
from mom’s kitchen. Let’s try out how powerful
the secret vanishing spell is. Disappear! I see. Partner, are you trying
to fool me? Why can’t I do magic? That is because
although you have been bestowed with powers you are yet to learnt
how to use them. Then please teach me, Mr. Lion. Our mind is our friend
as well as our foe. Once you have gained control of your mind, you senses
and your thoughts then our mind is our friend or else a foe. Close your eyes, Vivaan. Concentrate on your breath. Calm your mind. Wow! Finally, my magic works. Now, I’ll make my suit reappear. Why isn’t it coming back? Baalveer’s suit is symbol of goodness
and righteousness. When you have learnt
to compose your mind fully the suit will return to you. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. All right, Baalveer. I’ll learn to control my mind as well as
to use my powers. But right now,
I miss mom. I wonder what my duplicate
must be up to? Oh! A chariot without horses. Not that uncommon on earth. I keep forgetting things. My money.. Oh, there it is. If I do not return home
with exact change I will get a scolding again. I have anyway got an earful because of my mischief.
What do I do now? Only the magic star can save me from a scolding now. Oh, magic star.. Give me strength in my arms. Vivaan is about to be crushed
under that car! No, he’s not getting crushed. He’s picked up the car
and is about to slam it down. Now, I will get a scolding
from the fairies Baalveer as well as
the others at Brave Realm. I’m so nervous! What do I do? The magic star! Oh, magic star. Erase their memories
of this incident. Why are you screaming? What? – Yes. I screamed? No, Ms. Padmini. I screamed because you screamed. Oh, dear! Why did I scream? Why did we..
– Why? But.. Vivaan. – Yes.
– Let’s ask him. Vivaan.. Wait. Wait, Vivaan. Vivaan, tell us honestly.
– Yes. which of us screamed first?
– Right. How would I know?
– What? – Hey! What do you mean by that? You were right here
and so were we. Yes.
– You didn’t scream. Then you must know which of us screamed first? So, tell us. Come on, tell us. Well.. You both screamed together. Together.
– Together? – Together? Wow! What an entry. Do you fly everywhere
you have to go? Vivaan, you shall not
tell anyone about Baalveer and Brave Realm. Come what may. It’s very essential to keep it
a secret. And now,
that’s your responsibility. What!
That’s going to be no fun! Fine. Anyway, you told me that will big powers comes
big responsibility. So, all right. I really miss mom now. May I go home? Wait, Vivaan. First, we must get
the other Vivaan out of there. Only then can you return. Don’t you worry, pal. I’m Baalveer now. I’ll enter through the backdoor and no one will even find out. See you! Fun Fairy, go with Vivaan. Dooba Dooba will be there too. They shouldn’t bump into
each other. We screamed at the same time? Why would we do that? There must be a reason.
– Yes. Well.. How would I know? Vivaan, be honest. Did you play a prank on us?
– Right! Oh, dear!
– No.. I would never do that. Why would I prank you? Mom sent me out to get milk. If I get late,
she might get upset. Fine, carry on.
– Yes. Baalveer. Where are you going, Baalveer? It’s very important for me
to go. Vivaan’s brave coronation
was done but I am yet to fulfill my duty as a son. But Baalveer how will you rescue Tress Fairy from Timnasa’s control? I don’t know how I will do it. All I know is that I will definitely rescue
my mother. Come what may. Stop right there! You’re entering secretly
through the backdoor. This means, you’ve surely
been up to some mischief. My dear mom! I missed you so much. I see,
now you’re buttering me up. No. – You’ve surely
made some mischief. Where’s the milk and the change? Milk? Well.. ‘Mom must have sent
my duplicate’ ‘on that errand.’ ‘Where do I get milk from?’ Why are you quiet? Speak up! Did you spend the change
on ice-cream for your gang? No, mom..
Ouch! That hurts! ‘The poor fellow must be
so nervous.’ ‘He’s getting a scolding
because of me.’ Why are you so naughty? And what are
these gestures you’re making? It’s nothing. Mom, here’s the milk. A-And the change too. I must travel to Dark Realm
from a spot where no one will notice me. Baalveer, before you travel
to Dark Realm there is something you must know
about Timnasa. Come to Brave Realm soon. All right, Shaurya. You! How did you get here? Like this.. I don’t jump so badly. He will surely get us caught. You don’t worry, Vivaan,
I’ll divert Karuna’s attention. You quickly go and take
Dooba Dooba’s place. Fine? Oh! I had put the gas stove off. Why is the whistle blowing? You have made mom doubt
even more, Fly Fairy. It’s not Fly Fairy,
it’s Fun Fairy. Yes, okay, that’s it. Oh gosh! Oh, gosh! I had put off
the gas stove. How did it get lighted? Go! – Go quickly. What is happening? Mom, don’t speak, just listen. Tell me, if you work so much,
you will surely make a mistake. Come on, let’s go. Let’s go. Now the real Vivaan is here,
so what do I have to do here? I should go to Brave Realm. You stress too much.
Sit here. Sit comfortably. I’ll get water
for you. I am saved. Otherwise mom
will pull my ears today. By the way, does my partner’s
mom pull his ears? So what if he is a super hero? He also must be getting
scolded by his mom, right? Right? What is it, Shaurya? After Vivaan’s
Brave Coronation ceremony I searched for Timnasa
in the Dark Realm. But I couldn’t find
her energy there. So does that mean.. That Timnasa is dead?
– No, Baalveer. She is doing meditation. After this meditation she will become more
powerful than earlier. Timnasa has left her shadow in the Dark Realm
to take her place. In the form of a small girl. Yes. I saw that girl. That means if Timnasa is
busy in her meditation then it will be easy to release
mother from the Dark Realm. What is your plan, Baalveer? This time I have an
accurate weapon. And in this way,
I’ll bring mother back. Then go quickly, Baalveer. And before Timnasa’s meditation
is completed bring Tress Fairy back. ‘Now I will surely bring mother
back from the Dark Realm.’ Hey, King of Fear. Why is the Dark Realm
trembling so much? Is there an earthquake or
has Baalveer attacked? I swear on my little finger if my Queen would have been
here, no one would have dared.. To attack. This trembling is an indication
of some huge power approaching. Yes, Dark Fairy, you are
absolutely right. Very soon, such a power will
come to the Dark Realm that will shake
the whole Universe. She was talking about shaking
the Universe.. She melted like wax herself? Guess who has come? I say, Vivaan is here. Gopu, stay away from me. My jeans will get dirty
with your shadow. Do you know from where
this jeans has come? From England! Really? – Yes. Do you see this dress? Do you know where my
dad has ordered it from? From Britain. But England and Britain are
the same. Shut up, Gopu! What do you know about
England and Britain? Have you and Vivaan’s gang
ever gone outside Bharat Nagar? These two have no idea
how far I have come from. And since I have come,
I’ll teach them a lesson too. The Lion had said,
breathe in and then breath out. Brother, you shut up Gopu
so well. He was so sad. What difference does it make
to shut him up? We need to shut Vivaan up. Now Chintu should never
be able to show off. May his clothes vanish. By the way, Vivaan can’t
be seen today. I can’t see you too, Brother. Where are you?
– I am right in front of you. Where?
– Here? – Where are you? What happened? I just wanted
the clothes to disappear what did I do? How do I reverse the magic? How do I bring Chintu back? When the Fear Queen comes,
the land trembles. And when the land trembles,
Fear Queen appears. Hail the Queen of Fear. Hail the Queen of Fear. Tell me a joke. It has been ages since
I heard a joke. Queen, he is the joke.
A tall joke. Bhaymar.. Why don’t you tell me
some joke? You know a lot of jokes. I am the Lord Commander
of the Dark Realm.. Not a joker. Really? But after I left you joked a lot. What do you think, to attain
the throne is a joke? You were telling a lot of tales. You were making tall claims. What did you do? You couldn’t kill Baalveer,
neither could you stop the Brave Coronation ceremony
of the successor. Now tell me.. What was this, if not a joke? The thing is you have
become a joke, Bhaymar. But not a laughing one,
but a painful one. You were the one who hid
in the meditation. If the Brave Coronation ceremony
took place you are responsible for it. And this Dark Fairy made by you. ‘I have come, Mother.
To take you back.’


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    Rani pari kab haye ge?and thank you so much I am from Pakistan my family watch English and Pakistani dramas but I am 1 in my house watch baal veer return I like modi but modi killed Muslim peoples modi not like Allah love all Pakistan India zinda baad 🇵🇰🤝🏻🇮🇳👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭friends not evil

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    I am suhail Ali khan from up mujhe ye serial bahut pasand hai me kabhi serial nahi dekhta thaa only movies but jab se mene baal veer dekha to mujhe bahut achha laga


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